Energy Eyes Industry Partnerships to Further Biofuel Development

The Biden administration has placed emphasis on domestic biomanufacturing, and Energy engineers hope to spur cellulosic material-based biofuel development. 

First National Standards Strategy Aims to Keep U.S. Competitive in Emerging Tech

Unveiled Thursday, the strategy promotes private sector and international collaboration with federal officials as emerging technologies continue to advance. 

Launch of First 3D-Printed Rocket Included Innovative NASA Alloy

The alloy could be used in future missions to the moon and Mars and can withstand high temperatures while reducing the weight and cost of components.

US Needs Biotechnology Investment to Avoid Playing Catch-Up in Future, Admin Official Says

OSTP Director Arati Prabhakar discussed the Biden administration’s ongoing tech priorities following a record-breaking fiscal year 2024 budget request for research and development.

NASA Makes 6 Awards to Help Advance Air and Space Exploration

The concepts include quantum radar technology and using bacteria to make on-demand drugs in space.

Paradigm Shift: Recruiting for Lifelong Careers or Public Service Stints

Both long- and short-term public servants can be beneficial for the government in technology and beyond.

DHS and South Korea Sign Agreement for Emerging Tech Collaboration

The memorandum of understanding will help the U.S. and Republic of Korea share information and emerging technology to boost their security capabilities for cyber and other threats.

Recent Market Volatility Shows Value of Government Funding, DOD Official Says

Despite economic uncertainty, the head of the Pentagon’s office that connects promising tech companies with private capital said they will “continue to advance these technologies and support DOD operations.”

Regulation Must Keep Up with Novel Space Technology, Experts Say

Panelists at the Satellite 2023 conference noted that the relationship between government and industry when it comes to space is still a “paradigm from yesteryear.”

Innovation Thrives When Governments Embrace Next-Gen Public-Private Partnerships

By rethinking how sectors collaborate and encouraging long-term institutional relationships, communities can get the most out of technology projects, one expert said.

New AIs Make The Mainstream

Artificial intelligence technology is now moving ahead at warp speed.

VA Announces Winners of $20M Challenge to Prevent Veteran Suicides

The 10 winners of the VA’s Mission Daybreak challenge developed innovative solutions that leveraged technology, artificial intelligence and mobile apps to help reduce the number of veteran suicides.

Government Considers Whether AI Can Invent Something Patentable

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office seeks public comments on the intersection of artificial intelligence and inventorship.

NASA Uses AI to Design Mission Hardware

The artificial intelligence-assisted components are lighter and can handle higher structural loads than human-designed components, according to the agency.

Energy Launches Foundation to Accelerate Emerging Tech Commercialization

The Energy Department aims to boost investment in commercial energy tech through its first ever agency-related foundation.

NIST Facilities ‘Well Overdue’ for Modernization, Report Says 

A National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine report found the facilities’ conditions hinder researchers’ productivity.