Artificial Intelligence

House forms new task force to tackle AI

The bipartisan collection of 24 lawmakers will work together to push policy on artificial intelligence forward.

DOD's AI strategy leans on high-quality data

Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer Craig Martell said private sector companies will play a crucial role in the Pentagon’s adoption of AI technologies and the pursuit of high-quality data.

OPM pushes ahead on AI workforce policy, but key deliverables are overdue

The agency announced a job analysis survey on Monday for feds doing AI-related work, but the federal HR shop is lagging on AI in Government Act of 2020 implementation.

Lawmakers urge VA to tread carefully with AI

The Department of Veteran Affairs’ 2023 inventory of AI use cases listed 100 instances where VA is working to use emerging technologies, with at least 40 of those examples in an operational phase.

Tech companies vow to fight deepfake election content

Some House and Senate lawmakers praised the voluntary commitments but want legislation to require labeling and disclosure.

FTC cracks down on AI impersonation scammers

The Federal Trade Commission is looking to extend its authority to target fraudsters impersonating individuals in scams. The proposed rule covers the misuse of generative artificial intelligence and other technologies.

SEC chair: Existing financial law can be applied to AI regulatory debate

The head Securities and Exchange Commission discussed the potential pitfalls of leveraging AI in investment banking, underscoring the need to prioritize consumers.

Adding generative AI to wargame training can improve realism, but not without risk

The next big move may be to make military simulations smarter, specifically by adding advanced AI so that the simulated adversaries can offer better challenges.

Commerce announces AI safety consortium

The new stakeholder group, based at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, will help drive AI safety standards.

TMF looks to fund AI projects

The revolving fund at the General Services Administration put out a call for “mission enabling” AI projects on Thursday.

AI regulation will come from existing frameworks — not a new agency — lawmakers say

A single, overarching AI regulation package or a new AI regulatory agency is unlikely to emerge from Congress, members said.

FCC makes AI-generated voices in robocalls illegal

The move gives states new authority to crack down on AI-generated voice-cloning schemes.

DHS launches hiring push for new AI Corps

The department wants to hire 50 feds to focus on artificial intelligence.

How Congress is gearing up to take advantage of generative AI

The House is working on new AI specific policies, guidance and training.

House lawmakers say existing regulatory powers can police generative AI abuse

Reps. Marcus Molinaro and Don Beyer discussed how legislative action – on a state and federal level – is needed to continue to police new generative artificial intelligence usage.

FCC issues cease-and-desist order to operator linked to AI-generated Biden robocall

The agency and 51 state attorneys general are warning the company may be violating several consumer protection laws.

Microsoft launches ‘first in a series’ of updates to its federal Azure OpenAI capabilities

Customers with an Azure Government account will be able to use more advanced generative artificial intelligence features within Microsoft and OpenAI’s partnership.