Emerging Tech

Pentagon Seeks Pitches for 5G-Enabled Virtual Reality Projects

The Defense Department released the third of four requests for 5G prototypes to test at military bases.


Trump Relaxes Patient Data Rules to Allow Doctors to Use Personal Phones for Telehealth

The administration broadened telehealth coverage to all Medicare beneficiaries and eased HIPAA regulations for the duration of the pandemic emergency.

Emerging Tech

Government Partnership Offers Cash Prizes for AI Tools That Support Coronavirus Research

A new open research database and artificial intelligence challenge will help the U.S. crowdsource its pandemic response.

CIO Briefing

Telecom Companies Agree to Keep America Online During COVID-19 Crisis

For the next 60 days, companies will work to help ensure communities across the U.S. have reliable connectivity.


Senators Propose Barring TikTok from Government Devices

Major government departments have already banned employees from downloading the popular app.

IT Modernization

COVID-19 Forces a New Approach to Public Health Communications

No one likes to wait for answers to questions regarding health issues, especially when there is a lot of uncertainty and conflicting information.

CIO Briefing

Agencies Post Opportunities for Reskilling Academy Grads to Use Their New Cyber Skills

Three agencies posted nine openings on the Open Opportunities site, offering temporary details to feds looking to sharpen newly acquired cybersecurity skills.

Emerging Tech

Military Scientists Hope To Have Coronavirus Therapeutic By Summer

A new approach would use RNA or DNA to help the body develop antibodies to the rapidly spreading illness.


NIH Uses Urgent Award Vehicle for the First Time to Address Coronavirus Outbreak

The agency is tapping a never-before-used emergency award vehicle to acquire predictive models for how the COVID-19 will spread. 

Emerging Tech

The Pentagon’s AI Shop Takes A Venture Capital Approach to Funding Tech

The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center will take a Series A, B, approach to building tech for customers, with product managers and mission teams.

Emerging Tech

Prosthetic Offers Real-Time Mind Control of Robotic Hand

One of the biggest hurdles in mind-controlled prosthetics is tapping into a strong and stable nerve signal to feed the bionic limb.


You Already Live in Quarantine

Being holed up at home has never been more pleasant.

CIO Briefing

Russian and Chinese Satellites Are Helping U.S. Pilots Spy on Russia and China

U-2 pilots are wearing watches that connect to foreign satellites, giving them backup navigation when GPS is jammed.


How Veterans Affairs CISO Approaches Risk, Recruiting Talent and Proving Cyber's Business Value

Paul Cunningham must ensure the security of the largest medical network in the country while making sure veterans can access services as seamlessly as possible.