Emerging Tech

Federal Government to Offer $10M to Research COVID-19 Spread on Public Transportation

Major cities could be excluded from receiving grants for “permitting anarchy, violence, and destruction,” per a presidential memo cited in the funding opportunity. 

Emerging Tech

Lawmakers Outline How the Government Can Make AI Development Equitable

The federal government could open up its own research data to train systems and offer grants for educational opportunities to support artificial intelligence research.  

Emerging Tech

GSA Wants a Feedback Machine to Help Agencies and the Public Navigate Policies

The Office of Governmentwide Policy wants to know the cost and capabilities of platforms that can help manage questions on acquisition, public buildings and government travel.

CIO Briefing

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Protect All Feds’ Leave Following COVID

Although OPM’s current policy only waives the 30-day annual leave cap for essential employees who are unable to use their leave due to their duties responding to the coronavirus pandemic, Democrats in Congress want to extend the waiver to all federal workers.

IT Modernization

Report: Agencies Must Adapt Services More Quickly to Meet Customer Demands

The government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic suggests it should continue being agile in its approach to service delivery.


CISA Reveals Timeline for Improving Anemic Information Sharing Program

The private sector has been pushing for greater liability protections before participating in a two-way exchange of cyber threats and vulnerabilities with the agency.


DHS Exempts Expanded Insider Threat Program From Key Privacy Act Provisions

The agency will be allowed to collect large amounts of data without having to follow several provisions regarding disclosure, relevance and the sharing of that information.

CIO Briefing

865,000 Women Left the Workforce Last Month

Overall, 661,000 jobs were added in the U.S. labor force between August and September — but women still left it at alarming numbers.


Can We Still Go to Mars?

The pandemic is making a journey to the red planet feel further away than ever.


Industry Groups Spar Over NDAA Provisions on Sourcing of Electronics from China   

Dueling letters to lawmakers support and oppose language requiring the department to phase out the procurement of some basic technology from adversarial nations.


'Nobody Knows What's Going On': Census Workers Decry Chaos as Trump Administration Challenges Court Order

Census enumerators say they have received inconsistent messages and workloads in recent days despite court order to keep count going.

CIO Briefing

Despite President’s Comments, Transition Efforts Required By Law Are Underway

The Trump administration so far has met all of its requirements to prepare for the transition to a second term or a new president.

IT Modernization

Lawmakers Propose Using FCC E-Rate Funds to Boost Individuals’ Internet Access

The Federal Communications Commission-provided funds have historically been distributed to institutions instead of people.

CIO Briefing

Dr. Anthony Fauci Says Americans Should Trust Credibility of COVID-19 Vaccine Process

Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, blamed “mixed messages that have come out of Washington” for waning public trust.

Emerging Tech

Congressional Report Spotlights AI, Emerging Technologies as Future of National Security

The House Armed Services Committee’s Future of Defense Task Force released its final report advocating for a revolution in how the U.S. approaches national security. 

CIO Briefing

Federal Government to Conclude Fiscal 2020 With Record Spending

Even without data from the month of September, the Treasury Department reports total federal spending exceeded $6 trillion for the first time.