Webb Proves a Remarkable Technological Successor to Hubble

The first pictures NASA released from the James Webb Space Telescope demonstrate—in brilliant color—the advancements made in the technology.

NASA to Release First Images From James Webb Telescope

The space agency will get an assist from President Joe Biden, too.

Government Leaders: Export Controls, Public-Private Partnerships Key To Safeguarding U.S. Tech Development

Reps. Jim Himes and Brad Wenstrup joined Commerce Undersecretary Alan Estevez talking about the national security implications hinging on the U.S.’s leadership in emerging tech innovation.

Pentagon Calls for New Ideas in ‘Third Wave’ of AI Evolution

A new artificial intelligence program attempts to streamline machine learning algorithms to make better warfighting decisions.

Peachtree Corners Continues to Lead the Way in American Smart Cities

Nextgov checked back in with the city that houses the innovative Curiosity Lab.

HHS Establishes Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health

The Health and Human Services secretary also appointed an acting deputy director to manage the office.

Unintentional or Evolutionary: How Digital Platforms Impact Future Jobs

Two technology catalysts have changed the workforce needs of both government and the private sector.

Critical Update: ‘The Good Death Is Our Only Goal’

Leaders from GSA’s 10x program join the podcast to talk about how they’re mapping paths through the Valley of Death.

Defense Officials Emphasize Lab Modernization, Acquisition Reform Among Budget Priorities

Speaking before a House subcommittee, Department of Defense leaders identified critical operation areas within DOD offices that demand more federal funding to continue research and development.

NIST Report Documents Success In Commerce’s Technology Transfer Initiative

A new report showcases how three federal agencies submitted technology research—like patents and papers—that can have a mainstream impact.

Critical Update: Evolution in the 'Valley of Death'

Nextgov looks at the use of cooperative research and development agreements by some major industry players to highlight how the meaning of the phrase, and implementation of its associated authorities, has shifted over the years.

Critical Update: Bridging the Defense Department’s Valley of Death

The future of warfare could be determined by the Defense Department’s ability—or lack thereof—to quickly adopt emerging technologies.

U.S.-Spain Summit Aims to Promote Tech Advancement in Nations That Don't 'Diminish Freedom’

The first U.S.-Spain Cybersecurity Seminar emphasized a transatlantic partnership against cybercrimes, set against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Preparing for the Quantum Revolution

The emerging computing technology offers the potential for significant advancements, but also carries the possibility of never-before-seen threats.