Customer Experience

Uncle Sam Isn't a Trustworthy Dude: So What is America To Do?

Americans’ trust in government is a quarter of what it was in the 1960s.

VA Enables for Three Major Veteran Portals

Officials said the agency plans to add more services later this year, though credentials won’t be mandatory until all veterans are transitioned.

Why Federal IT Leaders Set Aside $100M for Customer Experience

Creating a distinct pool of funding for customer experience improvement projects is part of a three-pronged strategy to show agencies the administration is serious about CX.

Experts Call for More Chief Customer Officers in Government

Witnesses told Senate lawmakers that customer experience practitioners need representation within key federal agencies.

Federal CIO: The Tech is 'The Easy Part' of Improving CX

Blockers to implementing service improvements frequently center around policy and process requirements, top tech officials said at the Code for America Summit on Tuesday.

White House Looks to Focus Service Delivery Around 'Life Events'

The Biden administration is fleshing out a plan to organize government services around the needs of Americans and not around agency org charts.

IRS’ ‘Where’s My Return’ Tools Needs Updates Amid Lack Of Agency Plans, Watchdog Says

The Government Accountability Office regards modernizing taxpayer digital resources as a high priority item despite a reported lack of funding.

Biden’s Management Agenda Update Adds Metrics to Workforce Goals

The White House’s first update to the president’s management agenda, first released last November, lines up tasks for agencies and attaches individual officials to goals.

Officials Work to Create a More Empathetic Government

Recent customer experience policy changes are ushering in more human-centered agency practices.

IRS announces new office focusing on taxpayer experience

One of several lines of effort at the IRS to improve customer experience is digital services, which will include efforts ranging from digital signatures to expanded online payment options.

How Improving Customer Experience Can Help the Employee Experience

Federal employees can better help the people they serve—and see the full impact of that help—when customer experience is prioritized.

USDA, Justice Launch Website To Report Anticompetitive Behavior in Agriculture

The new portal will allow farmers and ranchers to report unfair behavior from other producers in the industry. 

Citizen Satisfaction With Federal Government Services Hits All-time Low

The American Customer Satisfaction Index 2021 Federal Government Report showed citizen satisfaction in government services in a freefall over the last four years, with declines across all driving indicators of satisfaction.

Agency Digital Modernization Efforts Hinge on Data, Customer Experience Efforts

A group of leading federal technologists explained themes of data-driven decision making combined with sub-agency feedback in digital transformation efforts.

Biden's CX order puts new momentum behind longtime efforts, leaders say

Officials at an ACT-IAC event explained how a recent White House executive order on customer experience is helping to unify disparate CX efforts across government.