HHS Aims to Accelerate Technologies for Combatting Lyme Disease

The often-overlooked illness radically disrupts hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

Defense Innovation Unit Initiated 35% More Projects in 2020

The group initiated 23 new projects and transitioned 11 capabilities to Defense Department partners last year, according to its annual report. 

Veterans Affairs Department Expands 5G Footprint to Miami

The agency’s latest next-generation wireless network was recently deployed by T-Mobile.

Former 18F Official Returns to Lead Next Phase of Technology Transformation Services

The tech team is about delivering services to the public, not just disruption, General Services Administration alumni Dave Zvenyach told Nextgov. 

What Robots Need to Become Better Helpers

Hand, fingers and a sense of touch are tricky but may be essential for some robots' tasks.

Key Takeaways for Government Leaders from CES

For the government to stay competitive and best serve Americans, it’s time to look to the consumer market.

Roper Makes His Pitch To Biden Team: ‘I Want to Be Part of the China Fight’

The Air Force acquisition chief says he keeps politics out of his work at the Pentagon — and that the U.S. will lose against China without agility.

Monkeys Stick with Stuff that Isn't Working Too

In humans, this is called the “sunk costs” phenomenon.

How the Biden Administration Can Restore Trust in Government

Governments can use technology to meet people where they are, serve people better in their real lives, and make successes visible to demonstrate the value of effective governing.

Pentagon Targets Emerging Smart Technologies to Pilot in 2021

Companies are invited to apply to present relevant products during a solutions meeting next spring.

Two Years into the Government’s National Quantum Initiative

An Office of Science and Technology Policy official offered a look back on what’s unfolded—and a glimpse into what’s to come.

Why the New Administration Needs Federal Industrial Strategists

Smart strategy will require smart strategists who know the government’s policy levers and the technology innovation process. 

Scientists Suggest U.S. Embassies Were Hit with High-Power Microwaves – Here's How the Weapons Work

The technology behind the suspected weapons is well understood and dates back to the Cold War arms race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

$496M Contract Will Give DOD Engineering Capabilities, Official Says

A new Pentagon five-year contracting vehicle will support modernization and the development of the joint warfighting concept and promote technological innovation.

AFWERX Launches Space Innovation Hub

Air Force officials announced the creation of SpaceWERX, a team to help Space Force tap into cutting-edge technologies.

The Iconic American Inventor Is Still a White Male – and That's an Obstacle to Race and Gender Inclusion

National myths about inventorship normalize entrenched discrimination in STEM fields.