Survey: No Clear Winner in Cloud Wars

The biggest potential differentiator is automated cloud migration services.

CISA Seeks Comment on Visibility Effort Being Piloted with Cloud Service Providers

The agency is starting to spend the $690 million it got through the American Rescue Act to monitor security and respond to incidents across federal civilian networks.

Air Force software factory looks to unleash 'chaos' on civilian IT shops

The Kessel Run group is currently developing a playbook that would make it easier for organizations across the federal government to adopt engineering and security best practices.

Microsoft to Offer Its Office 365 Platform for Classified Workloads

Microsoft’s popular software-as-a-service offering is undergoing government review to ensure it can host some kinds of classified data. Can Support 100 Million Users Per Hour Under Air Force, GSA Collab

The tech-savvy Kessel Run division of the Air Force and the GSA’s Technology Transformation Services worked together to improve customer service on the federal government's cloud software platform.

Pentagon’s Effort to Supply Departmentwide Cloud Capabilities is Delayed, Again

Officials say they essentially underestimated how long it would take to review plans from the four cloud service providers.

The IC's 4-year Emerging Tech Investment Plan

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence's investment strategy aims to make it easier for companies to connect with program managers.

The Pentagon is Ready to Deliver on JADC2—Here’s How

With the implementation plan signed, officials are embarking on the next steps of this journey toward interoperability.

U.S. Cloud Service Giants Take Action Against Russia

The largest cloud providers in the U.S. are responding to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

TMF Announces Two New Awards

The U.S. Postal Regulatory Commission and the Selective Service System are in line for IT modernization funding boosts.

Critical Update: Flashback to the Government’s Cloud Anxiety, Even Before SolarWinds

Re-writing the law for agencies to procure more secure cloud services is now mandated by executive order.

NSA Stresses Vendor Diversification in Guidance on Network Segmentation

Robust firewalls within and around a network are especially important in environments incorporating industrial control systems, which have been targeted in Russian state-sponsored operations.

US-EU Alignment on Tech Policy Shaky in Face of Russian Aggression

The conflict in Ukraine is reinforcing an industry-friendly argument for how the government should regulate cybersecurity.

Oracle’s Cloud Can Now Host Select Top Secret Defense Data

The company will make use of special regions to store the government’s data.

Attitudes About the Future of Work Have Dramatically Changed

Now it’s time to embrace hybrid work and enhance mission performance.