Some Volt Typhoon victims ‘won’t know they’re impacted,’ Mandiant CEO says

The efforts of the Beijing-linked Volt Typhoon hacking group represent the “natural progression” of Chinese espionage, according to Kevin Mandia.

CISA alerts Sisense breach that possibly exposed customer data

An internal company note appears to show some firm info may have been exfiltrated.

Congress tries again for comprehensive data privacy bill

The bill would establish national data privacy standards, with the Federal Trade Commission crafting rules for enforcement.

China-backed operatives used fake social profiles to gauge US political division, Microsoft says

Some of the fake accounts used AI-generated images, and have doubled or tripled their followers since being detected, the company told Nextgov/FCW.

Linux backdoor was a long con, possibly with nation-state support, experts say

If the XZ Utils vulnerability hadn’t been caught in time, hackers would have had a “skeleton key to the world,” one analyst told Nextgov/FCW.

Return of net neutrality will hamstring some foreign broadband firms, FCC official says

The reclassification of broadband as a Title II service will give the Federal Communications Commission new power over internet service providers, and the agency says it will be a boon to U.S. network security.

Microsoft at fault for ‘avoidable errors’ leading to Chinese email hack last year, DHS group finds

The company’s cybersecurity culture contributed to an environment that enabled the incident, according to the findings.

Practical quantum computing is coming in 3 to 5 years, but will be cloud based, NSA official predicts

Cloud architectures will allow organizations to more easily access quantum capabilities, he said.

CISA resource looks to help high-risk groups thwart cyberattacks

Civil society organizations, community groups and others often lack budgets and resources needed to defend against hackers.

CISA sounds alarm on deep-seated vulnerability in Linux tool

The malicious code was introduced by a user that has long-contributed to the open-source ecosystem.

DOD stands up new civilian-facing cyber policy office

The nominated head of the new Pentagon office is awaiting confirmation in Congress.

2 wireless protocols expose mobile users to spying — the FCC wants to fix that

The protocols are a cornerstone of wireless communications but may contain flaws that enable hackers to tap into Americans’ mobile activities, the agency says.

CISA's proposed framework for cyber incident reporting rules includes subpoena power

The rules also require that covered entities that pay ransomware hackers to regain control of their systems and data must report such payments to CISA.

Some banks moving too slow to address AI-powered cyberthreats, Treasury says

The agency’s findings will be distributed to Capitol Hill with the hope of drumming up legislation or other initiatives to study the risks.

State Department warns employees of fraud scheme targeting payroll systems

Hackers have been targeting annuity accounts to redirect payroll deposits.