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Eric Katz
Eric Katz writes about federal agency operations and management. His deep coverage of Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Postal Service has earned him frequent guest spots on national radio and television news programs. Eric joined Government Executive in the summer of 2012 and previously worked for The Financial Times. He is a graduate of The George Washington University.
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Senate Reaches a Deal to Avoid a Shutdown, Punts Threat for 10 Weeks

Lawmakers agree to drop controversial provisions, set up new deadline for lame duck Congress.

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The Path to Averting a Shutdown Is Still Unclear, With Just Days Until the Deadline

The Senate is set to vote on a continuing resolution Tuesday that would fund agencies for 10 more weeks, but includes provisions many lawmakers oppose.

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Lawmakers Are Setting a Tight Schedule to Avoid a Government Shutdown

Senate Democrats plan to unveil a bill Wednesday, but will hold off on a vote in an effort to rally support for it.

IT Modernization

IRS Has the Funding to Hire Tens of Thousands. Can It Actually Do So?

IRS hiring has been thrust into the spotlight, but augmenting the agency's workforce is still far from guaranteed.

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House Sends Package that Includes an IRS Hiring Boost and USPS EV Funding to Biden

The measure aimed at lowering health care costs and fueling the fight against climate change received only Democratic support.

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These Are the Agencies Federal Employees Are Leaving at the Highest Rates

After jumping during the pandemic, the government's overall attrition rate has stabilized.

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If Trump Is Reelected, His Aides Are Planning to Purge the Civil Service

Officials are looking to revive a controversial order issued in Trump's waning days and have already identified 50,000 federal positions to target.

Emerging Tech

This Is Where USPS Is Building Out Its First Mega-Centers This Year

The Postal Service will build out 60 new facilities as part of Louis DeJoy's 10-year plan, adding to its overall staff and improving working conditions.

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The Supreme Court Deals a Major Blow to the EPA, and All Agencies

The court's conservative majority limits agencies' capacity to write new rules on major issues.

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FEMA Chief Says Her Top Priority Is to Ensure Agency Has Adequate Staffing for Upcoming Emergencies

Employees and managers alike continue to warn lawmakers about the impact that growing demands will have on the agency's ability to respond to disasters.

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A New Law Will Make It Harder to Escape Investigation By Leaving Federal Service

The measure will allow the Veterans Affairs Department IG to subpoena former feds and contractors.