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Megan Garber

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When Algorithms Take the Stand

A case soon to be decided by the Wisconsin Supreme Court considers the proper role of mathematical prediction in the courtroom—and beyond.

CIO Briefing

‘The Meatball’ vs. ‘The Worm’: How NASA Brands Space

The space agency’s current symbol, a beloved signal of the agency’s storied past, wasn’t always so beloved.

Emerging Tech

The Industrialization of Space

This week, NASA marked a milestone: the first object manufactured outside of Earth.

CIO Briefing

We're Not Ready for a Federal Robotics Department

The U.S. government, an insider argues, is ill-equipped for a world of automated warfare.

Emerging Tech

At This School, You Can Check Out Drones Like Library Books

Instead of a library card, you'll need training, a professor's endorsement, and a willingness to assume liability for accidents.

Emerging Tech

'Why-Fi' or 'Wiffy'? How Americans Pronounce Common Tech Terms

More than 30 percent of us say "meme" as "me-me" ... and other findings from a new survey.

Emerging Tech

Tetris Turns 30

Here are 30 things to know about everyone's favorite Soviet-themed time suck.

Emerging Tech

We're Now Putting Ads on the Moon

A beverage company is soon to put some sports drink on the lunar surface.


A Magic 8 Ball, Armed With Data

A new tool promises to harness the power of data to help us make better decisions.

CIO Briefing

When Your Hearing Aid Is an iPhone

A company is trying to remove the social stigma associated with hearing loss.

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These Emojis Would Like to Help You Structure Your Data

Yelp's move toward the small, cartoon-like figures used on mobile devices hints at the future.

Emerging Tech

The Windmill of the Future Could Be Floating in the Sky

What's next for energy generation? We won't keep you in suspense.


Harvard's Looking for a 'Wikipedian in Residence'

The school's Houghton Library is seeking someone to help make its collections as accessible as possible.

Emerging Tech

This 13-Year-Old Just Became the Youngest Person Ever to Build a Nuclear-Fusion Reactor

Remember that whole "The Effect of Carbonated Cola Beverages on Human Teeth" experiment you did for your Science Fair? Yeah.

Emerging Tech

A World of Water, Seen From Space

Space agencies across the planet launch the most ambitious plan yet to understand how the world's water works.

IT Modernization

Have Presidential Speeches Gotten More 'Tweetable'?

Not really, but the speech is but one piece of the spectacle of the State of the Union.

Emerging Tech

Oh, Deer: NASA Rocket Gets Photobombed by Hungry Animals

This is what happens when you put your launchpad near a wildlife refuge.