What Federal IT Modernization Leaders Do Best

Modernization is not about just finding solutions that are more cost-efficient and more secure.

Emerging Tech

Air Force Turns Focus to Flying Cars

A virtual conference will kick off the service’s Agility Prime initiative to operationalize flying cars.


The Pandemic Is a Clarion Call to Remove Barriers to Innovation

The COVID-19 crisis presents an opportunity to put in place solutions that will benefit us all, now and in the future.

CIO Briefing

The Suite Life

Nextgov chats with federal executives about their role in agencies’ ever-growing C-suites. 

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Will Flying Cars Help the US Beat China? The Air Force Hopes So.

Service officials say giving American manufacturers first-mover advantage is just as important as the military benefits of vertical-lift buses.

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DARPA Wants Research on Regrowing Human Organs

The research agency is asking for insight and novel approaches to spark organ regeneration in mammals.

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Defense Digital Service is Taking Over a Drone and Counter-Drone Development Team

Building and scaling a suite of new drone capabilities is one of the Defense Department’s top priorities, officials said.

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The Pentagon Is Spending Millions on Hunter Drones With Nets

Shooting drones down over cities isn’t ideal. Nabbing them in midair is an intriguing alternative.

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AFWERX to Launch Four Challenges to Accelerate Space Innovation

The Air Force’s innovation group is crowdsourcing some of the pain points in the space domain.

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The VA’s First Chief Innovation Officer Aims to Speed Up the Delivery of Cost-Saving Services

Michael Akinyele’s mission is to find ways to innovate health care delivery and scale it across the enterprise.

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Energy Department Launches Challenge for Next-Gen Storage Technologies

The agency will coordinate a range of research and development funding opportunities, prizes, partnerships and other activities to meet a set of strategic goals by 2030.

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DARPA Wants Help Developing a ‘Sea Train’ of Unmanned Warships

The Pentagon’s research arm is looking to produce technologies for a new class of long-distance unmanned surface vessels.  

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The Crazy Government Research Projects You Might've Missed in 2019

Self-aware artificial intelligence, biology-based computers and “smart” surveillance are just a few.


NOAA Contracts With 3 Major Cloud Providers on Big Data Project

More than four years after starting the Big Data Project, NOAA signs with three cloud companies to provide free access to its wealth of data.

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China Has Increasing Sway in U.S. Science, Defense Report Says

Beijing is using better jobs at home, aggressive intelligence agencies, and a greater financial reach to influence American institutions.