New Functionality on the Way for FedBizOpps Replacement

The team managing the transition from FedBizOpps to says it plans to restore key capabilities, such as email alerts.

Users Had to Wait a Little Longer for GSA’s FedBizOpps Replacement

FedBizOpps migrated to Contract Opportunities over the weekend but a slow site and data migration issues made for some disgruntled users.

Digital First

Federal agencies are ditching paper processes to better serve citizens—and each other. 

More Vets Are Taking Advantage of Digital Services Through New

One year in, the relaunch of seems to have resulted in more veterans access digital services.

Federal Lawmakers Push '.Gov' Web Addresses For Local Governments

A new U.S. Senate bill comes amid concerns that online criminals can “spoof” the public with fake government websites.

Not Everyone Will Be Posting Opportunities to the FedBizOpps Replacement

Shifting to a new platform with new data structures is difficult, and not all contracting offices will be able to make the change by Nov. 12.

5 Milestones that Created the Internet, 50 Years After the First Network Message

Will 2019 events become a turning point for the internet?

Stealthy Tool Detects Malware in Javascript

A new open-source tool called VisibleV8 allows users to track and record the behavior of JavaScript programs without alerting the websites that run those programs.

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GSA, FCC Exploring New Ways to Combat Comment Bots and Abusers

Federal agencies want to stop fake and impersonated comments during the rulemaking process. 

Efforts to Reform Federal Hiring Already Showing Results

Administration officials said that performing pass-fail interviews earlier in the hiring process led to a faster turnaround, better candidates and more hires from public job announcements.

FedBizOpps Will Be Retired After Veterans Day Weekend

The public repository of federal contracting opportunities will be migrated to a central procurement website following a weekend-long “data freeze.”

Inside TurboTax’s 20-Year Fight to Stop Americans From Filing Their Taxes for Free

The success of TurboTax relies on whether the U.S. government makes tax filing simple and free for most citizens.

Million Veterans Program is Now Open for Online Enrollment

Veterans who opt-in to sharing their DNA through the program have the opportunity to support medical discoveries and health improvements across future generations.

GSA Opens Bids on Commercial e-Marketplace

The project—which has been called “Amazon for government”—will start with a proof-of-concept with two or more vendors.