Emerging Tech

Los Alamos National Lab unveils new supercomputer primed for AI

NVIDIA, Hewlett Packard, and the Department of Energy jointly bought a new supercomputer to the New Mexico lab outfitted for processing large volumes of data.

Emerging Tech

EEOC says HR software company Workday should face bias claims in lawsuit

The federal agency filed an amicus brief in a case in which a job applicant is alleging algorithmic discrimination.

Emerging Tech

How TSA’s opt-outs for biometric screenings informed White House AI policy

The Office of Management and Budget’s recent guidance on the government’s responsible use of AI elevates TSA's practice of allowing travelers to decline biometric scans at airport security to national policy.

Emerging Tech

FTC names winners in AI voice authentication challenge

Winners came from the private sector and academia as the agency continues its crackdown on AI-generated voice cloning.

Emerging Tech

Deepfakes will be a ‘big problem’ for the 2024 election, officials say

Leaders from the Federal Election Commission and the National Intelligence Council noted that bad actors’ capabilities are increasing, while the government’s policing capabilities remain limited.

Emerging Tech

Clinton warns of hackers’ ‘leap in technology’ impacting the 2024 election

Rapid AI-backed advancements have let bad actors craft more sophisticated deepfakes and other sham content that could sway election results, she said.

Digital Government

Help wanted: Regulators worldwide need tech expertise

As economies continue to digitize, governments say they need more technological expertise to evaluate companies and technology, as well as detect problems.


Some banks moving too slow to address AI-powered cyberthreats, Treasury says

The agency’s findings will be distributed to Capitol Hill with the hope of drumming up legislation or other initiatives to study the risks.


Embedding AI in tech modernization plans

COMMENTARY | Opportunities exist to accelerate AI adoption across government and use tools like the FITARA Scorecard to ensure effective implementation.


Pentagon names new top official for digital and AI

Radha Plumb, currently deputy undersecretary of Defense for acquisition and sustainment, will replace Craig Martell as Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer on April 8.

Emerging Tech

NSF Report shows US-China AI rivalry sharpening

The National Science Foundation’s State of U.S. Science and Engineering documents Chinese leadership in AI patents, and U.S. leadership says workforce is the solution.


Why AI localization makes sense

COMMENTARY | Localization supports faster response times and more intelligent interactions between users and systems.


Biden's $1.67 trillion budget boosts tech, AI

The Biden administration’s FY2025 budget request provides agencies with $3 billion “to responsibly develop, test, procure and integrate transformative AI applications across the federal government.”

Emerging Tech

NSF announces $40 million for AI-powered protein design applications

The National Science Foundation wants researchers across disciplines to develop applications for artificial intelligence that boost researchers’ advancements in protein design.

Emerging Tech

Warner, Blackburn team up to reestablish U.S. leadership in international tech standards

New bipartisan legislation would ask NIST to help the U.S. establish a stronger international presence in setting emerging technology standards.

Artificial Intelligence

Congressional Black Caucus launches AI Policy Series spotlighting discrimination

The new series of discussions hosted by the House’s Congressional Black Caucus will focus on ensuring AI systems are working for, not against, Black communities. 


Chip manufacturers operational by 2030 will get priority in Commerce funding, secretary says

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said that the agency intends to “maximize our impact in this decade.”


Trusted data is the heart of trustworthy AI

COMMENTARY | AI systems are only as good as the data they are trained on -- that’s why a proper data management strategy is the key to success.


DOJ names its first chief AI officer

The new role is intended to focus on building a tech-ready workforce and interagency cooperation.