Artificial Intelligence

AI Teaches a Robot How to Learn to Walk

The system allows legged robots to adapt to their environment by exploring and interacting with the world.

Billions in AI Investments and a New Deterrence Strategy Coming, SecDef Says

The Defense Secretary committed $1.5 billion over five years to the Pentagon’s artificial intelligence hub.

This New AI Architecture Could Transform the Government

Neuromorphic computing has a long way to go but could help the government respond to a multitude of situations with greater ease, speed and sophistication. 

Promoting Trustworthy AI in Government

Successful agencies will do more than just innovate and invest in technology; they will work to ensure that AI in government is safe, reliable, and ethical.

It's Too Easy to Troll Like a Russian

We're scholars, but amateurs, and we found it alarming how quickly we imagined a personalized misinformation campaign with actual publicly available data.

How JEDI’s Ghost Will Bring Bitter Rivals Together

The death of the Pentagon’s controversial cloud computing mega-contract likely puts Amazon and Microsoft in a new sort of partnership.

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When Words Matter

How ‘transfer learning’ can supercharge natural language processing in government

National Lab Researchers Boost Chip Design Processes With Artificial Intelligence

The experiments could hold the potential to help ease future semiconductor shortages.

How AI Can Help with Critical Government System Maintenance Needs

Artificial intelligence can empower federal program managers with the technology necessary to simplify critical systems maintenance.

DARPA Wants AI That Can Learn From Others’ Experiences

The advanced research agency is putting up $1 million per project to overcome challenges associated with AI systems learning from each other.

Experts Assess the Unexplained in Government’s Recent UFO Report

Officials briefed Nextgov on notable inclusions—and what might come next.

Pentagon Cyber Official: Digital Authoritarianism is a National Security Threat

Mieke Eoyang, deputy assistant defense secretary for cyber policy, said digital authoritarianism is one of the Pentagon's current challenges.

It's Time to Wargame Against an AI-Enabled China

Top commanders say military training needs to reflect how artificial intelligence will change the pace of war.

U.S., EU Create Council to Consider and Coordinate Tech Standards

It could be a vessel to puzzle out new regulations, according to the Commerce secretary.

Deputy Defense Secretary Says US Needs to Defend Its Artificial Intelligence Better

AI safety is often overlooked in the private sector, but Deputy Secretary Kathleen Hicks wants the Defense Department to lead a cultural change.

Survey: Government Faces Increasing Threat from Stolen Accounts

But agencies may not be taking the right steps to mitigate the account takeovers.

South Korea to Add Robots-on-Rails and AI Surveillance to DMZ Border

The demilitarized zone between North and South Korea will be getting new surveillance technologies in the coming months, Korean news outlets report.