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Brandi Vincent
Brandi Vincent reports on the federal government's use of and policies for emerging technologies—including but not limited to supercomputing, artificial intelligence, biometrics, and the internet of things. Before joining Nextgov, Brandi helped create news for millennials at Snapchat and mixed media at NBC News. She grew up in south Louisiana and received a master's in journalism from the University of Maryland.
CIO Briefing

U.S., International Lawmakers Push Facebook to Stop Online Hate Targeting Women

The social media giant must more aggressively enforce rules that it already has in place, they said.

Emerging Tech

TSA’s Looking to Rapidly Verify Passengers Without Biometrics or Physical IDs

Prior to the pandemic, hundreds of travelers would attempt to pass through security checkpoints each day without identification.


Lawmakers Push FTC to Investigate Online Advertisers Tracking and Selling of Consumers’ Data

They warn consumers’ bidstream data can be used to “compile exhaustive dossiers about them.”

Emerging Tech

How the Energy Department Is Powering NASA’s Soon-to-Launch Mars Rover

Undersecretary for Science Paul Dabbar offered a glimpse into the agency’s efforts beyond Earth.


NIH Commits $58 Million to Advance Data Science in Africa

The ultimate hope is to help advance quantitative and qualitative research and health on the continent.


Bill Calls for National Database to Track Evictions

The Housing and Urban Development Department would be required to set up and secure a new, central resource. 

Emerging Tech

U.S. Marine Corps, Verizon Launch ‘Living Lab’ to Test 5G

Officials will explore defense applications of the maturing technology on a military base in California.

Emerging Tech

White House, NSF Invest $75 Million to Launch Three Quantum Innovation Institutes

Each center will focus on innovating a different area of quantum information science and all will aim to help develop a talent pipeline.

Emerging Tech

NASA Wants Feedback on Liability Issues with Sending Private Astronauts to Space

The space agency is seeking additional feedback on the insurance and accountability issues that accompany bringing commercial astronauts to the International Space Station.

IT Modernization

How USPTO Avoided the Strains of Pandemic-Forced Mass Telework

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Chief Information Officer Jamie Holcombe shared new details about the agency's increased productivity.