IT Modernization

JEDI’s Legal Challengers Make Their Next Moves

Amazon Web Services asks a federal judge to stop work on the cloud contract and Oracle knocks back assertions that the procurement was fair because Microsoft won. 

IT Modernization

Pentagon Issues JEDI Task Order for Training

The $1 million task order signals the Pentagon wants to move forward with JEDI.

IT Modernization

Amazon Will File Injunction to Stop JEDI Work

The latest twist in the Pentagon’s JEDI cloud contract could halt further action.


FITARA Hits Its 5-year Anniversary 

An enhanced scorecard will drive better government services for citizens. 


Can the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation Program Secure a Cloud Smart Government?

The good news is that CDM is proactively reaching out to leading cloud service providers for soltuions.

CIO Briefing

Oracle’s JEDI Appeal Continues

There was an abundance of legal activity over the holidays in Oracle’s JEDI appeal.

IT Modernization

Survey: Feds View Security as Biggest Hurdle to Cloud Adoption

While agencies are becoming increasingly reliant on cloud services, a survey reveals pain points in getting there.

IT Modernization

After Two Years, JEDI is Finally Underway

The second year of competition for the Pentagon’s controversial cloud contract was as dramatic as the first.


OMB Finishes Major Tech Policy Overhauls in 2019

The Office of Management and Budget reworked several policies—some of which hadn’t been updated in a decade.  


Homeland Security Releases TIC 3.0 Use Cases with Additional Guidance

The government’s cybersecurity department released a draft set of use cases and other guidance to help agencies build secure networks in the age of cloud and mobile.


NOAA Contracts With 3 Major Cloud Providers on Big Data Project

More than four years after starting the Big Data Project, NOAA signs with three cloud companies to provide free access to its wealth of data.

IT Modernization

Microsoft Gets Temporary Authority to Host Secret Classified Defense Data

A Defense agency has granted Microsoft a temporary provisional authority to host data at Impact Level 6 for the next 90 days.

IT Modernization

App Rationalization Is Not About 'Low-Hanging Fruit'

While agencies often look for quick wins on new administration policies, the application rationalization process is not one of those areas, an official said.

IT Modernization

A More Automated FedRAMP is One Step Closer

The program office seeks public comments on updates to its automation plans.


Legacy IT Is Not the Problem

Digital transformation requires architecting an IT organization around something more fundamental to IT organizations than technology: complexity.

IT Modernization

Audit: Cloud Use Up But Agencies Skirting FedRAMP

More than 60% of federal agencies audited by the Government Accountability Office did not always use FedRAMP to authorize their cloud solutions.

IT Modernization

Agencies Turn In ‘Best FITARA Scorecard Ever’

Collectively, the federal government improved its oversight grades in IT modernization.