Deal for Splunk brings new capabilities and competitors to Cisco

COMMENTARY | There is little to no overlap between the two but Cisco picks up more software based solutions that should strengthen its core.

CISA task force aims to improve supply chain security with new hardware standards

The Hardware Bill of Materials Framework looks to standardize how vendors and customers communicate about the capabilities and use of hardware systems.

DHS looks to harmonize cyber reporting for critical industry

In a new congressionally mandated report, DHS acknowledges the problems faced by critical industry sectors of overlap and duplication in cyber incident reporting.

Ransomware group's evolving tactics pose growing threat

A joint advisory from the FBI and the nation’s cyber defense agency warns that a persistent threat actor is advancing its tactics and targeting critical infrastructure sectors.

Federal cyber operations face challenges as government shutdown looms

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency will retain about one-sixth of its workforce in the event of a partial government shutdown, according to its current plan.

Nation-state actors are exploiting AI for discord and attacks, DHS warns

The agency’s 2024 Homeland Threat Assessment notes that the “proliferation of accessible AI” could enable larger-scale cyberattacks against the U.S.

New Pentagon cyber strategy emphasizes industry and global partnerships

A top Defense Department official described the private sector as “absolutely essential” in implementing the agency’s new cyber strategy.

DOE unveils $39 million for electric grid cybersecurity projects

Nine national labs will split $39 million in new federal investment, with projects leveraging cloud-based software and AI systems in cybersecurity for U.S. utility companies.

CISA’s new roadmap aims to fortify open source software security

The nation’s cyber defense agency wants to play a key role in hardening the broader open source software security ecosystem.

Amid shutdown anxiety, federal agencies are running up against an IT security deadline

While budget negotiations play out on Capitol Hill, federal agency CIOs are also on the clock to ensure the bulk of their information technology is reported through the CDM program.

HHS looks to improve cybersecurity coordination

The agency is utilizing a relaunched cybersecurity coordination center and additional programs to significantly ramp up interactions with key partners, a top official said.

CISA's CDM program gears up for a new era in cyber defense

How a cornerstone cybersecurity program has evolved from information collection to active defense.

Microsoft links Outlook hack to an engineer’s corporate account

The cyberattack that ultimately led to the breach of several U.S. officials’ email accounts was the result of a China-based threat actor accessing a corporate account that contained a consumer signing key, the software giant said.

CISA plans new 'secure-by-design' guidance

The nation’s cyber defense agency is continuing to drive a major effort to shift security responsibilities from users to software providers.

CISA seeks vendor commitments to boost cybersecurity in K-12 schools

The nation’s cyber defense agency is building onto White House efforts to secure schools' systems nationwide with the help of major education software companies.

CDM policies provide a vital shield against climate-driven cyberattacks, experts say

Cybercriminals are increasingly leveraging extreme weather events to launch attacks on critical infrastructure sectors.

FDIC needs to sharpen its cyberthreat sharing with financial institutions, OIG says

Despite recent improvements, a watchdog report claims the agency still has more it can do to make threat-sharing policies more effective.