Emerging Tech

Senate Banking Chair Asks CFPB How It Plans to Address Risks of Chime and Other Banking Apps

With an estimated 12 million customers, Chime is the largest in its highly competitive subcategory of financial technology companies that serve low- to moderate-income individuals.


TSA, Transportation Officials Give Insight into New Cybersecurity Mandates for Pipeline Operators

Agency leaders expressed a commitment to avoiding duplication of their efforts as lines blur between cyber and physical security.

Emerging Tech

Lawmakers Want DOD to Explore Tech's Valley of Death Problem

A House Armed Services subcommittee is calling for mandates in the upcoming National Defense Authorization Act to examine barriers to scaling innovative tech.

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3 Tools Helping Agencies Secure the Future

As the country begins to look out at the next normal, agencies are once again reevaluating priorities and looking to how cloud optimization can better help them achieve their mission.


To Find Cybersecurity Talent, Poach From Other Fields 

Cybersecurity pros are in demand, which means the government will need to think of new sources.


Fight for Control Threatens to Destabilize and Fragment the Internet

International power plays are a threat to a stable, open internet.

IT Modernization

Survey: Government’s Digital Channels Aren’t Meeting Needs

Governments worldwide have a digital survey delivery problem, according to an international survey.


Young Workers Want Good Communications, Not Perks

Researchers say more emphasis needs to go toward training leaders and managers on how to be effective communicators and convey respectful communication with their employees.


Critical Update: How the Controversial JEDI Contract Changed the Pentagon

Experts say the doomed contract helped take cloud literacy at the Defense Department to the next level.

Emerging Tech

SOCOM Members Got an All-Star Crash Course in AI

Over a unique six-week course, participants met virtually with tech leaders to talk about AI's future.

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Securing Cyber

To keep ahead of sophisticated threat actors, agencies need data, threat intelligence and security validation to assess the efficacy of their security technology.

Emerging Tech

DOD Wants Emerging Tech But Acts like An ‘Innovation Tourist,’ Report Says

Organizational disconnects between innovation offices and procurement officials makes broad adoption of cutting-edge tech challenging, according to the Center for Security and Emerging Technology.

IT Modernization

Lawmakers Tell National Archives to Use Tech Modernization Funding to Fix Veterans’ Backlog

Congressional oversight chiefs want the National Archives to apply for funding through the Technology Modernization Fund.


How Unemployment Insurance Fraud Exploded During the Pandemic

Bots filing bogus applications in bulk, teams of fraudsters in foreign countries making phony claims, online forums peddling how-to advice on identity theft: Inside the infrastructure of perhaps the largest fraud wave in history.


EEOC Wants a Quality Check For Its Data and Automation Strategy

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s inspector general wants an independent third party to look over the agency’s Digital Process Transformation and Automation strategy.


States Weigh Bans on Ransomware Payoffs

The idea is that this would deter attacks because cybercriminals would know they couldn’t get paid.

Emerging Tech

Bill Would Commit Tens of Billions to Modernize National Labs

Rep. Bill Foster shed light on how the bill fits into a broader Congressional strategy to boost U.S. investments in science and research, and what’s to come for the National Lab Caucus.


Why Women Need Male Allies in the Workplace – and Why Fighting Everyday Sexism Enriches Men Too

Women who perceive their male colleagues as allies are more likely to feel included in a workplace.


Energy Updates Assessment Tool for Administration’s 100-Day Cybersecurity Sprint

The update comes as lawmakers jostle for jurisdiction over cybersecurity across multiple critical infrastructure sectors with a slew of bills advancing in both chambers of Congress.