CIO Briefing

Stereotypes in Language May Shape Bias Against Women in STEM

The language we speak strongly predicts implicit gender associations.


CBP Shifts to Enterprise Approach to Manage Phone Searches at U.S. Borders

The agency uses metadata to create a system of record for electronic device searches but agents may be able to access information irrelevant to their cases. 


Wearable Fitness Devices Deliver Early Warning of Possible COVID-19 Infection

Several studies are testing algorithms that assess data from wearable devices to detect COVID-19.

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How Inter-Annotator Agreement Drives Confidence in Federal AI

When it comes to visual data, artificial intelligence is very good – but it isn’t perfect yet.

Emerging Tech

How Agencies Can Tackle Tech Talent Gaps

Strong brands and room for risk might pay off where government salaries don’t, federal officials said.


Does Your Agency Pass the Telework Stress Test?

If you haven’t already, ensure your capacity and licensing are at the levels needed for sustained telework.


Pentagon Wants Contractor Feedback on Rule Change that Bans Certain Chinese Firms

A provision of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act banning agencies from contracting with companies doing business with Chinese firms like Huawei and ZTE now takes effect.

IT Modernization

FPDS Reports Will Officially Move to beta.SAM by Mid-October

Users will no longer be able to run contract award reports through, though that site will retain other capabilities.

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GBC Flash Poll: Realizing the Promise of Multi-Cloud

Many organizations are now employing multiple cloud architectures at the same time to get the optimal performance for the best value. Are they realizing the promise of multi-cloud?

Emerging Tech

New Coalition Wants to Help in Fight Against Election Misinformation

The Election Integrity Partnership consists of university researchers and others. Local election officials are among those the partnership is hoping to assist in the weeks ahead.


What the Rest of Government Should Watch When the Defense Authorization Bill Goes to Conference

Overhauling FedRAMP is just one of a list of ways the NDAA could affect civilian government tech.


The U.S. Election System Is Not Ready for Blockchain Technology … Yet

Blockchain does not exist in a vacuum. It requires extensive support from human personnel and other technology.

Emerging Tech

Open-Source Project Aims to Broaden Access to Early Alerts for Earthquakes 

Using internet of things devices and open-source standards, developers and citizen scientists can help monitor earthquake activity, deliver alerts in moments of risk—and more. 


Education Department Testing Tool to Make Data Collection Requests Easier 

The pilot tool will undergo testing using real information requests at the Education Department and other statistical agencies but will later be available to other agencies.

Emerging Tech

Universal Service Fund Wants to Automate Verification of High-Cost Telecom, Broadband Areas

The Universal Service Administrative Company is looking at robotic process automation to streamline checks and balances before it subsidizes telephone and internet access in high-cost areas.

Emerging Tech

Do All Face Masks Offer Similar Protection? New Test Offers A Way to Compare

The limited findings raise doubts about the effectiveness of neck gaiters and bandanas in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.


Why Agencies Need to Spend a Little to Gain a Lot

Innovation funds have the potential to turn up effective and less expensive ways to confront today's challenges.