Artificial Intelligence

DHS inventory of AI systems for cybersecurity is ‘not accurate’, oversight report says

The report calls on the DHS to better verify its AI inventory submissions and for CISA to develop AI cybersecurity progress metrics.

US must ratchet up its response in pursuing hackers, MITRE CTO argues

The technical and innovation strategy leader sat down with Nextgov/FCW to discuss recent events in cyberspace and the government’s response to bad actors.

How government organizations can get started with generative AI today

COMMENTARY | It may take time to fully embrace generative AI in a trusted and transparent manner, but that shouldn’t stop organizations from taking action now.

Expect ‘AI versus AI’ cyber activity between US and adversaries, Pentagon official says

Researchers and officials say AI will usher in the next phase of cyber warfare, enabling new ways to carry out classic cyberattacks and build out new hacking tools.

Senate duo advocates for a new federal office to study the global tech landscape

Sens. Michael Bennet and Todd Young said the proposed executive branch office is needed to analyze technology advancement in a geopolitical context.

The Pentagon is already testing tomorrow’s AI-powered swarm drones, ships

DOD pulled off unmanned amphibious landings, self-coding drones, and more just in the last year. What's next?

Energy CIO clarifies role of AI in modernization agenda

The agency’s CIO Ann Dunkin said she wants people to be able to “use AI in the best way possible to support operations.”

Enhanced analytics can make tech export controls more effective, experts say

Export controls designed to limit Beijing’s access to sensitive U.S. technologies can be strengthened further if officials leverage AI and data science to identify gaps and weaknesses.

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When Words Matter

How ‘transfer learning’ can supercharge natural language processing in government

How often does ChatGPT push misinformation?

Researchers found that one of the most popular generative-AI tools agreed with false statements up to one-quarter of the time.

DOD’s AI adoption efforts are starting to pay off, Pentagon official says

The Defense Department considers emerging technologies at “the center of how we think about planning for what the future of the military should look,” according to the head of the Pentagon’s Force Development and Emerging Capabilities office.

André Mendes looks back and forward

The former top tech official at the Department of Commerce looks back on a career in federal IT and previews where he thinks the AI and quantum revolutions will take us.

3 guardrails for sustainable AI implementation in the public sector

COMMENTARY | Starting with low-risk use cases can help build best practices while avoiding more significant pitfalls such as data leakages and security vulnerabilities.

AI provides a net advantage to federal cyber defenders — if they can use it

COMMENTARY | If agencies don’t invest and innovate internally and in partnership with industry and the research community, the cyber balance in the use of AI/ML can tip towards the attacker.

How agencies will leverage virtual reality, generative AI over the next 2 years 

A new Deloitte report forecasts that “spatial computing and the industrial metaverse” will have growing applications for state and federal organizations and said that “investigating these technologies can help agencies get a leg up on the future.”

How feds can create their own mini Chat GPT AI assistants

COMMENTARY | Configuring a mini-GPT can be a highly effective way to harness the awesome power of this new technology while mitigating many of the risks associated with generative AI.

New purpose-designed chips poised to boost generative AI development

Ethical use and computing power are two of the top concerns in getting AI into government service.

Pentagon releases responsible AI toolkit

Released by Defense Department’s Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office, the toolkit is meant to help the department ethically incorporate emerging tech across its mission.