Digital Government

The fight for the future of cloud

The Federal Trade Commission got an earful from managed services providers, trade groups and antitrust activists about cloud business practices.

Digital Government

FTC charges Ring over 'disregard' for customer data security

The Federal Trade Commission has proposed stronger security protocols for home video surveillance company Ring after years of mounting concern over data privacy.

Digital Government

FTC Dings Reproductive Health App Over Data Sharing Violations

The app Premom and its parent company will pay $100,000 in a settlement following allegations of sharing sensitive user health data to third parties.

Artificial Intelligence

FTC Issues Warning About Generative AI Misuse

The agency noted that firms should not harm or deceive consumers with the new tools or get rid of staff in charge of artificial intelligence ethics.

Artificial Intelligence

4 Agencies Pledge Enforcement Against AI Bias

A letter helmed by the Federal Trade Commission promises vigilance against automated systems used to make critical socioeconomic decisions.

Digital Government

FTC Seeks Info on Cloud Computing Market’s Influence

The Federal Trade Commission is asking for public feedback about the market power of cloud computing providers, among other information.

Digital Government

FTC Launches New Office of Technology for ‘In-House Skills’

The launch of the Federal Trade Commission’s tech-focused office comes as federal regulators have ramped up investigations into the practices of large technology companies.

Emerging Tech

FTC Votes to Finalize Data Security Order for Ed Tech Website

The FTC issued another set of requirements for online businesses handling sensitive consumer data following multiple data breaches.

Emerging Tech

Legislators Renew Efforts to Protect Consumers from an Eavesdropping Fridge

The reintroduced bill asks the Federal Trade Commission to establish disclosure guidelines for smart devices and appliances that consumers would not expect to be recording them.


FTC Proposes Ban on Noncompetes, Which Agency Says Stifle Innovation

Opponents of noncompetes have long argued that the agreements have a harmful impact on competition, particularly on the tech sector’s ability to develop cutting-edge devices and services.

Digital Government

Agency Recommends Firmer Data, Algorithm Regulations to Protect Online Privacy

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration responded to the Federal Trade Commission’s request for advice on developing an online privacy framework.


FTC's Data Security Complaint Against Drizly Sets New Leadership Responsibility

The consequences of Drizly’s lax security measures could echo past the beverage delivery company.

Digital Government

FTC Announces New Chief Technology Officer and Public Affairs Director

The agency’s acting CTO was appointed to the permanent position, after a year of working in an acting capacity.


Whistleblower Explains How Twitter Easily Skirted FTC’s Data Security Enforcement

The former public official—and legendary hacker’s—decision to expose what he described as a disastrous security environment at the company has prompted an unlikely alliance in Congress.

Digital Government

FTC Debates Whether Data Privacy Concerns Warrant Market Wide Rules

A Thursday hearing on the matter featured both industry and consumer advocate perspectives on the best regulatory approach.

Digital Government

FTC Sues Location Data Collector, Alleging Lax Security

The Federal Trade Commission is going after data broker Kochava over its practice of selling “sensitive geolocation data.”


FTC's Tech and Cyber Modernization Sees Success and Ongoing Challenges

The agency’s report indicated that the Federal Trade Commission was on track and making progress towards most of its tech-related goals, while offering a plan for future goals.

Emerging Tech

FTC Considering New Data Privacy Regulations That Go Beyond Asking Users for Consent

Commissioners are split on whether new regulations—and even the act of gathering information on a proposed new regulation—is the right way forward.