USDA’s Bot Program Saves More Than 150,000 Hours Per Year

The agency reached $5.3 million in cost avoidance while 27 cohorts of employees graduated from its reskilling program, Agriculture officials say.

Modernizing Procurement Could Help Federal Agencies Increase Efficiency 

Implementing contract lifecycle management system automates procurement systems to allow for faster, simpler and more accurate procurement. 

DOD Now Continuously Monitoring Clearance Holders’ Credit and Criminal Records

The long-awaited change to the background investigations process will flag concerning information for further investigation.

Grants Management Shared Services Marketplace Set to Launch by End of 2021

The marketplace is getting set to launch with a suite of tools from other federal offices, like’s automated risk management tool.

Artificial Intelligence, Automation Aren’t Killing Labor Market, Reports Says

Such technology aren't making it more likely for workers to lose jobs in 10 industries, the authors found.

Augmentation for Data-Driven Success

Augmentation techniques can help the Defense Department implement its data strategy goals.

State Wants Better Bots and Processes For Its Help Desk

The Consolidated Customer Support office already manages eight bots, but an ongoing project requires more user-centric automation.

EEOC Wants a Quality Check For Its Data and Automation Strategy

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s inspector general wants an independent third party to look over the agency’s Digital Process Transformation and Automation strategy.

A Guide to Delivering Great Experiences for Employees as They Embrace the Future of Work

Federal agencies need to invest in technologies that enable employees to work from both the office and remote locations.

Lawmakers Propose $50 Million Federal Program to Support Rural Patients

If passed, a new bill could increase telehealth and remote patient monitoring in places with limited broadband access.

GAO: Tech, Automation Improved Decennial Census Productivity

More than half of the Americans self-responded to the decennial census using the internet in 2020.

How Automation Can Help Agencies Ditch Legacy Systems

Bots come in handy when few other capabilities are available, but they may help agencies bridge to emerging technologies like AI, too.

Pentagon Experiments with Self-Driving Shuttles at San Diego Military Base

The real-world testing will provide new insight into varying emerging technologies.

Automatic Government

This Nextgov ebook examines how agencies employ automation and other variants of artificial intelligence software to improve service delivery and mission outcomes.

Survey: 2 in 3 IT Workers Say Automation Aided Productivity During COVID-19

More than half of those surveyed believe automation software boosted productivity during the pandemic.

One Bot Saves NSF Staff Roughly 25,000 Hours Per Year, CIO Says

And it’s only one small piece of the agency’s broader automation vision.