How Equipment Left In Afghanistan Will Expose US Secrets

Even rendered inoperable, equipment now in the hands of the Taliban will yield troves of information about how the U.S. builds weapons and uses them.

Air Force Looks to Kaiju for Advanced Anti-Aircraft Countermeasures

Project Kaiju—expected in January—will include nine efforts named after famous giant monsters.

Army Researchers Turn to DOD Supercomputers to Digitally Twin Gas Turbine Engine

It could lead to “disruptive new engine designs,” an engineer involved said.

Postal Service Will Focus on Big Data, Digital Platforms Over Next 10 Years

As the Postal Service looks at the next 10 years, the agency inspector general looked back at the last decade of technology innovation to see what’s worked and what hasn’t.

These 3 Energy Storage Technologies Can Help Solve the Challenge of Moving to 100% Renewable Electricity

Energy storage can make facilities like solar farms more profitable by letting them store power for cloudy days.

House Bill Aims to Bridge Acquisition ‘Valley of Death’ In Race to Counter China

A draft of the House NDAA markup outlines two provisions to fix the gap between research and acquisition.

Cryptocurrency Company Makes Case for Running its Own Local Government

A Nevada commission is studying the concept. An executive with Blockchains Inc. says its plans for an "innovation zone" won't work inside an existing county.

Oak Ridge-Made Software Platform Digitally Twins All U.S. Buildings

Those involved aim to help improve nationwide decision-making about energy efficiency.

Space Force’s Innovation Hub Announces Solicitations in the Works

SpaceWERX kicks off with a virtual event to find cutting-edge space tech from companies that are new to working with the government.

National Labs Move to Support Researchers Seeking Name Changes on Past Work

As part of broader inclusivity campaigns, the labs aim to relieve some burdens faced by transgender authors or others whose names have changed over their professions.

NSF Adds 11 New AI Research Institutes to Its Collaborative, Nationwide Network 

Top thinkers across multiple sectors are set to jointly engage with the evolving technology.

Lawmakers Want DOD to Explore Tech's Valley of Death Problem

A House Armed Services subcommittee is calling for mandates in the upcoming National Defense Authorization Act to examine barriers to scaling innovative tech.

DOD Wants Emerging Tech But Acts like An ‘Innovation Tourist,’ Report Says

Organizational disconnects between innovation offices and procurement officials makes broad adoption of cutting-edge tech challenging, according to the Center for Security and Emerging Technology.

Bill Would Commit Tens of Billions to Modernize National Labs

Rep. Bill Foster shed light on how the bill fits into a broader Congressional strategy to boost U.S. investments in science and research, and what’s to come for the National Lab Caucus.

Democrats Again Propose New Tech-Focused Agency and Big Boosts in R&D Funding

Lawmakers want the “aspirational vision” to help steer future negotiations.

Innovation-Minded Feds Invited to Join New Community of Practice

The group is looking for federal employees of all levels to promote the application of modern approaches and practices across the government.