How USPTO built a culture of trust in its automation efforts

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s use of automation has helped officials quickly address identified security vulnerabilities and software bugs, an agency official said.

White House looks to scale FedRAMP with automation

The cloud security program is being restructured to respond to the proliferation of cloud offerings.

State CIOs look ahead to a collaborative, automated future

A survey of state technology leaders found that the CIO role has evolved from one concerned with building a state’s own tech infrastructure to one focused on acting as a broker of services. The change comes amid increasing automation, use of AI and cybersecurity challenges.

What will the federal government do with generative AI?

Federal employees are going to see AI tools show up in cloud-based productivity suites sooner rather than later, but it's not clear yet how the trending tech will impact public-facing digital services.

ChatGPT for State and Local Agencies? Not so Fast.

Tasks that can benefit from automation such as software development, traffic management or rote tasks are good candidates for ChatGPT, but those that need more subjectivity still require human intervention, experts say.

NASA Tests Autonomous Aircraft Decision Tech in Arizona Cities

The agency is aiming to help air vehicles respond to anomalies—such as weather changes—faster, as the vehicles are used to provide essential services.

DOD Official: AI and Autonomy Are Critical to the Future of War

The Pentagon is working to prioritize the ethical and responsible adoption of autonomous technologies across the U.S. military as it works to keep pace with global adversaries.

49% of Tech Pros Believe AI Poses ‘Existential Threat’ to Humanity, Per Report

Others believe artificial intelligence will be a necessary component of most major business strategies in the near future.

Artificial Intelligence Continues to Evolve in Government and Elsewhere

AI that started out simply tackling robotic process automation-type tasks is slowly evolving to take on more traditionally human and creative duties.

New Computer Vision Model Tackles Improved Wildfire Prevention

The model uses satellite imagery to identify areas at risk of wildfires before they actually happen.

Industries Embracing Automation Also Face Widening Skills Gaps, Report Finds

The Government Accountability Office noted that all education levels have important skills for in-demand jobs, but higher education levels provide workers with more in-demand skills.

National Transportation Safety Board Wants To Expand Drone Operations

The transit agency has been using drones to analyze and recreate accidents across all transportation industries.

FDA’s Modernization to Focus on Agency Mission and People

The agency's acting CTO Sohail Chaudhry said FDA plans to implement machine learning tools that require minimal training. 

AI-Powered Automation Can Be Both a Part of the Problem and Part of the Solution

There are real security concerns that should be addressed ahead of further government adoption of a truly automated future.

3 Ways for Government to Sustain Momentum in Digital Transformation

The past two years spurred incomparable change for federal workforces and citizen services.