Customer Experience

Report: Agencies Failing to Comply With IDEA Act

Federal agencies are not going digital as quickly as they should be, according to a report.

Building Resiliency into the Future of the Federal Government

Creating a digital workplace that enables government users to work virtually from anywhere with the productivity, personalization and security they need is vital to digital resiliency.

Two Keys to Delivering Exceptional Citizen Experiences

The infrastructures many government agencies had in 2019 weren’t built to handle the amount of traffic organizations experienced during the pandemic.

State Wants Better Bots and Processes For Its Help Desk

The Consolidated Customer Support office already manages eight bots, but an ongoing project requires more user-centric automation.

What Are Dark Patterns? An Online Media Expert Explains

It’s not you; many e-commerce websites are difficult to use by design.

Social Security 'Overwhelmed' by Mail, Infuriating Customers Seeking Documents

With most employees teleworking during the pandemic, the watchdog faulted the agency for not having a system to track and return customers’ identification documents.

Federal Push for Omnichannel Experiences to Deliver Modern Public Service

An omnichannel experience is more than plugging texts, email or video communications into a program.

Survey: Government’s Digital Channels Aren’t Meeting Needs

Governments worldwide have a digital service delivery problem, according to an international survey.

Reimagining Access to Services with Government-to-Citizen Identity

With the traditional perimeter gone, identity management is the new boundary.

Overcrowded U.S. National Parks Need a Reservation System

Limiting visitors has two purposes: reducing COVID-19 risks and allowing some parks to recover from recent wildfires.

Report: Nearly Half of Popular Federal Websites Fail Accessibility Tests

The report follows legislation and policy efforts undertaken by the government to improve accessibility efforts.

Bipartisan Bill Would Elevate Federal Customer Experience

The legislation would also create a chief customer experience officer for the federal government.

Survey: 1 in 3 Experience Slow Service Engaging With Government

Despite progress, a recent survey indicates agencies still have room to improve service delivery.