Congress tries again for comprehensive data privacy bill

The bill would establish national data privacy standards, with the Federal Trade Commission crafting rules for enforcement.

FTC rejects software companies’ bid to use facial recognition to verify user age

The Federal Trade Commission voted unanimously against approving a software verification tool that would use biometrics to meet requirements under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule.

Help wanted: Regulators worldwide need tech expertise

As economies continue to digitize, governments say they need more technological expertise to evaluate companies and technology, as well as detect problems.

FTC cracks down on AI impersonation scammers

The Federal Trade Commission is looking to extend its authority to target fraudsters impersonating individuals in scams. The proposed rule covers the misuse of generative artificial intelligence and other technologies.

House lawmakers say existing regulatory powers can police generative AI abuse

Reps. Marcus Molinaro and Don Beyer discussed how legislative action – on a state and federal level – is needed to continue to police new generative artificial intelligence usage.

NSA illegally purchases Americans’ internet data without a warrant, senator says

The NSA’s purchases of commercial metadata without a court order — revealed in documents exchanged with Sen. Ron Wyden — violate consumer protection laws, the Oregon Democrat claims.

FTC to probe big tech firms on AI deals

The Federal Trade Commission is looking deeper into major technology companies’ investments and partnerships with fellow artificial intelligence and cloud service providers.

FTC puts out public call to help stop voice cloning robocalls

The Federal Trade Commission is going after life-like voice calls produced with artificial intelligence in its latest efforts to prevent consumer abuse at the hands of AI systems.

FTC bans Rite Aid from using AI facial recognition for 5 years

After investigating its business practices, the Federal Trade Commission alleges that the pharmacy chain did not sufficiently protect its consumers’ digital privacy.

FTC votes to streamline investigations into AI products

In a 3-0 vote, the Federal Trade Commission approved a resolution that will let agency staff issue certain demands when investigating artificial intelligence-based services and products for potential market violations.

Nevada Dem renews push for data privacy standards

The legislation would require companies to be more transparent about privacy practices and authorize the FTC to make rules limiting data collection to "reasonable" business purposes.

UK regulator targets competition in cloud industry

In a case with echoes for the U.S. market, Great Britain's competition regulator is investigating cloud vendor lock-in.

New bill would give the government oversight of critical AI use cases

The Democratic-backed AI Accountability Act of 2023 gives the Federal Trade Commission new authority and a new office to regulate how AI algorithms make critical decisions on housing, healthcare.

CFPB helms multi-agency effort to scrutinize sale of Americans’ data

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission are teaming up to investigate long-awaited regulatory steps into the sale of Americans’ data by third party companies. 

FTC, HHS warn of potential privacy and security risks embedded in online health sites

The agencies noted hospitals and telehealth providers could be exposing sensitive patient health information through online tracking tools like Meta Pixel and Google Analytics.

FTC probe of OpenAI: Consumer protection is the opening salvo of US AI regulation

COMMENTARY | The FTC probe of ChatGPT maker OpenAI aligns with concerns that members of Congress have expressed.

The fight for the future of cloud

The Federal Trade Commission got an earful from managed services providers, trade groups and antitrust activists about cloud business practices.