Critical Update: Inching Closer to the Long-Awaited, Next Generation of Supercomputers

Yuichiro Chino/Getty Images

Following a recent delivery, involved federal teams are now “focused on preparing for full user operations,” Nextgov confirmed.

The newest and next era of supercomputing is on the horizon.

Certain U.S. national laboratories are gearing up to operate exascale machines with performance capabilities of a billion billion operations per second.

“I hope and expect that maybe within a year, if not sooner, you're going to see some great results roll out that are going to raise eyebrows,” Dr. Doug Kothe, the Exascale Computing Project director explained in Nextgov’s Critical Update podcast last summer.

And now, that time is quickly approaching.

For this latest podcast episode, we’ll revisit the exciting, in-the-making applications associated with this pursuit, and share new information regarding the impending delivery of America’s first-ever exascale system.

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