Customer Experience

Biden Administration Issues New Guidance Instructing Agencies to Start Tracking Goals Again

White House reversed last-minute Trump policy to end the practice of developing and monitoring agency objectives.

Why Can't the IRS Just Send Americans a Refund – or a Bill?

At least 30 countries permit return-free filing, including Denmark, Sweden, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Survey: Nearly 1 in 4 Consumers Distrust Government COVID Data

The survey also showed significant levels of distrust in some emerging technologies.

Do You See Yourself in the Room?

This moment in time presents a unique opportunity for the government to embrace representative innovation.

VA Launches New Platform to Send Veterans Personalized Notifications

Open-source software—developed abroad—supports a new tool that allows the agency to send confirmations and other details through email or text.

9 Government Tech Trends That Mattered in 2020

The federal government turned to technology during an unprecedented 2020 marked by the COVID-19 pandemic.

TTS Aims to Help Rebuild the Public’s Trust of Government

The tech group's director said each time an individual interacts with the government is an opportunity.

Why Too Many Government Modernization Efforts Fail

Technology “solutions” almost never address the organizational issues critical to success.

Census Bureau Opts for Small Business to Support Digital Communication Strategy

The bureau is planning a virtual industry day ahead of the release of a formal request for proposals.

How to Use Analytics Data and Smart Experiments to Optimize Agency Services

Keep in mind that optimization is a never-ending process.

Agencies that Put People First Will Close the Equity Gap

In the coming months, federal agencies will be asked to look anew at whether and to what extent they are serving everyone.

IRS Appoints Chief Taxpayer Experience Officer

The IRS announced its first senior leadership position under the Taxpayer First Act.

Former Federal CIO on the Tech Challenges the Biden Administration Faces

Vivek Kundra joins the GovExec Daily podcast to discuss the future of public sector cloud computing.

How the Biden Administration Can Restore Trust in Government

Governments can use technology to meet people where they are, serve people better in their real lives, and make successes visible to demonstrate the value of effective governing.

2020 Retrospective: Nowhere Left to Hide for Digital 'Have-Nots'

The events of this year brought the realities of digital transformation into sharp relief: Public sector agencies are divided into “haves” and “have-nots”—and the “have-nots” cannot put off digital transformation any longer. 

IT Panel Makes Recommendations for Social Security’s Tech Modernization

The recommendations come as the Social Security Administration embarks on a years-long IT modernization.