Artificial Intelligence Continues to Evolve in Government and Elsewhere

AI that started out simply tackling robotic process automation-type tasks is slowly evolving to take on more traditionally human and creative duties.

New Computer Vision Model Tackles Improved Wildfire Prevention

The model uses satellite imagery to identify areas at risk of wildfires before they actually happen.

Industries Embracing Automation Also Face Widening Skills Gaps, Report Finds

The Government Accountability Office noted that all education levels have important skills for in-demand jobs, but higher education levels provide workers with more in-demand skills.

National Transportation Safety Board Wants To Expand Drone Operations

The transit agency has been using drones to analyze and recreate accidents across all transportation industries.

FDA’s Modernization to Focus on Agency Mission and People

The agency's acting CTO Sohail Chaudhry said FDA plans to implement machine learning tools that require minimal training. 

AI-Powered Automation Can Be Both a Part of the Problem and Part of the Solution

There are real security concerns that should be addressed ahead of further government adoption of a truly automated future.

3 Ways for Government to Sustain Momentum in Digital Transformation

The past two years spurred incomparable change for federal workforces and citizen services.

Is Your Agency Ready for NARA’s Electronic Records Deadline?

Add in the overall uncertainty around the M-19-21 directive and frequently moving goalposts, and it’s understandable how affected agencies may have fallen behind in executing a plan to achieve compliance. 

VA Aims To Reduce Administrative Tasks With AI, Machine Learning

A wide-reaching program looks for fresh machine learning technology to complete menial procedures and tasks, allowing VA clinicians and partners to focus on care.

USDA’s Bot Program Saves More Than 150,000 Hours Per Year

The agency reached $5.3 million in cost avoidance while 27 cohorts of employees graduated from its reskilling program, Agriculture officials say.

Modernizing Procurement Could Help Federal Agencies Increase Efficiency 

Implementing contract lifecycle management system automates procurement systems to allow for faster, simpler and more accurate procurement. 

DOD Now Continuously Monitoring Clearance Holders’ Credit and Criminal Records

The long-awaited change to the background investigations process will flag concerning information for further investigation.

Grants Management Shared Services Marketplace Set to Launch by End of 2021

The marketplace is getting set to launch with a suite of tools from other federal offices, like’s automated risk management tool.

Artificial Intelligence, Automation Aren’t Killing Labor Market, Reports Says

Such technology aren't making it more likely for workers to lose jobs in 10 industries, the authors found.

Augmentation for Data-Driven Success

Augmentation techniques can help the Defense Department implement its data strategy goals.