Senators, Providers Criticize ‘Unpredictable’ FCC Funding for Rural Broadband

“Cutting [Universal Service Fund] support cuts the legs out of the business case for rural broadband in many places,” said one telecom CEO.

Broadband Access Lags on Tribal Lands, Study Finds

More than a third of Americans residing on tribal land lack high-speed internet access.

The Web Is Broken, So Its Founder Is Taking Another Stab at It

Tim Berners-Lee believes people should control their own data.

FCC Approves New Rule To Limit Local Authority In 5G Rollout

Proponents said the order will insure that delivery of faster wireless service occurs in more areas more quickly, but a key opponent called it “extraordinary federal overreach.”

DHS Needs to Define Network Disruptions Before It Can Fight Them

Agencies have different definition of what an outage is and that matters.

Homeland Security Invests $11.6 Million in Countering Large-Scale Internet Outages

The grants are focused on the effect outages could have on critical infrastructure.

As Google Plans To Re-Enter China, Lawmakers Have Concerns

The tech giant originally left China eight years ago due to censorship concerns.

Will Electric Co-ops Close the Digital Divide?

The Federal Communications Commission seems to think they’re part of the solution.

Thousands of Miles of Internet Cables Could Be Underwater by 2033

Rising sea levels could threaten internet access for millions of people, according to a recent study.

FirstNet to Offer Emergency Drop Kits Creating a ‘Connected Bubble’ to First Responders

AT&T’s team is also working with states to get a liaison in every emergency operations center.

Google Search Might Return to China’s Internet, and Some Users Can Hardly Wait

If Google does relaunch its search engine in China, it will end up compliant with some of the world’s most restrictive policies on freedom of information.

Google Is Boosting Internet Access in Nigeria’s Biggest Cities With Free Public Wi-Fi

While these projects are couched as moves to help more Africans come online, they are also plays to increase revenue.

Urban Broadband Needs Upgrading, Too

Digital redlining denies as many city residents access to the internet as it does rural Americans in some states, an advocacy group says.

Google’s High-Altitude Internet Balloons Could Soon Connect Rural Kenya

If implemented, the project could have the potential of extending online connectivity to thousands of people across Kenya.

State Sales Tax Collections Finally Move Into the Internet Age

The Supreme Court's ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair scraps a precedent that dates back to the heyday of mail order catalogs.

DISA Plans to Change How Pentagon Employees Browse the Internet

Officials are looking to isolate the internet from agency networks by pushing web browsing to the cloud.