Critical Update: How NASA Might One Day Send Humans Into Outer Space

NASA futurist Michael LaPointe joins the podcast to talk about what it will take—in technology, time and treasure—to get a human out of our solar system.

Critical Update: The Information Constellation—How NOAA Data Ends up in Forecasts

The environmental agency collects vast amounts of data each day from its constellation of satellites.

Critical Update: Where the Final Frontier Meets Your Front Door

NASA invents a lot of cool and cutting edge technology to make space exploration possible—tech that often ends up pretty close to home as well.

Critical Update: To Bridge Quantum’s Valley of Death, Labs Need Funding and Workforce

Oak Ridge National Lab’s Travis Humble discussed the state of quantum technology development and what it demands for future development. 

Critical Update: ‘The Good Death Is Our Only Goal’

Leaders from GSA’s 10x program join the podcast to talk about how they’re mapping paths through the Valley of Death.

Critical Update: Evolution in the 'Valley of Death'

Nextgov looks at the use of cooperative research and development agreements by some major industry players to highlight how the meaning of the phrase, and implementation of its associated authorities, has shifted over the years.

Critical Update: Bridging the Defense Department’s Valley of Death

The future of warfare could be determined by the Defense Department’s ability—or lack thereof—to quickly adopt emerging technologies.

Critical Update: The Call for Greater Software Transparency is Louder than Ever

Agencies will soon be required to ask vendors for a software bill of materials—or SBOM—to help manage vulnerabilities like those found in the Log4J library, but much of its contents could still be open to negotiation.

Critical Update: Inching Closer to the Long-Awaited, Next Generation of Supercomputers

Following a recent delivery, involved federal teams are now “focused on preparing for full user operations,” Nextgov confirmed.

Critical Update: Flashback to the Government’s Cloud Anxiety, Even Before SolarWinds

Re-writing the law for agencies to procure more secure cloud services is now mandated by executive order.

Critical Update: How the National Science Foundation is Innovating for its Innovators

A nascent team is developing platforms that are enabling new discoveries and insight sharing across the federal agency.

Critical Update: Federal CIO Explains the Tech Side of President’s Management Agenda

Clare Martorana joined the podcast to talk about improving customer experience and the underlying technology that makes good services better.

Critical Update: Veterans Affairs Applies Mixed Reality Tech to Solve Real-World Health Issues

Department officials are exploring virtual worlds and using artificial intelligence to transform medical treatments.

Critical Update: The Federal CISO Is Prioritizing Flexibility for Agencies

In a new age of cyberattacks, Chris DeRusha says agencies must have more room to implement practices that enable constant vigilance.

Critical Update: Cryptocurrencies to Save the Day?

After activists turned out to kill an amendment that would have set back the cryptocurrency industry, Nextgov decided to look at how the volatile technology can be used as a force for good.

Critical Update: How Federal Agencies Can Help Avert Quantum Catastrophe

The White House is working on plans to roll out new cryptographic systems that will require epic levels of funding from Congress and coordination, both within the government and in partnership with industry.