NWS says partial circuit failure caused network outage

A six-hour outage took key weather information updates offline for about six hours earlier this week, amid outbreak of severe weather.

Federal weather system experiences outage amid severe weather nationwide

The agency is seeking money to shore up weather forecasting IT systems in fiscal year 2025.

VA officials tout EHR rollout at Chicago site amid efforts to address oversight concerns

Although implementation of VA’s EHR system at additional sites remains paused, a critical rollout of the software at the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center earlier this month was “the most successful deployment we’ve had,” VA Undersecretary for Health Shereef Elnahal said.

Issues with VA’s new EHR have contributed to patient harms and one death, watchdog says

Three new reports from VA’s Office of Inspector General detail problems with the pharmacy module and scheduling service of the Oracle Cerner EHR system that made it difficult to reschedule medical appointments and effectively track veterans’ prescriptions.

IRS has some of the oldest tech in government — it’s trying to change that

Agency leadership views the “historic funding” provided under the Inflation Reduction Act as an opportunity to get out from under the list of needed tech improvements that have long plagued the IRS.

NASA needs to refocus on supercomputing to keep pace in space, watchdog says

The space agency “needs a renewed commitment and sustained leadership attention” to enhance its overburdened and vulnerable high-end computing assets.

Chicago phase of VA's health record software deployment is live amid larger program 'reset'

The rollout of Oracle Cerner EHR software at the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center is DOD’s final deployment of the new system and a critical test for the future of VA’s modernization efforts.

TMF gets a new executive director, issues 3 more awards

The Technology Modernization Fund announced over $70 million in investments on Wednesday.

Energy CIO clarifies role of AI in modernization agenda

The agency’s CIO Ann Dunkin said she wants people to be able to “use AI in the best way possible to support operations.”

Cruz, Peters introduce bill prodding agencies to share custom code

The lawmakers say that existing policies on sharing such code aren’t being implemented by agencies.

At VA, cloud is still emerging tech

The agency's CIO said that "cloud still has huge potential for us." 

GSA, OMB lag on FedRAMP improvements, GAO finds

The congressional watchdog wants agencies to streamline the cloud approval process.

OPM reduces the retirement backlog by one-third in 2023

The federal government’s HR agency’s work on improving the retirement application process for federal workers led to the agency shattering yet another longstanding record last month.

How USPTO built a culture of trust in its automation efforts

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s use of automation has helped officials quickly address identified security vulnerabilities and software bugs, an agency official said.

Ongoing ‘reset’ looks to put VA’s EHR deployment back on track

An agency spokesperson said VA is "committed to resuming the system rollout" but performance and productivity goals need to be hit before additional deployments are rescheduled.

State Department restores passport processing to pre-pandemic levels

A hiring surge and mandatory overtime has brought passport processing down to its lowest level in years.

TMF’s planned cost savings have been ‘minimal’ in reality, GAO finds

The original intent of the revolving fund anticipated repayments on finished projects replenishing the pool for new ones. In reality, such repayments have been slow and slim.