Astroturfing Is Bad But It's Not the Whole Problem

The shift to a digital process has made commenting easier yet also inadvertently opened the floodgates to voluminous, duplicative and, yes, even “fake” comments.


FBI Director Argues Private Companies Shouldn’t Decide Encryption Debate 

A key lawmaker questioned whether the Justice Department’s position is at odds with the Defense Department’s.


U.S. Workplaces Are Nowhere Near Ready to Contain a Coronavirus Outbreak

Tens of millions of Americans don't have paid sick days while others operate in "tough it out" workplace cultures.


ODNI Plans to Share More About Cyber Threats Under New Counterintelligence Strategy

The strategy requires the intelligence community to think of the private sector as consumers of its threat information.


GAO to DHS: Assess How Agencies Implement Cyber Directives

An audit says the Department of Homeland Security needs to do more to ensure agencies carry out binding directives it issues.

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GSA Praised for Progress on Contracting Schedule Consolidation

Compared to a 2015 merger, “phase two [of the current process] far exceeds the expectations,” said one observer.

Emerging Tech

Presidential Advisers Push for National Network to Support Quantum and AI Advancement

As with the High Performance Computing initiative in the past, industry and academic advisers told the administration they need facilities and a network to get from bits to neurons and qubits.

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Dating Apps Can Be Dangerous. Congress Is Investigating.

Prompted by press reports, including a recent article by Columbia Journalism Investigations and ProPublica, a House subcommittee announced that it would examine the use of dating apps by minors and the prevalence of sex offenders on such sites.


Future of Federal Data Strategy Will Include Informing Citizens About How Their Data Is Used

As agencies share more data between departments, the administration will develop a framework and tools for citizens to manage how their personal information is used.


Pentagon Announces Final Version of Cyber Standards for Contractors

Mythbusting officials explain why the Defense Department’s certification plan will have a slow rollout.

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FCC Approves $20 Billion Rural Broadband Funding Plan

While proponents heralded the fund as a major step to close the "rural digital divide," Democrats on the commission warned that many areas that need internet won't get help.

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Whistleblower Protection Agency, Judge Clash Over Which Feds to Protect From Reprisal

A narrow interpretation of a new law could discourage federal employees from reporting wrongdoing, agency says.

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Justice Files ‘First-of-its-Kind Enforcement Action’ Against Robocall Carriers

The department is suing a handful of companies that were repeatedly warned they were facilitating fraudulent robocalls from organizations posing as government agencies and other businesses.


House Panel Clears Bills to Give CISA Subpoena Power, Retain Leadership

The Homeland Security Department’s newest agency enjoys bipartisan support in shaky times.

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Help Pick This Year’s Government All-Star Team

Nominations are open for the second annual Theodore Roosevelt Government Leadership Awards.

IT Modernization

Social Security Announces More Telework Cuts

The move comes after Congress directed the agency to reinstate telework in other offices within SSA.


Final DOD Cybersecurity Certification Model Due Friday

The Defense Department will seek information within weeks to build a sophisticated database that will serve as a repository for auditors.


Congress Passes Bill to Spur Veterans’ Participation in STEM Fields

The STEM workforce gap is real. Lawmakers say veterans are a key to help close it.

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States Sue Trump Administration Over 3D-Printed Gun Regulations

The state attorneys general say they fear making online designs to create “ghost guns” more accessible will lead to violence.