Emerging Tech

Why People End Up Mad When AI Flags Toxic Speech

Facebook says its artificial intelligence models identified and pulled down 27 million pieces of hate speech in the final three months of 2020.

Missile Defense Agency Moves Closer to Joint Interoperability Vision with Recent Test

Two MDA-developed systems successfully linked sensors to shooters in an integrated network. 

NASA Turns to Edge Computing to Protect ISS Astronauts from Contamination

A microbiologist said the emerging technology will be vital to the space agency’s future exploration.

Bird-Mimicking Electric Drone Hits New Endurance Record

As the military grapples with connecting more things over longer distances, recent flight reveals a way forward.

Wally Funk Finally Gets Her Moment in Space

In the 1960s, Funk was part of Mercury 13 — a program to train women astronauts that was ultimately canceled. On Tuesday, she became the oldest person to launch into space.

DHS Considers Virtual Reality to Teach Officers About Responding to Hazardous Scenarios

The agency is looking for technology solutions to help train Federal Protective Service staff when to use force—and when not to.

Bill Would Require Federal Agencies and Contractors to Report Cyber Intrusions Within 24 Hours

The bill leaves it up to an interagency rulemaking process to determine whether entities would be required to report incidents they’re aware of but not directly involved in.

Zero Trust-Like Approach Needed for Microelectronics Industry, Former DOD Official Says

Onshoring doesn’t mean vulnerabilities associated with chips will be instantly mitigated, the official said.

House Bill Would Create Long-Awaited Software and Data Roles at Federal Agencies

The proposal would create new positions, including software development, software engineering and data scientists.

Democrats Again Propose New Tech-Focused Agency and Big Boosts in R&D Funding

Lawmakers want the “aspirational vision” to help steer future negotiations.

National Archives Seeks to Revamp How Presidential Library Archives Social Media

NARA is looking for outside ideas around the improvement of its Presidential Library website.

White House Selects Former Fed as NIST Leader

Laurie Locascio was tapped to be the Commerce Department’s next Undersecretary for Standards and Technology.

Researchers Create Drone Swarms That Can Detect Gas Leaks, Other Threats

A new algorithm called “Sniffy Bug” shows how tiny drones will do dangerous work even in areas where they can’t use GPS.

Microsoft, Army Sign Cooperative Research Agreement for Storm Modeling

The Army Engineer Research and Development Center will demonstrate the scalability of its storm modeling system in Azure Government cloud.

Firm Offers Tips on Eliminating Bias and Other Risks When Deploying Analytics Models

Government leaders are “appropriately” wary of implementing models they don’t understand, a senior expert explained.