Emerging Tech

Labor Department Evolves Efforts to Assist States in UI Delivery

A pilot project meant to give the federal government a more central role in unemployment insurance delivery, is raising questions inside the Department of Labor and in Congress about the role of identity verification and enforcement authority over states in the system.

US Must Proactively Participate in International AI Standards-Setting, Officials Warn

Maintaining the country’s leadership in artificial intelligence hinges on contributions to international technology standards, as experts advocate diversity in feedback.

Lockheed Martin, Verizon Demonstrate Capabilities of 5G-Enabled Drones for DOD

Recent tests showcase how multiple drones can conduct real-time transfers of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data to geolocate military targets.

Over Half of Operating Systems at VA Medical Center in Texas are Outdated, Watchdog Finds

An audit conducted by the VA’s Office of Inspector General found unaddressed security vulnerabilities and deficient devices at the Harlingen VA Health Care Center.

NASA’s DART Mission Hits Asteroid

For the mission, NASA attempted to move an asteroid in space as part of the agency’s planetary defense strategy.

DOE Grants $400,000 to Professor’s Quantum Computing Research

The Biden administration has developed new partnerships in academia to advance such research.

Air Force Awards $985M Hypersonic Cruise Missile Contract to Raytheon Technologies

The company and its partner Northrop Grumman were chosen over bids from Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

CISA, NSA Guidance Tries to Reduce Alternatives for Securing Industrial Control Systems

Policymakers in Congress and the administration are grappling with how to set a performance bar for companies' mitigation of cyber threats against critical infrastructure they own, while allowing flexibility the companies say is needed to run their operations.

State Department Permitting Communications Technology Into Iran

The U.S. State Department expanded exports to grant Iranian citizens better access to secure communications.

The U.S. Military Is Buying Electric Jet-ski Robots

Tests will see whether battery-powered personal watercraft can help with search-and-rescue

Planned Next-Gen Satellites Can Help Address Extreme Weather Challenges, Officials Say

A Wednesday hearing explored the capabilities of the new GeoXO satellites to provide better data for weather forecasting and modeling.

VA Official Has 'Deep Concerns' About Agency's EHR Deployment

But leadership at the agency pushed back against projected cost overruns and delays moving forward.

GSA to Study Demographic Equity in Remote Identity Tech

The agency plans to test the accuracy of tools like facial recognition software across different demographic groups. 

CISA Plans to Measure the Effect of Coming Standards on Industry’s Cybersecurity

But big companies want to avoid agencies’ use of related performance goals in new regulation.

GSA Examines How to Bring 'Federal Buying Power' to Supercharge Solar Panel Market

The agency’s request for information will help it develop a procurement strategy, including a standard for future solicitations.

Department of Transportation Investing $160 Million for Tech-Centric Projects

Two programs, SMART Grants and ATTAIN, will dole out millions over five years as the Biden administration plans a U.S. transportation overhaul.

US Soldiers Provide Telemaintenance as Ukrainians MacGyver Their Weapons

Milley visits Polish airbase to check on defenses, American repair crew.