Artificial Intelligence

COVID-19 Has Made Americans Lonelier than Ever – Here’s How AI Can Help

Millions of isolated people have found comfort by chatting with an AI bot.

JAIC Seeks Test and Evaluation Services for Artificial Intelligence

A Joint Artificial Intelligence Center request for proposal is the first of two contracts designed to get Defense Department components ready to adopt AI technologies.  

Investments in Emerging Tech Will Become More Important As Defense Budgets Flatten, Northrop Grumman Chief Says

The defense contractor’s president and CEO also said she expects consolidation in the defense industrial base to continue.

Critical Update: Machine Beat Man in DARPA’s AlphaDogfight Trials. Now What? 

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s ACE Program seeks to build trust between pilots and artificial intelligence agents so one day they can work together. 

Homeland Security Wants AI to Help Realize a 5-Year-Old Financial Services Mandate

The Financial Systems Modernization Program hasn’t met its requirements, but officials hope an injection of artificial intelligence and automation can help.

Military Eyes AI, Cloud Computing in Space in a Decade

Physics keeps the Pentagon from orbiting a computer powerful enough for machine learning. So they’re building a network in space.

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When Words Matter

How ‘transfer learning’ can supercharge natural language processing in government

HHS Makes Strategic Moves to Achieve Ultimate ‘Artificial Intelligence Ambition’

The department’s chief AI officer shed light on what went into a new guiding document—and what’s next.

The Role AI Plays in Safeguarding Government Data

Government agencies need to pivot to better filter and monitor incoming threats and data with velocity, efficiency and optimization.

New Session Sparks New Priorities for Senate AI Caucus

After steering several AI policies in 2020, the nascent group is embarking on a new agenda.

A New Administration Offers an Ideal Time to Prevent Entitlement Creep

Here’s what you need to know to protect federal employees and secure classified data.

Defense Secretary Nominee Says Hack Perpetrators ‘Should be Held Accountable’

Gen. Lloyd Austin committed to conducting a review of defense cyber operations, if confirmed.

Key Takeaways for Government Leaders from CES

For the government to stay competitive and best serve Americans, it’s time to look to the consumer market.

HHS Names First Ever Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

It marks the agency’s recognition of the emerging technology’s importance.

GSA Awards $800M Contract to Support Internal Use of Emerging Tech

While the General Services Administration usually works on helping other agencies buy emerging technologies, the new DIGIT contract looks to support internal modernization efforts.

White House Launches ‘Central Hub’ for Artificial Intelligence Research and Policymaking

The establishment of the new office is in accordance with the recently passed defense authorization act.