DHS IG Opens Probe into Warrantless Cellphone Tracking

The investigation is in response to a Congressional inquiry about Customs and Border Protection getting location data from phones.

Emerging Tech

IRS Moves to Speed Up Contracting Through New Procurement Research Partnership

Data-management, machine learning and acquisition expertise will be combined in this collaboration.


Your Brain's Built-In Biases Insulate Your Beliefs from Contradictory Facts

Over the decades, it’s become clear that many decisions people make are not made rationally.

IT Modernization

Pentagon Extends Work From Home Flexibility for Civilian Employees

The Defense Department will allow civilians to telework even if children or other dependents in need of supervision are present at home.


Will Android Become the New Federal OS for Rugged Devices?

For the most part, the rugged devices I have evaluated over the years have had some flavor of Windows as their operating system.


China Beat the Coronavirus with Science and Strong Public Health Measures, Not Just with Authoritarianism

SARS exposed serious weaknesses in China’s public health system and prompted its government to reinvent its public health system.

Emerging Tech

GAO: AI Promising in Health Care, but Challenges Remain

The nascent technology is leading to positive health care outcomes, but issues may impede widespread adoption.


Laughing Is Good for Your Mind and Your Body – Here's What the Research Shows

When you laugh, you take yourself or the situation less seriously and may feel empowered to problem-solve.


DISA Updates Strategic Tech Priorities Through 2022

The defense agency adjusted its long-term cybersecurity and cloud plans to take into account progress and pivots made for the COVID-19 pandemic. 


What DOD’s Cyber Certification Program Reveals About Info-Sharing Challenges

As the new regime takes effect, the tech industry’s lead trade association would rather higher level certifications be done by the department than independent third parties.

Emerging Tech

NPS Officials Share Fresh Details on Forthcoming Self-Driving Shuttle Pilot

Yellowstone National Park visitors can catch rides on the autonomous shuttles early next summer.


The Dark, Confusing December Ahead

U.S. COVID-19 statistics are about to look better—even though the reality is almost certainly getting worse.

Emerging Tech

NASA’s Ready for Companies to Put Its ‘Robo-Glove’ to Use

The futuristic, robotic handwear could help people on the job, or if they suffer from limited hand strength.

CIO Briefing

Internal Documents Detail Who VA Will Vaccinate First

The Veterans Affairs Department's multi-tiered plan prioritizes delivering COVID-19 inoculations to high-risk staff and patients.

Emerging Tech

Soldiers Don’t Trust Robot Battle Buddies. Can Virtual Training Fix That?

Allowing soldiers to train their robot wingmen in game environments could be the key to human-machine teaming.


Critical Update: Inside NASA’s Digital Transformation

The space agency’s digital modernization is aimed at augmenting and improving three key mission areas, according to its chief data officer.

Emerging Tech

DOD Needs Simulations to Shorten Acquisition Timelines, Official Says

Advancements in modeling and simulation technologies will not only help train warfighters, but “revolutionize” design, acquisition, sustainment and test, the official said.

Emerging Tech

Lawmakers Want Data to Decide the Future of America’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

New legislation would launch a $10 million grant program to set the scene for what’s to come on the EV-use landscape. 


Data Privacy and Data Governance Will Be Top Business Priorities for 2021

Building the right foundation to highly secure and protect your company includes several fundamentals that are critical to supporting the infrastructure from the ground up.