Artificial Intelligence

Interagency Committee Issues Recommendations for Using Cloud to Accelerate Artificial Intelligence

The Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence outlined ways agencies can approach commercial cloud computing for research and development. 

Is Now the Time to Start Protecting Government Data from Quantum Hacking?

The key to creating quantum-resistant encryption is to get away from the core strength of computers, according to one expert.

Army-Funded Algorithm Decodes Brain Signals

The algorithm is part of an effort to eventually establish a machine-brain interface.

NASA, FAA Make Moves to Offer Some Staff App-Based Personalized, Professional Coaching 

The agencies are set to tap into BetterUp’s mobile platform, which uses AI algorithms to match employees with the right coaches for their needs.

Homeland Security’s Small Business Program Will Focus on Viruses, Security and Networks in 2021

The Small Business Innovation Research program identified 12 tentative topics as priorities for the coming year.

VA Turns to Machine Learning to Automate Prescription Workflows

One of the agency’s senior innovation-focused officials also shed light on how additive manufacturing might disrupt modern health care.

Top Tech Companies Begin Pushing Priorities for Biden Administration

Microsoft, IBM and other companies urged the president-elect to consider policies for boosting workforce development, solving the pandemic and addressing biometrics in surveillance.

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When Words Matter

How ‘transfer learning’ can supercharge natural language processing in government

Air Force Turns to Machine Learning to Fight COVID-19 Disinformation

Just as the technology can be used to help deliberately spread falsities online, it can also be tapped to stop that spread.

COVID-19 Froze Digital Transformation Initiatives. Here’s How to Overcome That.

It’s essential to focus on citizen experience innovations that will deliver the most impact without breaking the bank.

New JAIC Director Outlines AI Program's Planned Evolution

The Joint Common Foundation platform will begin delivering simple services in 2021, according to the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center’s new director.

Will Quantum Computing Supercharge Artificial Intelligence?

Imagine if we could simply train an AI to look at the data coming from the quantum machine, figure out what makes sense and what is probably wrong without human intervention.

Critical Update: What a Treasury Office is Learning from Its Blockchain Projects

That’s not the only emerging technology the Fiscal Service Bureau’s innovation office is experimenting with. 

Watch App Identifies Sounds for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People

People found the app was useful for letting them know if there was something that they should pay attention to.

If a Robot Is Conscious, Is It OK to Turn It Off? The Moral Implications of Building True AIs.

As real artificial intelligence technology advances toward Hollywood’s imagined versions, the question of moral standing grows more important.

NOAA Partners with Google to Boost Weather Forecasts with AI

The roughly $10 million deal will also incorporate new hands-on training opportunities for both entities’ personnel.

VA Piloting AI to Predict Mortality Rates of COVID-19 Patients

The tool has been in development since the spring and is now being piloted ahead of a larger rollout, VA officials said.