Artificial Intelligence

AI can help agencies enhance their cyber defense, study finds

General Dynamics Information Technology’s recent survey of 200 federal officials involved in cyber decisions found that AI tools could help address human-caused vulnerabilities.

AI can serve as ‘digital concierge’ for Pentagon personnel, DISA officials say

The acquisition of AI technologies and large language models across DOD will bolster the department’s cyber operations and analytical capabilities, officials with the Defense Information Systems Agency said.

The federal government is already using AI — it's time for a formal process to ensure the technology is safe

COMMENTARY | The rapid operationalization of AI will require federal agencies and industry to work together to achieve success.

How the US aims to tackle the ‘collective action problem’ of ransomware

New efforts in the International Counter Ransomware Initiative intend to leverage automated systems to halt illicit financial transactions, according to a White House cyber official.

DOD’s new AI and data strategy aims to scale adoption of new technologies

The Pentagon’s new data, analytics and artificial intelligence adoption strategy establishes a “hierarchy of needs” to help the department utilize emerging technologies.

Cyber Director nominee talks AI, collaboration at confirmation hearing

Harry Coker, the Biden Administration's choice to lead the Office of the National Cyber Director, said he'll draw on his experience as a program manager to make sure agencies hit their milestones on implementing the government's cyber strategy.

OPM head previews coming cyber and IT hiring flexibilities

The personnel agency is also gearing up to recruit AI workers into the government as part of a talent surge called for in the recent AI executive order.

AI concerns continue as governments look for the right mix of regulations and protections

The technology is starting to rack up an impressive portfolio of success stories, but there could be dangers and downsides as well.

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When Words Matter

How ‘transfer learning’ can supercharge natural language processing in government

Generative AI is set to transform crisis management

COMMENTARY | The emerging technology's versatility offers a wide variety of promising applications in disaster relief, and opens up facing real time analyses with tangible applications in the real world.

Energy launches advanced data analysis effort to explore emerging tech, AI

The Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility will helm the High Performance Data Facility Hub, which looks to harness data sharing and supercomputing for research and development.

State CIOs look ahead to a collaborative, automated future

A survey of state technology leaders found that the CIO role has evolved from one concerned with building a state’s own tech infrastructure to one focused on acting as a broker of services. The change comes amid increasing automation, use of AI and cybersecurity challenges.

Government should set an example for the private sector in cybersecurity and resilience, Inglis says

Former National Cyber Director Chris Inglis discussed how a lighter regulatory approach is crucial to keep emerging technology adaptable, particularly for cybersecurity and AI.

The CIA’s data-challenged AI imperative

Mastering the technology is key to being able to “disrupt those entities that do not,” said an agency cyber policy official.

Navy’s 2-year-old robot task force eyes more AI

A 4th Fleet version of TF59 is in the works, and its lessons are headed to the Pacific as well.

Senators push for USPS identity proofing to thwart AI-generated deepfakes

The U.S. Postal Service already offers identity proofing services for some government agencies.

It's too soon to regulate AI

COMMENTARY | While restrictions and export controls related to specific compute and hardware platforms are possible, it is virtually impossible to monitor and enforce how these widely available computing platforms are actually used.

Can AI boost health care delivery?

Rep. Ted Lieu thinks so, with the right oversight by humans — and government.

FDA's draft plan calls for AI, other emerging tech in modernization efforts

The Food and Drug Administration is accepting comments on its Data and Technology Strategic Plan, which outlines the agency’s goals to leverage AI in its analytical processes.