Zoom's new security authorization might mean expanded use by defense components

A large number of entities were awaiting this fresh approval, a senior official confirmed.


Zoom's New Security Authorization Might Soon Mean Expanded Use by Defense Components

A large number of entities were awaiting this fresh approval, a senior official confirmed.


Critical Update: Inching Closer to the Long-Awaited, Next Generation of Supercomputers

Following a recent delivery, involved federal teams are now “focused on preparing for full user operations,” Nextgov confirmed.


Navy to Explore Land to Sea Cyber Defense Technology in Upcoming Exercise

Proposals are due later this month for the event, which will unfold starting September 6.


The Pentagon is Ready to Deliver on JADC2—Here’s How

With the implementation plan signed, officials are embarking on the next steps of this journey toward interoperability.

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IARPA Project Aims to Identify People from Drones by More Than Just Their Face

“It'll be interesting to see in a year or two from now,” according to the program manager.


DOD Awards Verizon Almost $1 Billion to Modernize its Networks

New communications equipment will soon be deployed at the Pentagon and beyond.

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If Russia Hacks a U.S. Satellite, Then What?

A Russian official warned that impacting their satellites would be considered a declaration of war, but the U.S. stance is more circumspect.

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DOD-Backed Effort Will Use Supercomputing to Predict Therapies for Future COVID-19 Variants

The aim is to build predictive models that might significantly reduce the time it takes to respond to yet-to-be-seen COVID-19 variants, once they surface.


‘You Are a Target’: Navy Warns Staff to Prepare for Cyber Threats

The Navy modernized and extended the reach of its information technology beyond traditional security boundaries over the last few years.