Gain Decisicion Advantage From Business Operations

<p>DATA: THE CORE CURRENCY OF THE U.S. PUBLIC SECTOR</p> <p>Data and information have always been integral components of modern warfare. Data influences strategy, tactics, decision making, and military operations in countless ways&mdash; everything from targeting and precision strikes to logistics and supply chain management.The exponential growth in data creation and consumption has revolutionized how DoD organizations operate, innovate, and deliver results.DoD organizations that can harness this data explosion through AI and analytics can create new opportunities to enhance digital services and experiences, protect critical assets, power data-driven breakthroughs, and gain mission advantage.</p>

10 Ingredients For An Itelligent Data infrastructure

<p>In today&rsquo;s digital age, data has emerged as the critical component driving operational success for every public sector organization. The exponential growth in data creation and consumption, often referred to as the &ldquo;data explosion,&rdquo; has created new operational challenges and underscored the importance of securing data across the enterprise.</p> <p>Data growth has also revolutionized how organizations innovate and deliver results. IT now has opportunities to leverage AI and other technologies, using data to enhance digital services and experiences, protect critical assets, power data-driven breakthroughs, and gain mission advantage.</p>

Enhancing Cybersecurity for the DoD in the JADC2 and AI Era

<p>The convergence of our digital and physical worlds&mdash;not to mention persistent threats at home and abroad&mdash;catalyzed development of the Defense Department&rsquo;s (DoD&rsquo;s) Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) initiative.</p> <p>This issue brief explores the intricate relationship between AI, JADC2, and cybersecurity, highlighting the critical measures necessary to protect the DoD&rsquo;s networks from sophisticated cyber threats.</p>

The End-to-End Platform for Document Organization and Management for Government

<p>NetDocuments streamlines the document lifecycle from creation to archiving all within a single platform. Offering configurable retention policies and unlimited metadata, it simplifies information retrieval for Government agencies. Built-in Microsoft 365 integration enables seamless document creation and storage using familiar tools like Word, Excel and Outlook.</p> <p>The platform provides a centralized solution for storing, organizing, recalling, and reusing content within the cloud, while ensuring security, governance and compliance. By relieving agencies of IT processes such as server maintenance and patching tasks, NetDocuments frees up resources for more critical or strategic initiatives.</p>

The importance of a data-first approach to security

<p>Facing persistent and ever-evolving cyber threats, it is imperative&nbsp;for&nbsp;the Federal Government to rethink the conventional security perimeters, which are fragmented and ineffective. Agencies must adopt a data-first strategy to safeguard mission-critical data and ensure it is protected at-rest, in-transit, and in-use, even if Zero Trust fails.</p>

Multi-domain operations start with security, interoperability in the cloud

<p>Maximus Managing Director of Software and Infrastructure Capabilities Frank Reyes and Senior Director for Cybersecurity Michael Sieber discuss how to secure data across domains for information advantage in this Q&amp;A. Modernizing legacy applications in the cloud is critical, but starting with good data management will be key to successful multi-domain operations.</p>

Future of Cybersecurity

<p> <style type="text/css"><!--br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--> </style> A look at the news of today and the technology of tomorrow, from the Pentagon to the battlefield.</p>

2024 Elections: Getting Ahead of Public Record Requests

<p>Prepared for an influx of public record requests related to 2024 elections? With a contentious election season around the corner, responding to requests in a timely manner without placing an undue burden on staff is top of mind for many government agencies. From requests for any and all emails to numerous requests for the same election-related information, there are tools and processes that can simplify these interactions and build public trust without taking away from other priorities. Ready to learn more?</p> <p>Key takeaways:</p> <p>&middot; How to get ahead of requests by making information easily accessible</p> <p>&middot; Easy ways to prevent duplicative work while maintaining transparency</p> <p>&middot; Requests you are likely to receive based on data from previous elections</p>

Disrupting the Traditional Defense Paradigm

<p>Gaining a competitive advantage at the mission&#39;s edge relies on four key concepts.</p> <p>With geopolitical tensions increasing, the Department of Defense (DOD) looks to use emerging technologies to deter aggression from near-peer adversaries. New capabilities brought forth by artificial intelligence (AI) will change the nature of conflict, and at Defense One&rsquo;s Tech Summit, leaders from across the public and private sectors convened to discuss the future of warfare.</p>

Creating a Robust and Resilient Cybersecurity Strategy

<p>For the federal government, cyber threats continue to become more sophisticated, but as counter measures become more necessary, agencies must also leave room for innovation. How can government entities prioritize both security and the need to evolve mission delivery? In this article, Veeam Director of Product Security Jose Mendoza lays out how a resilient and robust data protection plan can underline an agency&rsquo;s strong, yet flexible, cybersecurity strategy.</p>

Google Cloud IT Security Report

How is Government Adapting to AI in IT and Cybersecurity


<p>Easily&nbsp;Launch, Run, and&nbsp;Scale&nbsp;Apps&nbsp;on&nbsp;AWS</p> <p>Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP brings the intelligent data management capabilities of NetApp&reg; ONTAP&reg; to a native AWS managed service that delivers one consistent user experience. It offers the compute, security, monitoring, and data services you need&mdash;integrated with the complete NetApp portfolio.</p> <p>We&rsquo;re committed to helping you navigate data challenges and get more value from the cloud. With NetApp cloud solutions, you maintain full control over your data across hybrid cloud environments. Get the same performance and efficiencies you&rsquo;d expect on premises but readily available in the AWS cloud&mdash;all from one ONTAP environment.</p>

SASE is a strategic Department of Defense investment

<p><font face="arial, sans-serif">Learn how Palo Alto Networks SASE solutions can be used as a strategic investment for the DoD.</font></p>

CivicPlus® Fire and Life Safety Inspection Module

<p>Streamline inspections and enforcement actions for your fire district with CivicPlus&#39;s Fire and Life Safety Inspection module. Designed to help local departments and districts easily schedule and conduct both one-time and periodic inspections, this module also simplifies the issuance of enforcement actions. Available as a stand-alone solution or as part of our Community Development solution set, the module offers several key benefits: enhanced compliance with regulations and standards, reduced liability and insurance costs for area businesses, increased prevention and early detection of fire incidents, and improved safety and peace of mind throughout your community.</p>

CivicPlus® Website Design and Solutions for Water Utilities

<p>Effective water utilities websites require consistent branding, straightforward navigation, and responsive layouts to enhance user experience and comply with ADA standards and WCAG. Inaccessibility can lead to legal issues and high costs, making proactive compliance crucial. CivicPlus offers professional website design and solutions with easy-to-use functionality, serving over 340 million people daily in the U.S. and Canada.&nbsp;&nbsp;Integrations like CivicPlus Pay and the CivicPlus Chatbot enable customers to make payments and access self-service options anytime, anywhere.</p>

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