China is Dumping Fiber Optic Cables in the U.S. Market, Commerce Official Says

The cables are key to the development of fifth-generation networks, and therefore a matter of national security for the Trump administration.

Emerging Tech

Walter Reed Scientists Use Artificial Intelligence to Screen Drugs to Potentially Treat COVID-19

The Experimental Therapeutics Branch accelerated its research by turning to machine learning, AI and high-performance computing.

IT Modernization

VA Wants to Automate Digitization of its 5-Mile-High Electronic Health Record Backlog

Veterans Affairs is looking to robotic process automation to help digitize its backlog and integrate with the new electronic health record platform.


Interior Struggles to Secure IT Systems Amid Pandemic, IG Says

Interior is one of many agencies trying to meet new challenges posed by an explosion of increased remote work.

Emerging Tech

NIST Aims to Tap Twitter API Data to Boost Public Emergency Response

Tweets hold valuable insights amid natural disasters, which the agency aims to leverage.

Emerging Tech

$12 Billion Intelligence IT Contract Out for Bid

Proposals for the Defense Intelligence Agency’s SITE III contract are due Aug. 21.


Filter Protects Against Deepfake Photos and Videos

Researchers have created an algorithm that generates an adversarial attack against facial manipulation systems in order to corrupt and render useless attempted deepfakes.


NOAA Aligns Cloud and Data Strategies With Administration Priorities

The new strategies meld with three existing science and technology-focused documents, as well as incorporating priorities from the White House’s cloud and data policies.


Facial Recognition Is Here But We Have No Laws

Without legal safeguards, this technology will undermine democratic values and fundamental rights.

CIO Briefing

The Pandemic Experts Are Not Okay

Many American public-health specialists are at risk of burning out as the coronavirus surges back.


If Health Equals Happiness, Will Coronavirus Make the World an Unhappier Place?

The pandemic is likely to have a significant effect on happiness around the world.


FBI Opens a New China-Related Counterintelligence Investigation Every 10 Hours, Director Says

China is ramping up illegal activity to subvert the U.S. during the pandemic, according to FBI Director Chris Wray.

CIO Briefing

Experts Break Down GSA’s Abrupt Cancellation of $15B Small Business IT GWAC

Four federal contracting experts joined Nextgov to discuss what happened with Alliant 2 Small Business, what’s next for the family of contracts and what this means for GSA’s suite of small business vehicles.

CIO Briefing

Coronavirus Fraudsters Keep Prosecutors Busy

State AGs track millions in false loan and unemployment claims.


DevSecOps: The Benefits of a More Dynamic DOD

Leveraging unclassified resources for the development of code to be run in a classified manner has many tangible advantages.


Practising Mindfulness Can Help Us through the Coronavirus Pandemic

Researchers are finding new applications and interventions for mindfulness practices to enhance individual well-being.