How Census Is Building a Citizenship Database Covering Everyone Living in the U.S.

By March 2021, the bureau plans to release anonymized statistics while keeping the raw data on individual’s citizenship status confidential.

Emerging Tech

Team Builds Ventilators from $300 Worth of Parts

Faculty and students at Rice University gathered to see how quickly they could develop a more robust prototype built primarily of 3D-printed and laser-cut parts.


4 Tips to Protect Your Sleep in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Almost everyone has had their normal routine is upset in one way or another by COVID-19, and their sleeping pattern may be compromised, too.


Survey: Organizations Find Software Containers ‘Most Challenging’ IT Component

The popularity of software containers grows even though some organizations aren’t sure they can secure them.


Taking Risk Out of the System

A view on cybersecurity coordination from across the pond.

CIO Briefing

Coronavirus Is Rising Around Military, Defense Infrastructure, Analysis Shows

The Govini assessment indicates that COVID-19 is about to hit military bases and manufacturing hubs in the southern and western United States.

Emerging Tech

FDA, NIH, VA Partner to Accelerate 3D-Printed Protective Gear for COVID-19 Response

The pandemic-driven outcomes could demonstrate what strategic interagency efforts around emerging technology can catalyze in rapid timeframes.

IT Modernization

FCC’s Telehealth Plans Reach Beyond COVID-19 Stimulus Bill Provision  

The moment has spurred the agency to also finalize a longer-term pilot project for connected care.


Critical Update: How the Coronavirus is Changing Federal Work

“Government is traditionally seen as this old, ancient, antiquated system … How [does this change] the future of work for government?”

IT Modernization

CMS Further Expands Telehealth Services for Medicare Recipients

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid will temporarily expand telehealth options, including for new patients and audio-only appointments.

IT Modernization

Lawmaker Pushes CMS to Include Telehealth Services Through Telephone

Medicare recipients must use video-conferencing for remote visits with care providers.


CISA Significantly Expands List of 'Essential Critical Infrastructure' Workers

The expanded list includes workers who may need to continue operating despite stay-at-home orders.

CIO Briefing

Georgia Man Charged for Operating Fraudulent COVID-19 Testing Scheme

Federal prosecutors said the alleged scheme involved billing Medicare for reimbursable medical tests regardless of whether they were medically necessary. 

CIO Briefing

Pentagon to Modify Hundreds of Contracts for COVID-19 Response

The Defense Department is ramping up the purchase of certain items, including ventilators, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

CIO Briefing

President Trump Signs $2.2 Trillion Stimulus

Agencies will receive $340B, helping to boost hiring, telework and office cleaning.

CIO Briefing

With Coronavirus Cases Spiking, VA Employee and Patient Cases on the Rise

Report finds testing, equipment and staffing shortfalls at VA facilities around the country.


Tech Industry Voices Concerns about the Pentagon’s Cybersecurity Certification Plan

Officials say an updated rule for implementing the program will be open for comment later this spring.

Emerging Tech

Air Force Seeks Partnerships to Produce Space Innovations and Base of the Future

The anticipated challenges aim to spur innovations in space technology and produce a base of the future.