GAO: DHS acting secretary, top deputy were appointed illegally

Top acting officials at DHS were appointed without regard for laws in place governing agency succession, according to a Government Accountability Office legal opinion.

With furloughs looming, union pleads for deal on USCIS funding

The immigration agency is seeking $1.2 billion to keep employees working through an anticipated financial shortfall it links to the pandemic.

USCIS postpones planned furloughs

A top appropriator vows to address potential future furloughs in next COVID-related legislative package.

Lawmakers ask DHS leaders to postpone USCIS furloughs

The immigration agency is now set to end FY2020 with surplus, and two Senate appropriators are asking for a pause on furloughs while Congress negotiates supplemental funding to offset 2021 shortfalls.

House Appropriators pass DHS funding bill

Passage comes a day after union leaders warn about impacts of looming USCIS furloughs.

House's DHS funding bill would create public-private cyber center

The legislation would give $2.25 billion to DHS' cyber wing and set up an integrated cybersecurity center with other agencies, state and local governments and private industry.

USCIS anticipates major furloughs

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is staring down the prospect of having to furlough almost three-fourths of its workforce.

Union heads urge caution as DHS looks to resume normal operations

As the Department of Homeland Security considers the process of resuming normal operations, unions representing agency employees are calling on agency leadership to ensure that personnel have adequate resources to protect against exposure to COVID-19.

Why feds shouldn't fear GitHub

Agencies shouldn't be afraid to leverage open-source tools like GitHub during software development, a USCIS IT official said.

DHS maps out data sharing with Census Bureau

Data on travel, immigration and enforcement from the Department of Homeland Security will be used by the Census Bureau as part of a plan to determine the number of immigrants and non-citizens residing in the U.S. in the 2020 population count.

DHS acquisitions are steady despite CIO departure

Technology procurement at the Department of Homeland Security remains on steady ground despite the departure of CIO Dr. John Zangardi earlier this month for an industry job, according to the agency's top acquisition official.

Advanced tech and human operators

Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are helping perform cybersecurity tasks, but humans remain central to the process, experts say.

McAleenan resignation puts the spotlight on DHS vacancies

Ten of the most senior posts at the Department of Homeland Security are held by acting leaders, and only five have candidates in the Senate confirmation pipeline.

Acquisition frozen at DHS due to the shutdown

The Department of Homeland Security acknowledged that the government shutdown, now over a month old, is hampering the ability of the agency to respond to contract solicitations.

State Department wants to ask all visa applicants about their social media activity

For the millions who seek a U.S. visa every year, giving up social media information and history may become a required step.

DHS pursues cases exploiting biometric data gaps

A federal judge's recent order denaturalizing a naturalizing U.S. citizen shows how efforts to remedy a digital fingerprint gap are working.

USCIS looks go big on biometrics

The immigration agency is developing rules to more aggressively use iris, voice and rapid DNA technologies.