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Chinese Spy Sentenced to 8 Years in Federal Prison

The foreign national intended to obtain U.S. citizenship and a security clearance in order to get a federal government cybersecurity position.

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NSF to Helm Nearly $50M Semiconductor Public-Private Partnership

The National Science Foundation will work alongside four private sector companies to spur developments in the U.S.-based semiconductor manufacturing field.

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Congressional Democrats Propose an 8.7% Pay Raise for Feds in 2024

The annually introduced bill would provide a 4.7% across-the-board increase in basic pay and an average 4% increase to locality pay.

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Delivering Future Tech, Today with 5G

Technology moves at a rapid pace. Today, scientists at Emory University’s 5G Innovation Hub, are testing augmented and virtual reality solutions.


GAO Identifies Fraud Risks in FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program

The FCC “may not be able to effectively prevent and detect fraud” in its program that offers low-income households discounts on internet services and connected devices, according to a review by the Government Accountability Office.


Justice 'Hacked the Hackers' of Hive Ransomware, Stopping $130M in Demands

It took national and international cooperation to thwart the group, who targeted more than 1,500 victims.

Emerging Tech

Legislators Renew Efforts to Protect Consumers from an Eavesdropping Fridge

The reintroduced bill asks the Federal Trade Commission to establish disclosure guidelines for smart devices and appliances that consumers would not expect to be recording them.

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NIST Debuts Long-Anticipated AI Risk Management Framework

With the launch of the AI RMF 1.0, federal researchers focused on four core functions to structure how all organizations evaluate and introduce more trustworthy AI systems.

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Forcepoint - A Proven Leader in Defense Grade Security

From a unique Zero Trust CDR solution to an all-in-one security platform designed to eradicate complexity within cybersecurity.


U.S. Officially Leads the Freedom Online Coalition for the First Time

The U.S. will helm the chairship position at the Freedom Online Coalition, focusing on promoting digital liberties and enforcing AI standards and safeguards.

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Survey: CIOs Feel Elevated, Consider Themselves ‘Changemakers’

The survey found more than 3 in 4 chief information officers believe their roles have been elevated in response to recent economic times.

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OPM Has Replaced Its Embattled CFO Following Harassment Report

The Defense Department inspector general recently substantiated complaints that the senior executive sexually harassed subordinates and used racial slurs.

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The Pentagon’s Innovation Shop Wants More Influence in 2023

The agency wants to be part of program executives’ acquisition strategies and to spread more commercial-based tech across the department.


OPM Previews Its New Cyber Workforce Dashboard

The dashboard will launch after the agency has determined what data to make publicly available.


Senator Advocates a Transparency-Based Approach to Social Media Moderation

Sen. Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo., said such transparency about government moderation requests “does seem to be the best move” for promoting free speech online.

Emerging Tech

White House Wants Input on Crypto Tech R&D Agenda

The feedback will inform priorities for developing digital asset technologies, including potential for a central bank digital currency.

CXO Briefing

Microsoft Office 365 Now Available to Customers at Secret Classification

Microsoft’s productivity suite is now available at a more secure classification level.


White House Blueprint is the Starting Point for Building Responsible AI

COMMENTARY | The report brings new urgency to ongoing agency efforts.