Emerging Tech

The Pentagon's Research Arm Wants AI to Help Design More Secure Tech

The “AI co-designers” would help the Pentagon rapidly blueprint secure weapons, vehicles and other network-connected platforms, and suggest designs humans haven’t yet conceived.

Emerging Tech

How One City Saved $5 Million by Routing School Buses with an Algorithm

The Boston Public School District held a contest to determine the best solution for busing around 25,000 students to school every day. The winning algorithm improved the efficiency of the routes in 30 minutes.

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NIST Lays Out Roadmap for Developing Artificial Intelligence Standards

The plan is meant to help federal leaders roll out standards that reduce the potential risks of AI without stifling innovation. 

Emerging Tech

How Libraries are Embracing Artificial Intelligence

A humanoid robot named Pepper helps teach coding at Roanoke County Public Libraries, one of many branches across the country embracing the emerging technology.

Emerging Tech

DARPA Is Taking On the Deepfake Problem

The agency wants to teach computers to detect errors in manipulated media using logic and common sense.


This Dashcam App Can Map Traffic in Near-Real-Time

The traffic safety app Nexar’s new “Live Map” feature lets anyone peek in on near-real-time video footage of city streets.

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How VA is Applying Artificial Intelligence to Proactively Solve Veterans’ Problems

The agency’s newly appointed artificial intelligence director outlined his vision and approach.

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NSF Seeks Ideas for Using Artificial Intelligence to Boost the Wireless Spectrum

The agency is hosting a workshop highlighting the opportunities and challenges for artificial intelligence applications across the wireless spectrum.


How Federal Agencies Can Maximize Productivity—and Save Billions

Automation isn't the stuff of fantasy but agencies should take note of best practices to make sure their projects are successful.

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Agencies Need Tech-Savvy Feds to Address AI Challenges

Algorithmic bias, security and explainability are among the top issues the government must address as it hands over more responsibility to AI, according to a recent report.

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White House Science Chief: U.S. is Still Beating China In AI, Quantum Research

But that doesn’t mean the country should rest on its laurels, according to OSTP Director Kelvin Droegemeier.

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Government Should Address Potential Bias in Artificial Intelligence, Lawmakers Say

A pair of congressmen outlined their plans to ensure that systems don’t discriminate—even unintentionally.

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How AI Will Help Radar Detect Tiny Drones 3 Kilometers Away

Small drones are becoming a big problem. Here’s how next-generation neural networking techniques could help.


How You Can Help Your Agency Put AI to Work Today

AI technology will significantly revolutionize how work is done in the federal workspace and allow us to “scale” human action to critical thinking tasks.

Emerging Tech

Air Force Wants Simulated Wargames to Plan For Lasers, Electro-Magnetic Weapons

The wargames are meant to teach airmen about these new weapons and help the Air Force develop new tactics and procedures.


Where Artificial Intelligence Can Make the Biggest Impact

Here are three ways an investment into artificial intelligence could reap significant returns in the public space.

IT Modernization

The Pentagon Releases Its 5-Year Digital Modernization Strategy 

Officials outlined plans to drive innovation, streamline IT acquisitions and build a more agile and resilient cyber posture.

Emerging Tech

The AI That Could Help Curb Youth Suicide

For many reasons, parents and teachers may fail to intervene when they spot LGBTQ teens in trouble. Can Google help?