Customer Experience

Trust Will Be Key for US Notify—a Federal Text Message Service for State Benefits

The text service will be the first project to come out of the General Services Administration’s new Public Benefits Studio.

The Low-Tech Side of Biden’s Push to Improve the ‘Life Experiences’ with Government

Agencies are approaching the White House’s mandate with an eye for getting important information and access to as many people as possible.

House Democrats Bring Back Customer Experience Bill Targeting Student Loan, Passport Updates

A bill reintroduced Tuesday aims to codify parts of the White House’s 2021 executive order on making government services more user-friendly.

USDA Aims to Build In-house Tech Talent, CX Expertise With New Digital Services Team

The department's own digital services team will be modeled after other “tour-of-duty” style models in government like the USDS. 

National Park Service Considers a Digital Park Pass

Making a digital option for the American the Beautiful pass series that would live on mobile phone wallets is a goal of a new bill that would require digital passes in February.

IRS Outlines Tech Modernization, CX Plans as Part of $80 Billion Overhaul

IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel told reporters on Thursday that technology will be key to achieving the agency’s intentions to transform customer service at the agency and shrink the tax gap.

Report: These 9 Trends are Reshaping Government in 2023

Technology and improved digital service delivery factor into many trends identified in a March report.

IRS Taxpayer Advocate Says Congress Shortchanged IT Modernization Efforts

Lawmakers didn’t allocate the $80 billion provided to the IRS in the right way, claims National Taxpayer Advocate Erin Collins, adding that IT modernization and taxpayer services aren’t getting the money they need.

3 Customer Experience Tips for Feds from Feds

Two professional customer experience experts offered advice for other practitioners across the federal ranks this month.

New Federal Service Delivery Model Favors People and Problems Over Bureaucracy

The White House envisions applications for services like food assistance, Medicaid and other benefits taking 20 minutes, with enrollment coming after just 24 hours.

Report: 39% Federal Leaders Rate Accessibility as a Top Priority

Budget constraints and old technology add challenges to fully realizing digital accessibility.

White House Mulls Scaling up Login-dot-gov to Reach Every American

A draft of a long-awaited executive order covering digital identity includes a push to make government-owned Login-dot-gov an option for most federal benefits programs.

Biden’s IRS Pick Says He Wants to Move Agency’s Systems into the 21st Century

Nominee for IRS commissioner Danny Werfel, a self-professed “government geek,” talked customer experience, cybersecurity and IT modernization with senators at a Wednesday hearing.

Government’s Data Leaders Center Customer Experience in 2023 Goals

Several of the Chief Data Officers Council working groups are trying to improve customer experience for both Americans and agencies through their respective focus areas.

IRS Names Advisors on Possible Government-run Direct Filing System for Taxpayers

The IRS tapped New America to report on the feasibility of a free, public-facing IRS-hosted tax filing infrastructure for ordinary taxpayers.

Bring on the Chatbots: How AI Can Assist Government Customer Service

Cyara's James Isaacs joins the podcast to discuss how technology can help give citizens a better customer experience.