College Cost Calculators Aren’t Precise, but They Could Easily Be Made Better

College expenses determined by net price calculators can vary by an average of $5,700.

GSA Wants a Real Person Associated With Every SAM Registration Before Fiscal Year’s End

Every organization doing business with the government will have to name a real person as account administrator and go through a three-point ID proofing process.

GSA Needs Users to Test Ahead of DUNS Transition

Unique Entity IDs are being issued now and the General Services Administration team wants help testing the system that assigns and manages the new identifier.

Report: Agencies Failing to Comply With IDEA Act

Federal agencies are not going digital as quickly as they should be, according to a report.

The Internet Archive Has Been Fighting for 25 Years to Keep What’s on the Web from Disappearing – and You Can Help

People are warned that what they post on the internet will live forever. But that’s not really the case.

What Are Dark Patterns? An Online Media Expert Explains

It’s not you; many e-commerce websites are difficult to use by design.

CISA Considering Open-Source Registrar Platform For .Gov Domain

The agency is looking for support services to help manage the .gov registry as it takes control of the top-level domain from GSA.

Report: Nearly Half of Popular Federal Websites Fail Accessibility Tests

The report follows legislation and policy efforts undertaken by the government to improve accessibility efforts.

Why Getting More People with Disabilities Developing Technology Is Good for Everyone

Accessible technology is better for everyone, and accessible technology benefits when the people who rely on it most help build it.

Lawmakers Say It’s Past Time OMB Issued IDEA Act Guidance

After two years in limbo and a pandemic forcing more adoption of digital services, House lawmakers want to see real guidance issued in the next 45 days.

3 Companies Settle Over Millions of Fake Comments on FCC’s Net Neutrality Rollback

Broadband companies funded an effort responsible for 8.5 million fraudulent comments supporting the repeal, according to a New York attorney general report.

Feds Eliminate Fee for '.Gov' Web Addresses

Smaller localities in particular have said that the $400 annual cost was a barrier to adopting the government-specific URL.

Design Changes Coming Soon to beta.SAM

While most of the changes will be cosmetic, the design update is the result of years of user feedback and adherence to relatively new digital services standards.

Single Sign-in For Government Services Expands to States, Localities

The federal government is looking to partner with state and local governments to grow its service, which it says is secure and user friendly.

COVID-19 Drove .Gov Search Traffic in 2020 But Not Always About Health

Data on searches performed on .gov websites shows people wanted information on every aspect of the pandemic, as well as continued interest in NASA and immigration.

Senate Bill Would Force Companies to Safeguard Consumer Data

The bill outlines “reasonable” duties of care, loyalty and confidentiality for companies to follow or face fines.