Former Federal CIO on the Tech Challenges the Biden Administration Faces


Vivek Kundra joins the GovExec Daily podcast to discuss the future of public sector cloud computing.

The tasks ahead of Joe Biden are vast, from the COVID-19 crisis to the political bifurcation throughout the U.S. In the IT realm, Biden enters a term facing a massive hack of government systems and vendors that analysts say could have come from Russia and a federal workforce on maximum telework due to the pandemic.

Vivek Kundra served as the first U.S. chief information officer from March 2009 to August 2011 under President Barack Obama and is now the chief operating officer at Sprinklr, an enterprise software company. He joined the GovExec Daily podcast to discuss Biden’s potential technology priorities as president, including expanding broadband access, finding potential savings from cloud computing, and designing digital services to make things simpler for citizens.