Artificial Intelligence

GOP presidential hopeful Hurd campaigns on AI policy

Former congressman Will Hurd is offering a novel AI policy as part of his larger campaign platform.

White House official tees up AI executive order

Deputy National Security Advisor Anne Neuberger spoke on the executive branch’s ambitions in spurring guardrails for AI systems, emphasizing on a collaborative mentality and helping bridge regulations in Congress.

Companies turn to risk mitigation tools to monitor AI absent federal law, study finds

While Congress debates AI regulations, Gartner has found a majority of businesses are looking at using new IT tools to self-regulate the risks of AI usage.

Commerce head envisions innovation pathways under the CHIPS Act

Over a year after the landmark CHIPS and Science Act was passed, Secretary Gina Raimondo said the U.S. needs to “embrace innovation” in semiconductor production.

Congress’s week of AI

Tech titans, developers and executives descended on Capitol Hill this week for a series of meetings exploring crucial safeguards for AI research and development.

Agency leaders see data analytics and customer service uses for AI

Tech officials told lawmakers they are focused on a socio-technical approach to AI use cases in the government, saying it is not “one size fits all.”

Guardrails in government AI purchasing are ‘more important than ever,’ senator says

“Right now, [contracting officers] are set up for failure,” when it comes to buying AI applications, one witness told lawmakers at a Senate hearing.

DHS creates new chief of AI and unveils safety policies

The Department of Homeland Security is advancing its use of artificial intelligence technologies with new leadership and guidance.

Industry leaders urge Congress to enact responsible AI regulations

Some tech observers have suggested hitting pause on generative artificial intelligence development, but industry leaders told lawmakers that the tech could benefit from legislation that builds trust in AI.

Lawmakers grapple with AI’s potential as they consider future regulations

In a week packed with artificial intelligence hearings and events, lawmakers are focused on bipartisan unity and threading the needle between further advancement and regulation.

AI is part of a 'new era' at IRS, commissioner says

The tax agency announced the expansion of work to use AI in how it goes after large partnerships.

Energy officials say their agency can lead the federal approach to national AI R&D efforts

Agency witnesses testifying at a Senate hearing spoke to Energy’s posture in addressing the “grand challenge” in safely developing and deploying artificial intelligence. 

NSA ‘recently completed’ AI strategic study, director says

Outgoing chief Gen. Paul Nakasone looks back, forward, and pushes for Sec. 702 authority.

Air Force research arm plans AI prototypes contract for command and control efforts

The $99 million broad agency agreement aims to develop artificial intelligence applications that could help optimize all-domain operations.

How NASA, NOAA and AI might save the internet from devastating solar storms

Coronal mass ejections that can occur during the solar maximum are electrically charged, meaning they can easily destroy electrical and computer equipment.

Microsoft enters partnership to build AI for large datasets

The global software giant is offering Synthetiac up to 1 million hours of cloud computing resources to accelerate the development of new tools for searching massive amounts of unstructured data.