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What 3D-Printed Cake Tastes Like

Sugar Labs substitutes extruded plastic for sugar, and makes a new kind of dessert.

Emerging Tech

This 6-Year-Old Wants to Be an Astronaut, So He's Petitioning the White House to Save NASA

Connor Johnson started by donating his allowance to the cause. Then he decided to do more.

Emerging Tech

Another Problem for Amazon's Delivery Drones? Angry Birds

The notional postal workers may be flying some exceedingly unfriendly skies.

CIO Briefing

In the World Series of 1918, the Military Flyover Was Done by Pigeons

Tweets before tweets: Soldiers' 'winged comrades' delivered inning-by-inning updates of the games.

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Why NASA Launched Jellyfish Into Space

The space agency raised thousands of jellyfish now unfit for life on Earth.

Emerging Tech

Your iPhone: A Cutting-Edge Earthquake Detector?

You may be holding the key to better preparedness -- right in your pocket.

CIO Briefing

PandaCam, the Star of the Shutdown

As a massive bureaucracy closes for business, the National Zoo offers a lesson in digital news production.

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Obama Scooped by Iranian President's Tweet

Even world leaders can get twitchy fingers.


Take a Digital Joyride Through the Large Hadron Collider

The Street View tour of CERN is comprehensive and smashed-particle-free.

Emerging Tech

Why Do We Go to Space, Anyway?

The past and the future of travel beyond Earth.

CIO Briefing

49% of the Links Cited in Supreme Court Decisions Are Broken

The flip side of an Internet that is always growing is an Internet that is always changing.


Mark Zuckerberg's Advice to the NSA: Communicate

Facebook learned the power of transparency the hard way. Now, it wants the government to benefit from its education.

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Why Voyager 1's Entrance Into Interstellar Space Is Such a Big Deal

One small step for a NASA spaceship is one giant leap for mankind.

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Good News! The UFO Just Spotted From the Space Station Was Not Really a UFO

... But also, imagine being an astronaut and waking to find a mystery object outside your window.

CIO Briefing

A Trip Through a 3D-Modeled Brain

See how a mouse's mind sees something.

Emerging Tech

How Curiosity Became an Astronaut

From the earliest years of the space program, the exploration of other worlds has been a source of the same techno-anxieties we have today.