Leveraging the TMF

Assessing barriers to Technology Modernization Fund implementation

A Quick-Start Guide for Agencies Looking to Deploy Mission-Critical Services Using AI

Artificial intelligence can help agencies better serve their constituents in a medley of ways, ranging from increasing citizen safety to helping first responders during environmental disasters.

Best Dates To Retire 2022

Our annual calendar shows the most advantages dates to retire throughout the year.

Construction Procurement at Speed

How to identify cost savings and agile processes in procurement

Machines on a Mission: 10 Fiction-Busting Facts About AI Implementation

Thanks to the evolution of data, cloud and compute power, AI can be implemented with greater ease, for less cost and with fewer resources than ever before. Still, myths and misconceptions about this emerging technology remain. Here are 10 things government leaders should know about implementing AI.

Advancing the Use of AI To Support the Customer Experience

User experience has particular implications for call centers where AI tools like digital chatbots and virtual agents have become commonplace. Even a few years ago, those tools were still rudimentary. Users might have to repeat themselves multiple times or in a variety of ways before a tool would deliver the information they were seeking. Sometimes, live agents still ended up doing much of the work, only with a customer already exasperated. Read Advancing the Use of AI To Support the Customer Experience for the latest insights on a new and improved customer experience.

3 Straightforward Approaches to Data Modernization

Data is a critical component in powering U.S. intelligence operations across the globe. During a recent roundtable discussion, experts from Elastic and the intelligence community convened to speak about what steps agencies must take for effective, secure data modernization.

Technology for Trust

Federal Financial Service Modernization and the IRS

The Global Trust Imperative

BCG and Salesforce collaborated to understand more about customers’ expectations of and experiences with government digital service delivery. Our research explored the quality of digital government services, the impact on customer sentiment and how governments might change their approach. We surveyed 24,500 people across 36 countries on their use of digital channels for government services. We asked them to share their expectations and perceptions of these services and tell us how their experiences have affected their trust in government.

The Business Case for IRS Transformation

Govexec focuses on the need for HR and IT investments to close the $7 trillion dollar gap in uncollected taxes.

The Changing Face of Law Enforcement Investigations

Federal law enforcement agencies have historically leveraged biometric information to aid in investigations, enforcement of authorized access to prevent fraud, or as validation for entry or services. The Department of Justice (DoJ) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are increasingly using biometrics as central tools in their missions. However, biometric information can be difficult to access — siloed, specific to agency use, stored in a back office, or otherwise not field enabled, much less for real-time access. Given new requirements, along with new biometric markers, agencies must rethink their approach to storing, automating, and delivering secure platforms at scale for rapid analysis and field forward identification.

Economic Recovery in America's Cities

Route Fifty examines the path forward for America's downtown economies as city leaders look beyond the coronavirus pandemic.

Louisville Metro Government Boosts Efficiency

Louisville Metro Government Boosts Efficiency at a Critical Time with DocuSign eSignature

The State of the Federal Cloud

Nextgov takes a look at major cloud computing efforts across the civilian and defense space.

Multicloud solutions for Government

Discover the benefits of a Hybrid Cloud by implementing a common data fabric. NetApp allows seamless data management on-prem, off-prem, and between multiple hyper-scalers. Every cloud – one experience.

Innovations in Grants Management

A flood of federal financial aid supporting COVID-19 recovery has put new pressures on government grants management systems. With legacy solutions struggling to keep up with demand, agencies need a modernized approach to streamline processing and ensure compliance.

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