Google Is Using AI to See Inside the Brain Like Never Before

New data might help neuroscientists better understand the structure of the brain.

Pentagon Sets Big Goals for Its New AI Center

The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center will be the hub for all projects that exceed $15 million.

AI Is Getting Closer to Replacing Animal Testing

The algorithm can predict results from nine different tests.

China, Russia, and the U.S. Are All Building Centers for Military AI

But their burgeoning approaches to state-sponsored research are divergent as the countries themselves.

U.S. Needs a National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence, Lawmakers and Experts Say

The government is well-positioned to flag specific research areas that would have the biggest impact on national interests.

White House Official: Bet on U.S. to Win the AI War

The federal deputy chief technology officer is confident the U.S. will win the artificial intelligence race, but China is catching up fast.

DHS Teams Up With Canadian Counterpart to Test First Responder Tech

Among the first technologies to be tested is an application that uses artificial intelligence to help paramedics make better decisions when treating patients.

Google’s Duplex AI Could Kill the Call Center

And little is known about how this AI system actually works.

A Game-Changing AI Tool for Tracking Animal Movements

Scientists are already using it to study octopuses, electric fish, surgical robots, and racehorses.

Could Quantum Computing Be the End of Free Will?

On the fear that too much processing power will make us cease to be human

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AI and facial recognition are colliding in an alarming way.

How Computers Parse the Ambiguity of Everyday Language

Words with multiple meanings pose a special challenge to algorithms.

General: Project Maven Is Just the Beginning of the Military’s Use of AI

Air Combat Command chief invites tech firms to help build next-gen tools for the Pentagon. Also says dissent "is part of being an American."

Here’s What the White House’s AI Committee Will Focus On

The committee created two groups, one dedicated to machine learning and another for research and development priorities.

Google’s Withdrawal from Pentagon AI Project Risks U.S. Lives, Says Work

Former deputy defense secretary says the tech giant should consider how its work might help save U.S. troops — and how it is currently helping China.