The First 100 Days

White House Stands Down Coordination Effort on SolarWinds, Microsoft Exchange Hacks

The leading cybersecurity official on the National Security Council shared lessons learned as agencies reach patching goals.

The Hack Roundup: White House Sanctions Russia over SolarWinds

Agencies involved in response also issued advisories on the hackers' tactics while Microsoft offered federal customers free trials of an auditing tool.

White House Names National Cyber Director, CISA Chief

The administration also announced nominees for other Homeland Security Department leaders. 

Biden Budget Requests Major Investments for Federal Technology and Cybersecurity

The 1.5 trillion budget would give the Technology Modernization Fund and CISA big increases as well as launch new advanced research projects agencies.

White House to Seek Industry Input on New Software Security Rules, NSC Official Says

The administration wants to make sure the private sector has the ability to weigh in on procurement standards in an impending executive order.

Jobs Plan Is Part of Competing with China, Commerce Secretary Says

Gina Raimondo said President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure proposal will be key in out-competing China.

OPM Appointments Mark a Radical Shift in Agency's Role

The hiring of high-level executives from organized labor marks a return to federal employee unions having a seat at the table in the formulation of federal personnel policy.

Biden Infrastructure Plan Includes Billions for Federal Buildings and Research

The American Jobs Plan proposes spending a small chunk of the $2 trillion on improving federal office buildings and hospitals.

VA Rolls Back Trump-era Workforce Policies

The Veterans Affairs Department is restoring its previous contract with AFGE, which allows access to official time and union office space in department facilities.

Buttigieg Underscores Urgency of Transportation Infrastructure Investment

Republican lawmakers are skeptical of the scope of the Biden administration’s planned infrastructure package, which the president is expected to provide more details on next week.

Biden Commits to Investing ‘Closer to 2%’ of GDP in Science Research

The president referenced infrastructure, immigration, quantum computing and much more in his first formal press conference.

Biden Administration Issues New Guidance Instructing Agencies to Start Tracking Goals Again

White House reversed last-minute Trump policy to end the practice of developing and monitoring agency objectives.

Deputy Federal CIO on Fate of Trump-era IT Policies

The Office of American Innovation, Cloud Smart and the Federal Reskilling Academy are some of Trump-era tech policies left behind. Now the Biden team must decide what to do with them. 

Trump-Era COVID Guidance Wasn’t ‘Primarily’ Written by CDC Staff, Review Finds 

President Biden’s CDC director requested the review as she works to rebuild the agency.

President Biden: COVID Relief Needs ‘Fastidious Oversight’

The American Rescue Plan is the latest in the federal government’s historic pandemic spending.