IRS Turns to Automation Amid Shrinking Workforce

The tax agency is preparing to launch a bot that would reduce a critical contracting compliance measure from multiple hours to two minutes.

Are Government Robots Coming For Your Job?

The government’s goal right now is to promote its robot employees to higher tasks.

Expunging Criminal Records Offers Clear Benefits—But Few People Take Advantage

New research finds that automatic expungement of nonviolent criminal records could be a boon for eligible offenders, but few apply when the process is complicated.

How NARA’s Helping Agencies on the Path to a Fully Electronic Government

Officials are developing ways for agencies to measure their efforts to achieve fully digital records management by the December deadline.

Automation Will Be a Requirement of a Shrinking Workforce, Not Its Cause, Officials Say

While the budget focuses on reducing headcount, officials said that isn’t the goal of pushing more automation.

How to Fund an Unfunded Artificial Intelligence Mandate

Early adopters of robotic process automation may have an advantage on the race to AI.

2019 Will Be The Year For Building Trust in Government IT, Says Federal CIO

As more services are automated, agencies must keep the public’s trust by being transparent about the algorithms and data being used.

Survey: Feds Don’t Think Agencies Are Preparing Them to Use AI

Only a quarter of government employees think agencies have done a good job explaining how the tech will affect their jobs, researchers found.

Rethinking Data Center Optimization with a Service Mentality

These updates can make a real impact if agencies take the right steps.

The ‘Driverless Experience’ Looks Awfully Distracting

At CES 2019, carmakers showed off vehicles with perfume-puffing headrests, augmented-reality video displays, and all manner of in-car entertainment.

The Quiet Ways Automation Is Remaking Service Work

Workers may not be replaced by robots anytime soon, but they’ll likely face shorter hours, lower pay, and stolen time.

Automation Can Make Agencies' Tough Budget Decisions Easier

A few agencies are using a new technology that will help them meet these budget targets without reducing programs.

Uber Is Resuming Self-Driving Car Tests On U.S. Public Roads

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania will see autonomous Ubers again.

Federal CIO Previews 2019 Priorities

OMB will roll out more reskilling programs, tweak FITARA scoring and is looking at standards for automated decision-making, Suzette Kent said.