Emerging Tech

NIST Debuts Long-Anticipated AI Risk Management Framework

With the launch of the AI RMF 1.0, federal researchers focused on four core functions to structure how all organizations evaluate and introduce more trustworthy AI systems.

White House Wants Input on Crypto Tech R&D Agenda

The feedback will inform priorities for developing digital asset technologies, including potential for a central bank digital currency.

Microsoft Office 365 Now Available to Customers at Secret Classification

Microsoft’s productivity suite is now available at a more secure classification level.

Plan for Federal AI Research and Development Resource Emphasizes Diversity in Innovation

The National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource Task Force released its operating framework, making the case for implementation.

NIST Looks to Improve Recruitment with Augmented Writing Software

The agency will use the platform to center diversity, equity and inclusion in its hiring efforts.

Is This New Microwave Weapon the Answer to Iranian Drones?

Army awards $66 million contract to develop an EMP device that fries the electronics of incoming drones.

DOD Plan Would Make Space Command Global Operator of Satellite Networks

The Pentagon is seeking to modernize its satellite communications capabilities by, in part, outlining some of the responsibilities of its agencies and commands.

Is China About To Destroy Encryption As We Know It? Maybe

A new research paper claims to offer a quantum-powered code-breaker of spectacular power. “If it's true, it's pretty disastrous,” says one expert.

NASA, USGS Seek Info for Landsat Next Ground Station

The ground station will house mission control, the ground network and other capabilities to support Landsat Next.

NTIA Announces Request for Comment on Intersection of Data and Civil Rights

The head of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration said the agency’s inquiry “will help us analyze the outsized consequences that data practices can have on marginalized communities.”

Push for More Quantum Tech Investment Reaches World Economic Forum

WEF leadership announced the development of a new blueprint aimed at helping nations navigate the advent of quantum computing technologies.

Energy Allocates Over $2 Million Following Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough

The U.S. government continues to invest in fusion power as the Department of Energy announced new funding for public-private partnerships.

What Motivates Remote Workers to Protect IT Assets?

Researchers found that fear of what could go wrong is the primary driver in getting remote workers to protect IT systems.

DHS Awards $1.1M to Federal Labs in Contracts Seeking ‘Groundbreaking’ Tech

The funding stems from the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology directorate.

AI Research Task Force Votes to Send Final Report to Congress, President

The task force’s report details a plan for the AI research resource initiative, including governance, funding, security and ethics on issues like AI bias.

Scientists Weigh in on the Ethics of Next-Generation AI

The release of a powerful and publicly available AI has raised questions about the technology's potential and points of concern.

‘Very Realistic’ That Humans Will be on Mars in 20 Years, NASA Official Says

Under the Artemis program, the agency will use lunar missions to prepare for further exploration to Mars.