Beyond COVID-19: State and Local Governments Build on Digital Transformations Post-pandemic

Even as society has reeled from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, public and private organizations have taken some giant leaps forward in information technology. Here, Grant Thornton’s Graeme Finley discusses key lessons learned — and how agencies can prepare for the next crisis.

Drive Business Performance With Strategic Cost Optimization

Prioritize the top cost optimization initiatives for your Public Sector IT function. Identify where to reduce, protect and invest to drive mission success and efficiency, this Decision Framework helps you prioritize cost optimization opportunities by value, not just the potential to reduce spending.

A Master CIO in Government

Government CIOs can seize this opportunity by adopting the 10 common traits of a master CIO to help them become dynamic and inspirational leaders.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

This series examines the impacts of AI across government, from R&D spending to mission delivery.

Averting Catastrophe

Predictive Maintenance in the U.S. Military

Embracing Zero Trust: A Guide for Agencies to Address the Cybersecurity Executive Order

The COVID-19 pandemic upended how Americans work, disrupting the typical in-office environment and creating uncertainty about how to move forward. By December 2020, 71% of Americans were working from home — as opposed to the 20% doing so pre-pandemic, according to a Pew Research report. Dive into the research to find out how we got here and where the journey of zero trust is headed.

Thriving in the Age of Hybrid Work

As the world begins to slowly emerge from remote work, government agencies are reviewing ways to maintain productivity, boost collaboration and appeal to a workforce that spent the last 18 months working in pajama pants while children and pets played in the background. The workforce that emerged from the pandemic has increased cloud use for operations, which is highly digitized and more mobile than ever before.

Built to Last

When much of what was considered “normal” was abruptly upended in 2020 and 2021, government organizations have had to adapt to new work environments and great levels of service demands like never seen before. How have organizations fared, particularly those with less data efficiency? Have employees felt supported by their technology while working from afar? What can agencies glean from this information as they adapt moving forward? To answer these questions and more, Government Business Council (GBC) conducted a survey in June and July of 2021.

To Move or Not to Move

A government-wide study of mainframe migration

The Program Integrity Checklist: How State and Local Governments Can Mitigate Fraud and Abuse

Federal relief funding was intended to give those devastated by the coronavirus pandemic a financial shot in the arm. Instead, hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars landed in the hands of brazen fraudsters. Now, agencies are applying lessons learned to avoid similar instances going forward.

Improve Productivity for Government Branch Offices

As federal government agencies expand their use of commercial cloud, SaaS applications, and the internet to fulfill their missions, they are modifying their network architectures. Read how one US civilian agency simplified their network security footprint, gained greater visibility into network traffic and improved user experiences at their branch offices. Prisma Access is a cloud-delivered, FedRAMP Authorized security service that consolidates multiple security point products, offering complete security for remote users and branch offices. 

How to set up your vaccination and testing solution in 4 easy steps

Learn more about the easiest way to confirm your people’s vaccination status, collect test results, and screen for COVID-19 symptoms—all through secure, no-code technology. This four-step guide will get you set-up with a vaccination & testing solution in days, not months.

Empathy and Efficiency

Customer Service for Federal Healthcare Agencies

Broadband Trends

Cities and counties are struggling to upgrade networks. Now federal help is on the way.

Powering the Nation: How to Overcome Common Barriers to 5G Deployment

As 5G networks become a reality for countless citizens, it’s time for the government to start seriously looking at 5G, but what is 5G, and how can it help?

4 Ways 5G Can Improve Public Safety

From improved decision-making to better security, 5G is poised to revolutionize how public safety agencies and first responders meet their mission.

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