Artificial Intelligence

Hurd: Congress Must Make Sure Artificial Intelligence Maintains Western Values

Lawmakers need to pave the way for AI by encouraging widespread 5G adoption, Rep. Will Hurd said.

As AI Takes Over Jobs, Women Workers May Have the Most to Lose

Women, especially if they are Hispanic, may be at most financial risk from the automation of jobs says a new report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

CYBERCOM Seeks Troops Who Can Unleash Artificial Intelligence

AI won’t solve the military’s shortage of cyber professionals but can act as a force multiplier to ease the strain.

Upgrading IT Could Address Tech Hiring Challenges, Bring About AI, Experts Say

Sluggish tech makes the government a less attractive place to work for talented IT specialists, experts said at SXSW.

Don’t Call It an ‘Arms Race’: U.S.-China AI Competition Is Not Winner-Takes-All

The most common framing of the two countries’ artificial-intelligence development is dangerous.

Inside the Pentagon's Big Plans to Develop Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

The defense research agency has a list of research areas and a nimble contracting process to help achieve its vision.

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Artificial Intelligence Unleashed

How agencies can use AI to automate & augment operations to improve performance.

Here's What One Tech Titan Thinks a National AI Strategy Should Be

A feasible national AI strategy will foster innovation, create new employment opportunities, and remove murky policy barriers, Intel said.

Artificial Intelligence Now Helps People Find Jobs

A group of young entrepreneurs is looking to empower workforce agencies and job seekers, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.

How to Fund an Unfunded Artificial Intelligence Mandate

Early adopters of robotic process automation may have an advantage on the race to AI.

White House Says Agencies Need Industry Help to Execute National AI Strategy

Reforming regulations around artificial intelligence requires an intimate understanding of the tech, which is something most agencies don’t have, according to the Trump administration’s AI chief.

IBM Launches ‘Watson-as-a-Service’ for Government

The company is making a version of its big-name artificial intelligence program available across any cloud provider.

White House’s Race to Maintain AI Dominance Misses Opportunity

The administration supported a race for AI when it could have supported a race for ethical innovation.

8 Things Governments Can Do to Use Disruptive Technology Better

Making sure officials know what things like artificial intelligence do is a good starting point, according to a new report.

DARPA Wants AI to Tell You When It's Dumb

In high-stakes situations, you don’t want tech that doesn’t know what it’s doing.

Survey: Feds Don’t Think Agencies Are Preparing Them to Use AI

Only a quarter of government employees think agencies have done a good job explaining how the tech will affect their jobs, researchers found.

The Pentagon Thinks AI Could Help Troops Telepathically Control Machines

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is looking to build artificial intelligence into neural interfaces to let humans control machines with their thoughts.

There’s a Big Obstacle to the Pentagon’s New Strategy to Speed AI to Troops

Defense officials want to accelerate the delivery of artificial-intelligence tools from the lab to the field. But it's hard to obtain the massive data streams that make AI work.