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Emerging Tech

Emerging Technology Trends

A look at developments in innovation across the federal technology landscape in 2019.

IT Modernization

Digital First

Federal agencies are ditching paper processes to better serve citizens—and each other. 

CIO Briefing

What's Next for Federal Customer Experience

Some agencies are putting themselves in the shoes of their customers and it's paying off.

IT Modernization

The State of Tech Modernization

Will 2019 be the year federal IT breaks into the 21st century?

CIO Briefing

What’s Next for Government Data

Here’s how federal agencies are tapping into one of their greatest resources.

IT Modernization

Get Ready for the Pentagon’s Big Cloud Buy

For the first time ever, the Defense Department is primed to spend over $2 billion on cloud computing in fiscal 2019.


Critical Update: 3 Major Programs to Watch in 2019

To wrap season two, we run down three programs with high stakes for the agencies in play, as well as the rest of government.


Critical Update: No End in Sight For Shutdown as Costs Mount

The partial government shutdown is having dire effects across the country, not just at federal agencies.


Critical Update: Government Contracting Trends for 2019

In the latest episode of Critical Update, we address everything from OTAs to the government shutdown’s impact on contracting.


Government Data Detectives

A special report on how agency data shops are fighting fraud.

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Election Security Tested

Federal agencies raced to secure vulnerable systems in time for the 2018 midterms, but the job’s not done.


The State of Cybersecurity

Federal agencies surge to combat ever-growing threats—but is it enough?

IT Modernization

GSA Awards $2.5 Billion Payroll and Work Scheduling Contract

The award is part of GSA’s NewPay Initiative aimed at making payroll and scheduling more user-friendly.

CIO Briefing

Automated Government

Federal agencies are ditching busy work to focus on missions.

IT Modernization

Modernization Nation

This Nextgov ebook looks at updating the federal government’s technology and operations.


Critical Update: How Agencies Can Get and Keep the Best Talent

U.S. Digital Service Chief of Staff Elaine Ho joins the podcast to offer tips for recruiting and retaining tech employees.

CIO Briefing

Hacking Acquisition

How the federal government uses other transaction authorities to buy tech fast.

CIO Briefing

Citizens First

How the government plans to prioritize customer experience.


Here’s What a Company’s Data Breach Game Plan Looks Like

Companies should know who to call in law enforcement and which data is most valuable before a breach occurs, the Chamber of Commerce says.