Automatic Government


This Nextgov ebook examines how agencies employ automation and other variants of artificial intelligence software to improve service delivery and mission outcomes.

The federal government is using robotic process automation and other variants of the artificial intelligence software across agencies, improving service delivery and mission outcomes while saving countless thousands of employee hours. A relatively new technology, automation software generally performs business processes normally undertaken by humans, such as scanning records. Yet agencies are employing the nascent technology in numerous ways.

The National Science Foundation, for example, has automated software to perform functions regarding thousands of meetings it organizes each year. A single bot—or automated software—is saving the NSF staff 25,000 hours per year, according to its chief information officer. Other agencies, including the IRS and National Archives, are looking to automation to improve records management and digitizing voluminous quantities of paper records. Automation is also impacting health care, with the Veterans Affairs Department employing machine learning to automate prescription workflows.

In this ebook, Nextgov will examine these and other early uses of automation across the federal government. 

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