Argonne National Lab Inches Closer to Exascale Age with New ‘Testbed’ Supercomputer

Polaris will support the Energy Department’s user community as it prepares for new, more powerful computing capabilities.

Verizon Awarded $495 Million Contract for DOD Supercomputing Network Modernization

The company won the fourth iteration of the Defense Research Engineering Network contract.

Critical Update: How to Develop Apps for Supercomputers that Don’t Exist Yet

The Energy Department will soon launch machines capable of completing a quintillion calculations a second.

New National Lab Supercomputer Inches America Closer to the Exascale Era

Officials said it should lead the Top500 list ranking the world’s most powerful machines.

Next Generation Supercomputing Bill Introduced in the House

Provisions promoting workforce development and energy efficient operations, among others, are included in the legislation.

Los Alamos National Lab to Gain Next-Gen Supercomputing System in 2023

An official detailed what’ll be the in-the-making machine’s various purposes.

U.S. Bans Business with 7 Chinese Supercomputing Firms

The new Entity List inclusions are reportedly due, in part, to use of products in China’s military pursuits.

Research Center Preps for $35M Supercomputer to Study Earth as a Complex System

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the superfast machine is expected to launch in 2022.

How Supercomputing and Advanced X-Rays Helped the Government Fight COVID-19

Years of basic research and speedy, strategic coordination helped to catalyze new and needed treatments.

Army Research Lab Announces Acquisition of Two New Supercomputers

They’re named Jean and Kay to celebrate the legacies of two computing pioneers.

Intel, Nvidia Face Questions from Lawmakers on Sale of Supercomputing Chips to China

The legislators’ probe follows reports that U.S.-built technology is underpinning the mass surveillance of Uighurs and others.

New Pentagon AI Chief: More Computers Would Bring Military AI Along Faster

Groundbreaking tools are around the corner, 3-star general says. The limiting factor is lack of computing power to grind through giant Pentagon datasets.