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CIO Briefing

Automated Government

Federal agencies are ditching busy work to focus on missions.

IT Modernization

Modernization Nation

This Nextgov ebook looks at updating the federal government’s technology and operations.


Critical Update: How Agencies Can Get and Keep the Best Talent

U.S. Digital Service Chief of Staff Elaine Ho joins the podcast to offer tips for recruiting and retaining tech employees.

CIO Briefing

Hacking Acquisition

How the federal government uses other transaction authorities to buy tech fast.

CIO Briefing

Citizens First

How the government plans to prioritize customer experience.


Here’s What a Company’s Data Breach Game Plan Looks Like

Companies should know who to call in law enforcement and which data is most valuable before a breach occurs, the Chamber of Commerce says.


DHS Test Reveals Flaws in Emergency Responder Apps

A pilot test found cyber vulnerabilities or privacy issues in 32 out of 33 apps.


Hackers Hit Pizza Hut's Ordering While Breaches Expose 30 Million South Africans

And an image sharing site warns 8 million of its users' passwords may have been exposed, too.

IT Modernization

Getting the Most Out of Data Centers

Lessons learned from federal agencies as they shutter old systems.

CIO Briefing

Congress' Week: Data Breaches, Kaspersky and Murderers with Security Clearances

Amid tackling a series of high-profile data breaches, Congress moved along important IT legislation and aims to address whether criminals are actually getting temporary security clearances.


The State of Cybersecurity Awareness

This Nextgov and Route Fifty ebook examines cyber resources at all levels of government.

CIO Briefing

Congress Takes Up FITARA, Outages and Has a Lot of Equifax Questions

Then there are the matters of White House staff using private email and how Russians used Facebook and Twitter during elections.

CIO Briefing

Congress Tackles Data Breaches, Russian Meddling and IT Modernization

Lawmakers will address cybersecurity concerns at two major agencies this week.