Emerging Tech

Federal Advisory Group Report Focuses On Diversifying AI Research and Development

The National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource Task Force issued a report outlining a framework for national AI research and development, hinting on equitable datasets and computing access.

Emerging Tech

Energy Issues $40 Million to Provide STEM Training for Historically Underrepresented Groups

The funding comes from the Energy Department’s “Reaching a New Energy Sciences Workforce” initiative.

CXO Briefing

There are Vaccine Possibilities for Monkeypox, CDC Says

Though there is “strong scientific concern” that monkeypox is spreading differently than in the past, the current case count is low and there’s not a huge risk to the general community, a CDC official says.

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Deloitte's Multi-Cloud Capabilities for Government

Deloitte has expanded its capabilities to help government agencies gain tailored benefits from cloud transformation and multi-cloud management.


Change Management Critical Element in VA Supply Chain Modernization

The Department of Veterans Affairs' plan to redesign its supply chain show promise.

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Democratic Lawmakers Implore Google To Halt Geo Data Collection

A slew of Democratic lawmakers asked Google to stop harvesting geodata from Android devices amid fear of abortion-related prosecutions.

Emerging Tech

House Subcommittee Hearing Examines Human Side of Telecom Bills

Experts testified on the need to pass several bipartisan telecommunication bills as the Biden administration aims to expand broadband access.

Emerging Tech

DOD to Debut Virtual Desktops for Certain Highly Classified Programs

The effort, which sunsets "Chinstrap" desktop hardware, has been a key priority in the Pentagon's CIO shop.


Federal CISO: Recommendations In to Acquisition Council for Software Procurement

Federal CISO Chris DeRusha says he doesn’t want to tie agencies’ hands regarding self attestation versus third-party verification of vendor practices.


Senate Report Highlights Lack of Government Data on Ransomware Payments

A new report details the role cryptocurrencies play in incentivizing ransomware attacks and the government’s response.

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Data Science in the Public Sector

Incorporating data science, particularly artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), into workflows can be a strong investment for the public sector.


Critical Update: ‘The Good Death Is Our Only Goal’

Leaders from GSA’s 10x program join the podcast to talk about how they’re mapping paths through the Valley of Death.

IT Modernization

$13.5M in New TMF Awards to NARA, USDA

An award to the National Archives appears designed to reduce a pandemic-era backlog in veterans records processing.

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Senior GOP Senator Asked Watchdog to Report After ‘Whistleblower’ Action at IRS

The request of the watchdog agency followed the release of confidential information leading to a detailed news report of how the mega rich avoid paying taxes.

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Nuclear Agency Needs to Improve Evaluation of Research Portfolio

The National Nuclear Security Administration is otherwise following leading practices for managing federal research and development funding.

Emerging Tech

This Crafty Tool Can Eavesdrop on 6G Wireless Signals

A little MacGyvering can create security issues for next-gen communications.

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Senators Push for $300M Boost to TMF

Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are urging appropriators to back a Biden administration request to add $300 million to the Technology Modernization Fund.


Back to the Future: Protecting Against Quantum Computing

Lessons from Germany’s World War II code machine, Enigma, show that even “unbreakable” encryption can be cracked eventually.


National Cyber Director's Vision for the Future Flags Overdue National Plan

The office of the national cyber director is tasked by Congress to weigh in on agencies’ cybersecurity budgets.


GAO: Defense Department Isn’t Doing Enough to Protect Sensitive Information

Federal cybersecurity has been on the Government Accountability Office’s High Risk list since 1997.