Contact Tracers Don’t Need Your Social Security Number or Bank Info, FTC Warns

A new text scam uses coronavirus-response efforts as cover to pump victims for financial information.

Emerging Tech

HHS Proposes ‘IT Control Tower’ to Manage Strategic National Stockpile

The proposal is part of a larger strategy to incorporate the manufacturing, distribution and point-of-care sectors.


Never Go Back to the Office

The coronavirus killed corporate culture. Get used to working from home.

Emerging Tech

How AI Will Soon Change Special Operations

A new SOCOM office is pursuing tools to understand and influence populations, clear rooms with robots, and spot new forms of jamming.

IT Modernization

Federal CIO Sheds Light on What Agencies Are Learning in COVID-19 Response

U.S. tech chief Suzette Kent detailed how COVID-19 response efforts offer agencies a new vantage point into their past operations.

Emerging Tech

NIST Wants Help Demonstrating Security Compliance in 5G  

The new project will help develop interoperability among various components of the emerging network architecture.


Lawmakers Want ‘Immediate Action’ to Encrypt Calls Between the House and Senate

The group is pushing for increased security for legislative branch communications due to spying threats. 

CIO Briefing

Don't Expect a Single Return-to-the-Office Day for Feds, White House Says

Recalling employees back to offices will vary across agencies and regions based on mission needs, official says.

Emerging Tech

NASA Seeks to Improve How It Learns About New Technology

The space agency wants input from partners regarding how it collects information about new tech innovation.


Federal Data Strategy Deadlines Shift Due to COVID-19

The team prioritized some items for the pandemic response but extended other deadlines.


How to Motivate Young Workers to Save For Retirement

Whether you’re a parent or a boss, it’s in everyone’s interest to ensure younger generations are ready for life after work.


Critical Update: Why the Pentagon’s Cybersecurity Certification Program Inspires Hope and Fear

The Defense Department’s Katie Arrington, and representatives from across the federal contracting community share perspectives on a new era dawning in U.S. cybersecurity policy.


People Who Say They Know More About Coronavirus Feel Better

What’s more, this conclusion was largely consistent across demographic and economic groups.

Emerging Tech

Federal Researchers Create 'Second Skin' to Shield Against Biological Threats

The material shields wearers from chemical and biological agents and could pave the way to smart uniforms for troops and first responders.

Emerging Tech

Pentagon’s AI Center Awards $800M Contract Through GSA Center of Excellence Program

The contract is set to provide artificial intelligence-powered analytics tools to “prepare for future warfare operations.”


State and Federal Data on COVID-19 Testing Don’t Match Up

The CDC has quietly started releasing nationwide numbers. But they contradict what states themselves are reporting.


Forget Work-Life Balance – It's All About Integration in the Age of COVID-19

Integration is not about trade-offs but synergies.


HHS Relaxes Data Security and Privacy Enforcement For COVID-19 Test Sites

The agency offered a list of suggested security measures but said it will not be imposing penalties in specific circumstances.


How Agencies Can Sustain Telework After the COVID Pandemic

Agencies are now financially able to boost their IT capacity and acquire equipment to operate in the work from home landscape.