Emerging Tech

Almost 9 in 10 Federal Agencies Using or Considering 5G, Per Study

General Dynamics Information Technology’s survey of 500 federal employees identified concerns about costs, cyber risks and integration challenges when it comes to adopting 5G capabilities.

China’s Cyber Capabilities ‘Pose a Serious Threat’ to US, Advisory Panel Warns

The panel’s report also called for the Biden administration to consider revoking China’s status as a favored trading partner if a congressional review finds that Beijing is not complying with its commitments.

GSA Tests Energy Tech to Achieve Federal Sustainability Goals

The agency is looking at solar tracking, off-grid mobile charging and carbon pollution-free electricity to meet goals set in a December 2021 executive order.

Is the Pentagon Changing Fast Enough?

So far, two former defense insiders say, new service organizations are more promise than improvement.

New Satellite Will Allow First-Ever Observation of Nearly All of Earth’s Water

NASA’s upcoming Surface Water and Ocean Topography satellite will provide a complete measurement every 21 days.

Expert Analysis of Dangerous Artificial Intelligences in Government

The “real risks” of AI come from a lack of governance and risk understanding, according to Navrina Singh, CEO of Credo AI and a member of the Department of Commerce’s National AI Advisory Committee.

DOD Working on Prototype of Mobile Microgrid for Arctic Operations

The Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit announced that it is partnering with MITRE and 10 Defense Department components to develop a microgrid capable of working at temperatures as low as -60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pentagon on Track to Award $9 Billion Cloud Contract in December

The Pentagon’s Chief Information Officer said the multi-cloud, multi-vendor JWCC contract will be awarded “in about a month.”

AI, Data Analytics Star as Biggest Planned Investments for 2023

An industry forecast sampled private sector companies to distill where they plan to make emerging technology investments.

DISA’s Plea to Industry: Bring Us Battlefield-Ready Tech

The Pentagon’s IT agency also wants help wringing more performance out of its existing gear.

DOE Wants to Bridge Their 'Valley of Death'

Energy officials envision a cross-disciplinary team to bring advanced research topics focused on emerging technologies to life.

CISA, NSA and Industry Outline Security Responsibilities of Software Suppliers

New guidance from the federal agencies—and major companies serving the government—tries to distinguish between the security duties of software developers, suppliers and consumers.

More Protest Troubles Loom Over CIO-SP4

Debriefings are underway with companies who did not get through phase one of the competition for the $50 billion IT vehicle.

National Labs to Receive $1.5B Funding Boost

The resources will come from President Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act.

Adoption of AI in Health Care Relies on Building Trust, DOD, VA Officials Say

Wider use of health-related artificial intelligence applications at the departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense depends on technologies being “sufficiently understandable.”

NDAA Negotiations Will Determine Success of Several Cyber Solarium Goals

Influence from major industry threatens once again to thwart lawmakers’ attempts to realize their policymaking goals through the annual defense authorization bill.