Critical Update: Inching Closer to the Long-Awaited, Next Generation of Supercomputers

Following a recent delivery, involved federal teams are now “focused on preparing for full user operations,” Nextgov confirmed.

DOD-Backed Effort Will Use Supercomputing to Predict Therapies for Future COVID-19 Variants

The aim is to build predictive models that might significantly reduce the time it takes to respond to yet-to-be-seen COVID-19 variants, once they surface.

Pentagon Inches Closer to Unleashing Two New Supercomputers

A storage capabilities supplier shared fresh details on the in-the-making systems.

DOD Opens Two Fresh Facilities to Field Next-Gen Supercomputers

Officials can access new office space, conference rooms—and high-performance capabilities—in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

How the Government Expanded its Supercomputing Assets in 2021

A number of new and powerful machines are being built and installed for federal agencies.

Researchers to Harness America’s First Exascale Supercomputer in Summer 2022

It will be used to pinpoint new patterns in patient data for precision medicine—and more.

Special Report: Computing on the Edge

As other infrastructure needs improve—from cloud to 5G networks—agencies are looking at what can be done at the edge, from warehouses to low-Earth orbit.

U.S. Supercomputer to Support Renewable Energy Innovation Coming in 2023

HPE will build Kestrel, named for the American falcon, for an Energy Department lab.

Air Force, Navy Set to Gain New Supercomputers in $68M Deal

The Defense Department's High Performance Computing Modernization Program is funding the machines.

Army Researchers Turn to DOD Supercomputers to Digitally Twin Gas Turbine Engine

It could lead to “disruptive new engine designs,” an engineer involved said.

Argonne National Lab Inches Closer to Exascale Age with New ‘Testbed’ Supercomputer

Polaris will support the Energy Department’s user community as it prepares for new, more powerful computing capabilities.

Verizon Awarded $495 Million Contract for DOD Supercomputing Network Modernization

The company won the fourth iteration of the Defense Research Engineering Network contract.

Critical Update: How to Develop Apps for Supercomputers that Don’t Exist Yet

The Energy Department will soon launch machines capable of completing a quintillion calculations a second.