Innovation-Minded Feds Invited to Join New Community of Practice

The group is looking for federal employees of all levels to promote the application of modern approaches and practices across the government.

U.S. Needs Tech Agency to Compete with China, Think Tank Says

The U.S. Innovation and Competition Act is just a first step when it comes to competition with China, according to the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.

Biden’s Proposed Budget Is a Step in the Right Direction for Emerging Tech

The administration must engage cutting-edge tech companies that will drive economic prosperity and keep the U.S. ahead of its adversaries. 

New National Lab Supercomputer Inches America Closer to the Exascale Era

Officials said it should lead the Top500 list ranking the world’s most powerful machines.

Millennium Challenge, SBA Agree to Apply U.S. Tech to Global Issues

Small businesses will be able to pilot and scale their technologies to various countries' needs in energy, agriculture and other sectors.

House Republicans Want China-Focused Bills Moved Through Regular Order

Committee ranking members signed a letter to Democratic leadership urging them to take advantage of the bipartisan support for passing legislation to boost U.S. innovation

DHS Plans Next Rally to Advance Facial Recognition Tech

Modern systems are getting good at verifying people who are wearing face masks—and DHS wants to make them better.

GSA’s 10x Will Test 22 Innovative Ideas Suggested by Federal Employees

The government’s internal process and tech suggestion box received 250 project proposals.

Commerce Awards $29M in Coronavirus-Related Innovation Grants

The projects address economic, health and safety risks caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Health Agencies Seek Face Mask Designs of the Future

Federal officials want innovators to reimagine the protective products.

Do You See Yourself in the Room?

This moment in time presents a unique opportunity for the government to embrace representative innovation.

Experts Explore the Need for a National Technology Strategy 

Defense and security thought leaders outlined problems and priority areas such a strategy would need to address to counter China and ensure U.S. prosperity. 

HHS Aims to Accelerate Technologies for Combatting Lyme Disease

The often-overlooked illness radically disrupts hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

Defense Innovation Unit Initiated 35% More Projects in 2020

The group initiated 23 new projects and transitioned 11 capabilities to Defense Department partners last year, according to its annual report. 

Veterans Affairs Department Expands 5G Footprint to Miami

The agency’s latest next-generation wireless network was recently deployed by T-Mobile.