DARPA Report Finds Vulnerabilities in Blockchain Tech, Non-secure Crypto Transactions

A holistic research paper documents the security concerns within decentralized ledger technologies, prompting concerns over the security of cryptocurrency transactions.

Bill Wants More Federal R&D In Blockchain Ledger Technology

The National R&D Strategy for Distributed Ledger Technology Act, introduced Tuesday, aims to allocate government resources to help the U.S. establish leadership with distributed ledger technologies.

Report: Four Cybercrime Statistics To Watch

Romance scams are on the rise and so is blockchain hacking. 

Data trust and connectivity challenge Army network innovators

The Army is taking cues from blockchain to help make battlefield data more trustworthy for commanding officers.

Beeple, Meet CPARS

Forget art. What if agencies used non-fungible tokens for reporting contractor performance?

Why Would Anyone Buy Crypto Art – Let Alone Spend Millions on What's Essentially a Link to a JPEG File?

Within the past few months, activity and prices seemed to snowball. Then the Beeple sale happened.

Critical Update: What a Treasury Office is Learning from Its Blockchain Projects

That’s not the only emerging technology the Fiscal Service Bureau’s innovation office is experimenting with. 

Homeland Security Funds 5 New Projects Exploring Blockchain Technology

The move builds on several others the agency recently made in pursuit of modernization.

House Lawmakers Re-Introduce Bill to Provide Legal Backing for Blockchain Records

It marks the latest of several other acts recently introduced that hone in on the emerging technology.

House Passes Bills to Boost Emerging Tech and Shore Up Cybersecurity of Electric Sector

Lawmakers are calling for significant research and development efforts.

CIA’s New Innovation Lab Could Mean Big Paydays for Federal Scientists

The agency is investing in cutting-edge technology and offering officials a chance to profit off their developments.

Treasury to Experiment with Blockchain for Grants Management 

After learning from other blockchain proof of concepts, officials will see if the technology can increase transparency into payment tracking.