Artificial Intelligence

Feds beware: New studies demonstrate key AI shortcomings

Recent studies have started to show that there are serious downsides when it comes to such programs’ ability to produce secure code.

Lawmakers want EAC to develop guidance on AI’s risk to elections

A recently proposed House bill would require the Election Assistance Commission to create voluntary guidelines for election offices addressing the risks posed by artificial intelligence technologies.

US, China to meet on AI risks

Delegations from the U.S. and People’s Republic of China will meet in Geneva this week to discuss approaches to mitigating risks in artificial intelligence deployment.

DOJ charges ex-Google employee with theft of AI trade secrets

Ex-Google software engineer Leon Ding allegedly funneled research and confidential information from his employer to China-based companies.

House bill targets AI-generated comments in rulemaking

The legislation looks to provide assurance that public comments on pending regulations come from real people.

TSA is looking at using AI to improve security screening processes

Following the Department of Homeland Security's guidance, TSA is looking at ways that it can use generative AI technologies to support its officers.

NVIDIA and MITRE team up on an AI sandbox to support federal agency research

NVIDIA will bring its signature large-scale graphic processing systems to MITRE to help expedite advanced AI solutions for government missions.

Transportation Department seeks AI solutions for transit infrastructure

The agency is looking for ways AI can improve pedestrian safety, air traffic control, road traffic management and more.

NIST delivers draft AI guidance, generative AI pilot program

Pursuant to the White House's sweeping October AI executive order, the National Institute of Standards and Technology unveiled four draft documents and a pilot program to guide AI innovation and testing.

Here’s how the government’s AI and tech hiring surge is going so far

Federal civilian agencies are aiming to hire 500 feds with AI expertise in fiscal year 2025.

AI could be tapped to design weapons of mass destruction, DHS warns

The new guidance was mandated by President Biden’s October 2023 executive order.

Feds need to be careful when tapping generative AI for work

Human review of AI-generated outputs is critical, OPM says in new guidance for government employees.

DHS launches new AI safety and security board

The board will be made up of 22 representatives from private sector, government and academia and will advise Secretary Mayorkas on risk mitigation for AI in critical infrastructure. 

How can feds evaluate the effectiveness of different AIs for various government tasks?

If you work with them enough, AI models almost start to seem like people, with each one having a specific set of strengths, weaknesses and quirks.

Commerce seeks insight on how to make its data more AI-friendly

A new request for information issued by the Department of Commerce asks for expert commentary on how the agency can better structure and disseminate its publicly available data.

IRS commissioner indicates AI will play growing role in future tax collection

IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel opined about the agency’s current and future use of AI just days after Tax Day.