US, allies take down Kremlin-backed AI bot farm

The bot farm allegedly originated from a deputy manager at RT — a Russian state-backed news agency — and spread disinformation on the X social media platform.

Artificial Intelligence

Trump pledges to ax Biden’s AI executive order

The newly adopted Republican platform calls the executive order “dangerous.”

Emerging Tech

Diverting TSA funds harms deployment of new tech, lawmakers warn

A bill to keep all 9/11 security fee collections at TSA would help the agency more quickly deploy facial recognition capabilities, but its supporters say privacy still needs to be prioritized.

Exclusive Cybersecurity

Patchwork cyber laws cost the government money, Amazon security chief says

An exclusive conversation with Amazon CSO Steve Schmidt unpacks his views on cyber policy themes this year.


DARPA wants to use AI to find new rare minerals

With spectral analysis, it’s possible to “tell the difference [between] cocaine that came from one cartel’s area of Colombia versus another.”

Digital Government

DHS selects 6 digital wallet startups for identity security contracts

The agency aims to facilitate more ways to comply with travel document requirements while safeguarding U.S. citizen privacy.


Hitting the gas at Energy

CIO Ann Dunkin talks FITARA, modernization and the challenge of managing IT in an environment driven by high-performance technology.


Typos could steer sensitive messages to Mali, DOD warns

Millions of emails intended for the Department of Defense have been directed to Mali because of spelling errors in the recipient's email domain.


FedRAMP unveils new framework for prioritizing emerging tech

The cloud security program’s new Emerging Technology Prioritization Framework spells out new processes and guidance for cloud services providers specifically offering AI-based capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence

The US intelligence community is embracing generative AI

Intelligence agencies are using generative AI for a variety of purposes, including content triage and assisting analysts.

Artificial Intelligence

Balancing innovation and safety: Inside NIST’s AI Safety Institute

The institute's director Elizabeth Kelly details efforts to test models and create guidance to encourage responsible artificial intelligence use.

Artificial Intelligence

AI can enhance health care and enable cost savings, lawmaker says

Rep. David Schweikert, R-Ariz., said lawmakers “have to build the infrastructure” around the use of AI in wearable medical devices.


Alliant 3's final solicitation hits the streets

Companies have four months to work on their bids for one of six dozen spots on this "Anything IT Anywhere” vehicle for all of government.


TMF names new director

The fund’s current deputy executive director, Larry Bafundo, will be taking the helm of a program facing down budget and authorization challenges in the coming months.


How to maximize AI's potential for government

COMMENTARY | Invest, innovate and evolve to meet this critical moment to harness the productive potential of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Lawmaker set to introduce bill to standardize AI system testing

The proposed legislation would focus on standardizing how AI systems are tested for fairness and safety, with the National Institute of Standards and Technology at the forefront.

Digital Government

Lawmakers want VA to report on its use of automation to process benefits claims

The legislative proposal seeks to enhance VA’s adoption of new technologies, including providing lawmakers with “a timeline for modifying and implementing the use of such automation tools” in the benefits claims process.

Artificial Intelligence

House lawmakers push measure to limit impact of deceptive AI on elections

The legislation would apply to AI-generated election content that is designed to interfere with voting in federal, state or local contests.