Emerging Tech

Quantum Sensing Has ‘Critical’ Potential for Electrical Grid, Official Says

Quantum information technologies could be applied to the electrical grid for security and sustainability improvements.

‘Alarming Content’ from AI Chatbots Raises Child Safety Concerns, Senator Says

In a letter to the CEOs of five tech companies, Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., criticized using kids and teenagers in the “social experiment” of generative AI testing. 

The Army Is Putting All Its Network Efforts Under One Roof

By October, Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications-Tactical is expected to absorb network portfolios from its sister PEO for enterprise services.

Recent Market Volatility Shows Value of Government Funding, DOD Official Says

Despite economic uncertainty, the head of the Pentagon’s office that connects promising tech companies with private capital said they will “continue to advance these technologies and support DOD operations.”

Regulation Must Keep Up with Novel Space Technology, Experts Say

Panelists at the Satellite 2023 conference noted that the relationship between government and industry when it comes to space is still a “paradigm from yesteryear.”

Pentagon Mobilized to Support Tech Startups After Bank Failure

The failure of Silicon Valley Bank presents the Defense Department with warnings—and opportunities.

Naval Research Lab Launches First In-Space Laser Energy Experiment

The experiment will demonstrate using power beaming technology to deliver instant energy in space.

CFPB Announces New Inquiry into Data Brokers

The financial regulatory agency wants to learn more about data brokers’ business operations, especially surrounding user experiences.

DIA's New China Mission Group to Track Threat Posed by AI Development

The Defense Intelligence Agency’s China Mission Group will be monitoring the country’s use of AI software and other technologies in a national security context.

GAO Offers Quantum Guidance to Federal Agencies

As the federal government continues its push for mass post-quantum cryptography transitions, the Government Accountability Office offered fact-based summary and guidance.

Pentagon Office Tracking National Security Impact of Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

The director of the Pentagon’s office tasked with connecting relevant tech companies with private capital said in an email that the office is “monitoring national security-related impacts” stemming from the prominent startup lender’s demise.

IRS Plans to Approve Use of Login-dot-gov as Tax Day Nears

The tax agency intends to add Login this filing season—and as early as next week—as the integration is in final rounds of testing.

Army Making Progress on Implementation of Online Real Estate Tool, IG Says

The U.S. Army is on track to deploy a new online application “to identify the existing inventory of space available” at select military installations as part of a pilot program.

Innovation Thrives When Governments Embrace Next-Gen Public-Private Partnerships

By rethinking how sectors collaborate and encouraging long-term institutional relationships, communities can get the most out of technology projects, one expert said.

Pentagon Looking to Make Sure SpaceX Doesn’t Abandon Them in War

Spooked by the company’s new limits in Ukraine, military leaders are mulling new types of contracts.