US Marshals Service Hacked in ‘Major Incident’

This is the second time the agency has been hacked in recent years, adding to a growing number of agencies that have experienced cybersecurity incidents.

Digital Government

After a Decade of Noncompliance, DOJ Issues Report on Federal Website Accessibility

The release of the Justice Department’s first Section 508 report since 2012 comes after lawmakers raised bipartisan concerns about agencies’ continued inability to meet federal technology accessibility standards.

Emerging Tech

DOJ Launches Disruptive Technology Strike Force

The Justice Department’s endeavor is aimed at preventing threats from adversaries using the next generation of military and national security technology against the U.S. and its allies.

Digital Government

Iranian American Convicted of Sanctions Evasion with ‘Top-Tier’ Tech

Kambiz Attar Kashani worked to ship sensitive technologies to Iranian end users despite U.S.-imposed sanctions.


Russian Hacker Pleads Guilty to Crypto Money Laundering

Denis Mihaqlovic Dubnikov used cryptocurrencies to attempt to hide his involvement in ransomware attacks on foreign and domestic companies.

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Crypto Investor Charged with Market Manipulation, Defrauding Over $100 Million

Federal law enforcement continues to pursue cryptocurrency-related financial crimes as the digital asset space still lacks regulation.

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Justice 'Hacked the Hackers' of Hive Ransomware, Stopping $130M in Demands

It took national and international cooperation to thwart the group, who targeted more than 1,500 victims.


Watchdog: Justice Dept. Lags on Implementing Tech, Supply Chain Recommendations

An inspector general's report issued Thursday noted that as of Nov. 30, the department has more than 700 recommendations that had not yet been fully implemented, some more than three years old.

Digital Government

Extradited Chinese National Sentenced On Espionage Charges

Yanjun Xu is the first extradited Chinese intelligence officer to be sentenced in the U.S., convicted of attempts to steal intellectual property.


Russia Linked to Nearly 75% of Late 2021 Ransomware Attacks, Per Analysis

The analyzed ransomware variants—from July to December 2021—amounted to millions of dollars in damages.

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Compliance First, Penalty Second as Feds Implement Crypto Regulations

Officials within federal law enforcement described the critical role private sector communication will play in developing digital asset regulatory guidance.

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Justice Reveals Use of a Double Agent in Complaint Against Chinese Spies

The spies were charged with obstruction of justice during the prosecution of a Chinese telecommunications firm in one of three indictments the department uncovered related to China’s quest for technological superiority and global standing, officials said.


U.S. Imposes Semiconductor and Aviation Tech Sanctions on Russia

The sanctions follow international concern over unmanned aerial vehicles tech found amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Digital Government

US-UK Data Sharing Program Goes Into Effect

The bilateral CLOUD agreement between both nations aims to provide law enforcement with access to valuable data to fight transatlantic and international crime.

Digital Government

NSA Employee Leaked Classified Cyber Intel, Charged with Espionage

Former NSA InfoSec Designer Jareh Sebastian Dalke was arrested by the FBI in Denver, Colorado on Wednesday as part of a sting operation.


FCC Adds China-linked Telecom Providers to List of National Security Threats

The departments of Defense and Justice want the agency to take a more comprehensive approach to preventing foreign adversaries from accessing Americans’ communications and data.

Emerging Tech

Justice Officials Release Framework for Policing Crime in Crypto Space

Complimenting the new national digital asset framework, law enforcement is planning similar steps to combat crime in the crypto marketplace. 


Defense, Justice Call for FCC Rulemaking to Secure Internet Routing, Opposing NTIA

The departments cited comments from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and said a regulatory approach would have a greater impact “industry-wide” than dealing with entities case-by-case.


Whole-of-Government Effort Targets Iranian Hackers

An unsealed indictment from the Department of Justice accompanied  sanctions and an advisory with international allies warning against government-linked Iranian hackers.