Defense Logistics Agency Making Rapid Progress in Cloud Migration

A DLA official said the agency moved apps to the cloud close to six weeks ahead of schedule.

DOD’s Deputy CIO Wants to Change the Conversation on IT

Danielle Metz, leader for the information enterprise, discusses the misconceptions about the office of the CIO, the ongoing Fourth Estate Network Optimization project and the importance of software modernization.

Pentagon Takes Another Step in DOD 365 Environment

The environment is part of the Defense Enterprise Office Solutions contract.

Classified Workloads Coming to MilCloud This Summer, GDIT Says

And DOD’s deputy chief information officer said DISA’s on-premise cloud contract is part of a group of offerings filling the JEDI void.

From COBOL to Cloud: DOD’s Digital Journey

Migrating big systems can be a huge project. But technologies are standing by to help you achieve it.

Treasury’s $1B Cloud Contract Aimed at Single Cloud Broker

Contracting officials released a new clarification document as the department continues preliminary work on a broad cloud management contract.

NOAA Shifts Some Key Environmental Data Processing to the Cloud

It’s an early step in the agency’s broader path toward modernization.

Why the Army Elevated Its Enterprise Cloud Office to Agency Status

Director Paul Puckett explained the move is a recognition that cloud computing is not a temporary project.

FedRAMP Outlines Requirements for Using Containers

Container technology allows operability across operating systems and faster development but is a primary security concern for implementers. 

Deputy Federal CIO on Fate of Trump-era IT Policies

The Office of American Innovation, Cloud Smart and the Federal Reskilling Academy are some of Trump-era tech policies left behind. Now the Biden team must decide what to do with them. 

How DISA Is Shifting to DEOS Cloud Tools as Interim Telework Solutions Sunset

DISA’s program director for the enterprisewide collaboration tools contract said the agency is creating a guide for other components to ease migration, including navigating security levels.

DISA’s Infrastructure as Code Partnerships Aim to Speed Up Defense Cloud Adoption

Microsoft and Amazon Web Services are working to create preconfigured templates for defense agencies. 

Commercial Cloud Outages Are a Wake-Up Call

As cloud computing’s versatility gives it the potential to become the easily identifiable “central nodes” of America’s economy, these policies are needed to ensure resilience.

IBM Announces Cloud Marketplace For Secure Chip Design

The marketplace was built as part of a recent Defense Department initiative aimed at advancing microelectronics technologies. 

CISA Official Calls for Update of Identity Management Guidance in Wake of SolarWinds Compromise

"Identity is everything now," a technical strategist told NIST advisers in a briefing on the hacking campaign.

Cloud Security

Federal agencies are rethinking how they secure information as they move more mission-critical operations to the cloud.

DISA Tech Programs Paved the Way for DOD Mass Telework

Two Defense Department officials pointed to culture as a key challenge counteracting innovation.