Lack of Oversight Continues to Harm Accessibility of Federal Websites, Senators Say

DOJ has not issued reports on federal agencies’ compliance with accessibility standards in a decade, despite many federal websites still remaining inaccessible.


U.S. Courts Still Suffer Poor IT Management Following 2020 Breach, Watchdog Finds

A U.S. Government Accountability Office’s report indicates insufficient IT workforce planning and management at the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, following the office’s 2020 system breach.


Lawmakers Question DOJ’s National Security Division on Cybersecurity, Surveillance

The House Judiciary Committee raised concerns over  three hostile foreign actors that breached court systems in early 2020, in addition to questions about the surveillance of Americans.

Digital Government

US-UK Data Access Agreement Will Go Into Effect Later This Year

The Department of Justice said the CLOUD Act partnership will give investigators in both countries quicker access to data held by service providers.


Justice Recovered $500K for Victims, Traced Ransomware Payments to China

The announcement emphasizes the department’s new strategy to address cyber threats, which also includes enforcing financial penalties for federal contractors misrepresenting their cyber defenses.

Digital Government

Justice Seeks to Stop Booz Allen's Everwatch Acquisition

The department's antitrust lawsuit says the transaction unfairly eliminates competition for providing signals intelligence modeling and simulation services to the National Security Agency.

Digital Government

Meta Settles With Justice On Discriminatory Housing Ads

The historic complaint marks the first time federal prosecutors challenged a company over algorithmic bias related to housing discrimination.


DOJ Ramps Up Efforts To Halt Cybercrime

Through new enforcement and reporting efforts, the Justice Department is attempting to curb online harassment, especially related to vulnerable populations.


Justice Pursues Collaboration to Fight Cyber Crime with EU Member States

Under an executive order on the responsible development of digital assets, the department recently recommended the U.S. deepen its investment in international organizations to counter ransomware and other illicit activity.

Digital Government

Oversight Report Says U.S. Marshals Need More Effective Cataloging for Seized Crypto

A new audit from the Office of the Inspector General reveals the U.S. Marshals Service could improve its seized crypto management with new procedures and policies.


FBI, DOJ Seize Website Addresses, Associated Illegal Data Sales, Hacking Services

International law enforcement targeted and confiscated three internet domain names that sell cyberattacks and personal information.


DOJ Issues Guidance for Enforcing Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Nearly a decade after the death of open-access advocate Aaron Schwartz, his legacy is still playing out in cybersecurity policy.

Artificial Intelligence

Justice, EEOC Release Guide To Prevent AI Discrimination

A new document builds on burgeoning EEOC regulations to prevent biases in AI technology in the workplace.


US Signs on to New Electronic Evidence Protocol in International Cybercrime Agreement 

The new protocol is officially being added to the Budapest Convention—an arrangement between 66 member-states—after four years of negotiations.


DOJ Disrupts Botnet Run by Russian State-Backed Hacking Group Sandworm

A slew of federal officials from the U.S. and U.K. removed malware from among thousands of infected devices, disrupting a global botnet.


Lawmakers Move to ‘Crack Down’ on Dark Web-Based Opioid Trafficking

Three agencies could be required to report on the use of cryptocurrency for drug dealing on the dark web.


U.S. Law Enforcement Charges Russian Nationals In Global Energy Hacking Scheme

Four Russian government employees were indicted with charges of hacking, illegally obtaining information on computer systems and wire fraud, among others.