US, allies take down Kremlin-backed AI bot farm

The bot farm allegedly originated from a deputy manager at RT — a Russian state-backed news agency — and spread disinformation on the X social media platform.


Patchwork cyber laws cost the government money, Amazon security chief says

An exclusive conversation with Amazon CSO Steve Schmidt unpacks his views on cyber policy themes this year.

NYPD officer database had security flaws that could have let hackers covertly modify officer data

The NYPD said no officer data was ever compromised, but it’s unknown how long the vulnerability existed.

US accuses Russian national of helping deploy malware on Ukrainian government computers

The alleged hacker used U.S. computer infrastructure to distribute the infamous “WhisperGate” malware into Ukrainian systems.

DHS cyber hiring program got off on the wrong foot, CIO says, but progress is showing

Ten years after its congressional authorization, the Cybersecurity Talent Management System is closing in on 200 hires.

CISA infrastructure tool targeted in January breach, agency says

Sensitive information on the chemical security assessment platform was accessed, though it may not be up to date.


A House committee is scrutinizing LiDAR and IoT cyber risks from China

China’s supply chain dominance in light sensing modules and internet of things components — which include autonomous vehicles, drones and batteries — could be teeing up a slew of cyber risks, experts say.

Closeup on an attack: Why rural hospitals need extra cybersecurity help

In addition to weaker cybersecurity protections, another concern is the oversized impact that the loss, even temporarily, of a rural hospital has on the people who live in the area.

US sanctions 12 Kaspersky leaders following product ban

The sanctions notably do not target company CEO Eugene Kaspersky.

DHS highlights AI as a threat and asset to critical infrastructure in new priority guidance

The agency’s 2024-2025 Strategic Guidance and National Priorities for Critical Infrastructure highlights continued need to monitor AI’s interplay with cybersecurity.

US blacklists sale of Russia-based Kaspersky products over ties to Kremlin

The Commerce Department says the company’s links to Russia’s government pose a national security risk, opening up systems using its software to cyber exploitation.

Top CISA official pushes back against Elon Musk call to end electronic voting machines

Allegations of voting machine flaws were a flash point in the 2020 presidential election.

CISA, EAC release communications guide for state, local election offices

Amid growing distrust in democratic systems, the Biden administration is equipping governments with more resources to help keep their elections secure.

G7 nations tell China to ‘act responsibly’ in cyberspace

The nations have frequently pointed to China as a top cyber adversary.

CISA conducts AI-driven cyber tabletop exercise with government and industry

The Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative participated in a hypothetical AI-powered cyberattack drill to update information sharing protocols tailored to disruptions to automated systems.