IT Modernization

House Oversight Leaders to Trump: Stop Deleting Tweets

Chaffetz, Cummings say president and staff may be violating records retention laws.

Emerging Tech

Poll: Americans Want Drone Delivery - But Not Yet

Young, urban citizens more interested in the technology, Postal Service IG survey finds.

CIO Briefing

Everyone Seems to Want Federal Employees to Use Uber

Administration and Congress grapple with overlapping measure to boost rideshare usage.

CIO Briefing

Watchdog: The ‘Window’ Into Government Performance Is Pretty Cloudy

GAO says the website doesn’t do a very good job of tracking whether agencies are meeting their goals.


How the Postal Service Can Keep Up With Amazon and Uber

USPS is seeing its competitive advantages of large networks and high volumes diminished.

CIO Briefing

Americans: Furloughs Were So Last Month

Number of Google searches for ‘furlough’ has dipped since agencies finalized plans.


Postal Service Launches 'Smart' Clothing Line

Cash-strapped USPS turns to high-tech fashion.


Live-tweeting war

Israel issues social media updates on missile strikes; Hamas tweets response.


Conservatives are closing the gap with liberals in social media

Thirty-eight percent of social media users promote political issues, poll finds.

CIO Briefing

Tech industry: Obama will win, but we prefer Romney

Study finds tech executives think Republican challenger would be better for industry.

CIO Briefing

Agencies not taking steps to avoid redundant IT spending, report finds

GAO says agencies need to utilize ‘enterprise architecture’ to plan and report on tech spending.

IT Modernization

Chinese tech companies to Congress: We're not spies

‘One person’s bug is another’s back door,’ Rep. Mike Rogers says.