2023 Rising Star: Bridgette Savino

Senior program analyst, Government Accountability Office

Photo courtesy: Government Accountability Office

While her nine years at the Government Accountability Office have been based in the Washington, D.C.-area, Bridgette Savino’s career has been defined by international impact. As a senior program analyst in the agency, Savino works on oversight of a diverse roster that has included coordinating development assistance in the wake of an earthquake in Haiti and reviewing Department of Defense initiatives in partnership with Afghan security forces. 

Stateside, she examined sensitive projects like diverse workforce development at the State Department. Her 2017 oversight work developed a unique catalog of U.S. support to Afghan forces and a 2016 report she worked on identified clerical inconsistencies and errors across foreignassistance.gov that led to subsequent improvements in the usefulness of that site. 

Perhaps more notable than Savino’s diligence, skill, and commitment to her career and its duties is her treatment of her colleagues. Those who work with Savino noted her deft professional and technical talents, but said what truly sets her apart is her ability to make those around her better at their jobs as well. When praising Savino, her coworkers noted that it is her spirit of leadership and generosity that helps her to deliver work that extends beyond completing a task.

“Bridgette brings an incredible mix of intelligence, efficiency and good humor to her work that makes her both exceptionally competent and a joy to work with,” said Kara Marshall, an assistant director of International Affairs and Trade at GAO. 

Savino has helped define the very mission statements that fuel offices within the GAO and helped expand the office’s outreach and influence to larger national and international levels.

“Bridgette’s efforts to increase the readership of and interaction with GAO’s work has been outstanding,” said Katie Bolduc, an assistant director of International Affairs and Trade at GAO. “She has consistently pushed the envelope to build buy-in and momentum for agency-wide efforts that are not easy to accomplish in such a large bureaucratic environment. More people are finding and using GAO reports today because of her leadership.”

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