China’s Cyber Prowess is Shaping How the Pentagon Buys

It's imperative for security to coincide with modernization, a Defense Department acquisition official said.


CISA Cyber Chief Warns Political Candidates 'Everybody's a Potential Target'

There’s no telling what races online adversaries might try to sway, says Assistant Director for Cybersecurity Jeanette Manfra.


Trump’s 2020 Budget Requests About $11 Billion For Cyber Defense and Operations

The president’s budget proposal asks for more than $9.6 billion for Defense Department cyber operations and just over $1 billion for civilian cybersecurity efforts.


Phone Scammers Are Impersonating the Social Security Administration, Too

The Federal Trade Commission warns that even if a call doesn’t seem like a scam, it probably is.


Researcher: The West Isn’t Ready for the Coming Wave of Chinese Misinformation

Beijing’s social-media operations are larger and more effective than many realize.


Survey: RSA Attendees Plan to Spend More on Mobile Security in the Coming Year

Most employees access corporate data on mobile devices through public Wi-Fi networks, according to a new survey.


Pentagon’s Cyber Mission Force Needs Better Training Plan

A government watchdog found flaws in the Defense Department’s transition from building its Cyber Mission Force to maintaining it.


Background Investigations Tech Team Reassigned from DISA to Defense Security Service

By mid-summer, the National Background Investigations Service technical team will be under a new office as part of major shifts in the security clearance process.


NSA-Cyber Command Chief Recommends No Split Until 2020: Sources

That’s another delay for a separation planned several Defense Secretaries ago.


The U.S.-China Tech War Is Being Fought in Central Europe

The Czech Republic’s complicated relationship with the Chinese giant Huawei offers a lesson in the benefits and pitfalls of courting Beijing.


How to Boost Federal Email Security

National Institute of Standards and Technology issued new guidance to protect agency email.


Survey: Cybersecurity Threats from Careless Insiders and Foreign Governments Reach All-Time Highs

A survey suggests risks have risen substantially over the last five years, but cyber professionals still feel agencies are doing a good job in IT security.


Federal CIO: Agencies Already Tracking Future Cyber Reskilling Graduates

Agencies are already interested in hiring the future graduates, according to Suzette Kent.


Federal Cyber Reskilling Academy Draws 1,500 Applicants

A lot of federal employees with non-technical backgrounds appear interested in making the shift to cyber defense analysts.


How Government Agencies Can Build Cyber Trust in 2019

For all the damage that can come as the result of cyberattacks, the cost of severed trust is almost always the highest.

CIO Briefing

The Security Clearance Process Is About to Get Its Biggest Overhaul in 50 Years

Intelligence and human capital officials are about to make the rounds to show off Trusted Workforce 2.0, a framework to completely change how the government makes security clearance determinations.

Emerging Tech

Former Staffers: Revive Congress' Office of Technology Assessment Right or Don’t Bother

There is a lot that could go wrong reconstituting Congress’ technology advisory office. But there’s a lot it could do to help, too.


House Lawmakers Want to Avoid a Patchwork of State Data Privacy Laws

Experts outlined what they would like to see included in a federal data privacy law.

CIO Briefing

Security Clearance Delays Are Hurting the Pentagon's Tech Workforce

The Defense Department is also looking to build out its recruitment staff, officials told Congress.