NASA Tech Could Replace Passwords with Your Heartbeat

The space agency announced several health and biotech technology transfer opportunities.

Keeping Up with Compliance in the Digital Age 

Late adopters to the Homeland Security Department’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program can still benefit.

Industry: Include Agencies’ Approval of Cloud Service Providers in FISMA Metrics

GSA is working to measure timeline for agencies getting through the FedRAMP process, according to an official.

NIST Expects to Create Privacy Guidelines for Smaller Organizations

National Institute of Standards and Technology Director Walter Copan offered insights in how the agency’s privacy framework came together and its future.

DISA Confirms Data Breach Affecting 200,000 People

Defense officials provided few details but said the affected systems have since been secured.

Presidential Advisers Set Timeline for Report on Options to Secure 5G Networks

Officials reaffirmed the administration’s view that software-defined networking is the best way to secure next-gen telecommunications.

MITRE Piloting Evaluations to Validate Cybersecurity Firms’ Protection Claims 

The group will assess which firms can best detect and defend from adversaries that target banking transfers and ATMs.

House Subcommittee Knocking at Amazon’s Door Over Ring Data

The chairman of a House Oversight panel wants a briefing with Amazon officials about the consumer security tool.

CISA Shares Details About Ransomware that Shut Down Pipeline Operator

One cybersecurity firm links the incident to a December attack on the Coast Guard.

One Month Out, Watchdog Warns About Census IT and Cybersecurity Challenges

The Census Bureau this month switched the internet response system that respondents will use to complete the 2020 census questionnaire. The last-minute change worries the Government Accountability Office.

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Border Patrol Needs Automated Sensors to Cover Watery Blindspots

Homeland Security is looking for a technical solution to give border agents situational awareness about illegal watercraft and the potential risks of interdiction.

TIC 3 Commenters Put Faith in Zero Trust over CISA’s Trust Zones

The draft policy creates a new framework for secure network boundaries at a time when the tech sector is moving away from boundaries altogether. 

To Protect Data, Organizations Must Stop Being ‘Cloud Dumb’

The first thing executives need to understand is that the cloud providers aren’t responsible for protecting data.

CISA, FBI and DOD Issue Warning on North Korea-Linked Malware

New threat variants allow Hidden Cobra to remotely access and control systems—and banks should look sharp.

How to Fast-Track Next-Gen Cybersecurity Tools from Government Labs 

Startup foundries can help transform government ideas for public protection.

Coming Cyber Commission Report Loaded with 75 Ways to Improve Security—Plus the Bill Proposals

Key lawmaker highlighted recommendations focused on Congressional reform and a new type of information sharing.

America’s Hopelessly Anemic Response to One of the Largest Personal-Data Breaches Ever

The government has indicted four members of China’s People’s Liberation Army for hacking into the credit-reporting agency Equifax. The question is why.