Artificial Intelligence

Lawmakers want VA to report on its use of automation to process benefits claims

The legislative proposal seeks to enhance VA’s adoption of new technologies, including providing lawmakers with “a timeline for modifying and implementing the use of such automation tools” in the benefits claims process.

How DOD plans to make working with emerging tech companies easier

Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer Radha Plumb said the Pentagon is trying “to be less hard to work with” when it comes to engaging with the commercial sector.

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When Words Matter

How ‘transfer learning’ can supercharge natural language processing in government

Army plans multiple AI industry partnerships

Leadership from the military branch is interested in incorporating third party-generated algorithms for its operations, and is asking industry players for help.

How AI is turning satellite imagery into a window on the future

What can a picture from space tell you? “You're likely to have a drought here that might lead to civil unrest.”

DHS hires initial cohort of 10 to join its AI Corps

The Department of Homeland Security’s AI Corps is designed to deploy tech-savvy experts across its operations to drive the adoption of AI capabilities within its various mission areas.

DHS highlights AI as a threat and asset to critical infrastructure in new priority guidance

The agency’s 2024-2025 Strategic Guidance and National Priorities for Critical Infrastructure highlights continued need to monitor AI’s interplay with cybersecurity.

CISA conducts AI-driven cyber tabletop exercise with government and industry

The Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative participated in a hypothetical AI-powered cyberattack drill to update information sharing protocols tailored to disruptions to automated systems.

Pentagon’s AI office awards Palantir a contract to create a data-sharing ecosystem

The Pentagon’s marketplace for quickly onboarding new tech solutions helped Palantir receive its contract in 30 days.

DHS sets its research sights on 8 emerging technologies

The Department of Homeland Security’s Innovation, Research and Development Strategic Plan focuses its investment the next seven years on AI, cybersecurity, biotech and more. 

How government outreach can combat election disinformation

COMMENTARY | We need a solution in which messages are non-partisan, easily accessible and easy to understand.

NIST’s emerging tech work will be ‘very difficult’ without sustained funding, director says

Testifying before a House committee, NIST Director Laurie Locascio highlighted her agency’s ongoing work while making clear the need for more funding.

Collaboration is essential for safe and secure AI deployments

COMMENTARY | Congress, federal agencies and industry need to work together to develop artificial intelligence governance models that address cybersecurity, safety and bias issues.

NASA names first head of AI

David Salvagnini will take on new roles as the agency’s chief AI officer, helping usher more cohesive AI programming across the space agency.

Large-language models demand huge amounts of data. Lawmakers want to know what that means for user privacy

A bipartisan effort is underway in the House and Senate to pass national data privacy standards, but Sen. John Hickenlooper, D-Colo., and others are concerned that companies are pushing back on data minimization in the race to field AI applications.

Agencies are advancing AI pilots but face scalability challenges, report finds

General Dynamics Information Technology’s survey of federal decisionmakers found that AI initiatives moved from the pilot phase to production in an average of 14 months.

House bill targets AI-generated comments in rulemaking

The legislation looks to provide assurance that public comments on pending regulations come from real people.

HUD warns on AI-fueled housing discrimination

The Department of Housing and Urban Development confirmed characteristics like race and income, are protected from AI algorithmic discrimination.