Trump Signs Executive Order to ‘Streamline’ Rural Broadband

The order offers no funding for broadband projects but aims instead to reduce bureaucratic barriers for industry.

How the Battle for Net Neutrality Will Continue in 2018

Proponents of net neutrality are pursuing several different paths to prevent internet service providers from tampering with website access.

Barack Obama Reflects on Leaving the Presidency

He gave his first major interview as a private citizen to Prince Harry of Wales—discussing his marriage, his aspirations, and the importance of free speech.

In 2017, Silicon Valley Got Cozier with China. In 2018, Washington Will Get Frostier

Here are some of the most significant moves by U.S. tech firms and Washington over the past year.

China’s Internet 'Clean-up' Has Closed Over 13,000 Illegal Websites Since 2015

While the report says all the websites taken down over the three-year span were illegal, it provided few other details about the sites taken down.

Senate Passes Bill for Phone-Friendly Federal Websites

The bipartisan Connected Government Act is waiting for the president’s signature.

Proposed FCC Rules Could Threaten Local Broadband Competition

Rural areas, in particular, may continue to go unserved if small wireless internet providers get shut out of bidding wars for large license areas by the mobile industry.

How Puerto Rico is Rebuilding Its Network Three Months After Maria

Puerto Rico's post-Maria communications effort could serve as a disaster-response playbook for other governments.

Hurricane Maria Has Made Puerto Rico a Testbed for New Technology

Government, tech companies, and nonprofits have all worked to bring the US territory back online.

Network Neutrality Can't Fix the Internet

The FCC is poised to dismantle common carriage for broadband and wireless providers. That’s bad, but the internet itself is worse.

Farmers to Congress: We Need Broadband, Too

Agriculture and energy companies in rural areas want to find efficiencies with internet of things devices, but lack of high-speed access is a problem

Democrats Push for Billions to Bring High-Speed Internet to Everyone

Lawmakers believe faster, better broadband will help bring underserved rural communities into the 21st-century economy.

Broadband Is Largely Inaccessible to Those Who Need it Most

Because of high prices and low accessibility, poor and rural communities are the least likely to subscribe to high-speed internet.

After Harvey Took Out Communications, FEMA Set Up Its Own

The agency’s D.C.-based command center keeps feds on the same page in the wake of the storm.

FCC Asks for Help Fixing Faulty Broadband Provider Data

The agency wants to correct and refine information on broadband coverage in different areas of the country.

Apple Has Sold 1.2 Billion iPhones Since Launching the Device a Decade Ago

That’s nearly one iPhone for every person in China, or one in three people globally with internet access.