Emerging Tech

Data is the Fuel of Digital Transformation, Officials Say

Federal officials shared how they're tackling digital transformation.

5G is ‘Going Live’ at Tyndall Air Force Base

Verizon’s next-gen communications capabilities will enable emerging technologies—and enhanced streaming for personnel.

New FITARA Grades Show Agencies Failing to Transition Off Legacy Networking Services 

But agencies got all As on data center optimization, suggesting it may be time to retire or update that metric.

Biden Official Endorses Effort to Move Pipeline Cybersecurity Regulation to DOE

An emergency directive from the Transportation Security Administration following the Colonial Pipeline attack faced opposition from Senate Republicans after the industry complained they weren’t sufficiently consulted beforehand.

Lawmakers Propose Expanding Cybersecurity Support for Commercial Satellite Companies

New legislation would direct CISA to create a one-stop clearinghouse to help inform such entities.

Man Arrested For Alleged Exportation of Technology To Iran From U.S.

A dual American-Iranian citizen was arrested and charged with one count of conspiracy to illegally export technology and electronic equipment to Iran despite sanctions.

Microelectronics-Innovating Unit Gains New Designation from Defense Secretary

The classification enables the Pentagon to ensure that the “critical mission area remains relevant and viable.”

Airlines Ask For ‘Immediate Intervention’ in 5G Deployment, Citing Safety Issues

An airlines advocacy group asked the Biden administration to implement more protection around select airport towers in a continuation of the 5G rollout debate.

Air Force Commits Millions for Wearables to Counteract Troops’ Exhaustion

Human monitoring devices could support military staff who work in extreme conditions.

Big Tech Anxious About Commerce Plan to Secure Supply Chains from Foreign Influence

Comments an association of industry giants made on a notice of proposed rulemaking from the Commerce Department come amid multiple government efforts to reduce cybersecurity risks in globally produced information and communications technology.

Biden Official Credits Diplomacy With Russia for Arrest of Colonial Pipeline Hacker

A senior administration official disassociated the move from tensions between the U.S. and Russia amid a build-up of Russian troops near Ukraine and an unattributed cyberattack on the country’s government websites.

VA Delays Electronic Health Records Deployment Due To COVID Cases

The VA Central Ohio Healthcare System was supposed to receive a new EHR system deployment in March, but COVID spikes overwhelmed the workforce.

Let’s Talk About 6G Policies, Panel Says

6G policies may be important in protecting Democracy.

Defense Officials Develop 5G-Enabled Medical Applications to Support Future Troops

Vendors were recently selected to push forward military telemedicine experiments.