Customer Experience

A New Year's resolution to improve government forms

COMMENTARY | A good digital form uses human-centered design to ensure a positive and frictionless experience, one so easy you barely even think about it

IRS direct file participants will have to use for identity verification

The agency still isn't ready to field the government-provided for digital access to taxpayer services.

State Department restores passport processing to pre-pandemic levels

A hiring surge and mandatory overtime has brought passport processing down to its lowest level in years.

Digital park passes could become reality under a new legislative proposal

The new, bipartisan recreation-focused package is aimed at cutting red tape around national parks and public land, its backers say.

Can improving CX help restore trust in government?

COMMENTARY | To protect benefit programs from abuse while delivering a cohesive CX, agencies need to take an omnichannel approach that harmonizes online, mobile, call center and in-person contacts and incorporates robust remote identity proofing.

DHS aims to cut another 10M hours of paperwork

Within the newly formalized DHS Customer Experience Office, “our biggest challenge is that the demand far outstrips the supply,” said its leader, Dana Chisnell.

Customer satisfaction with government jumps again

Citizen satisfaction increased almost 3% in 2023, according to the latest data from the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

IRS hits key digitization goal months ahead of schedule

Although Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen plugged progress in IRS efforts to tame paper in the agency, she also emphasized that “playing politics with IRS funding is unacceptable.”

CX proposal clears Senate committee

The legislation targets “high-impact” government services for streamlining and improvement.

Lawmakers propose establishing new CX lead at OMB

A House bill would also have agencies tap a senior official to coordinate improvements to government services.

3 keys to CX success

COMMENTARY | Start small, build integrated experiences and keep pace with technology.

Bipartisan Senate bill tasks agencies with prioritizing CX

The pending legislation looks to reduce burdens on users interacting with government while scouting opportunities for cross-agency collaboration.

IRS announces 13 states where taxpayers could use its Direct File pilot

The agency has yet to commit to a long-term product for the in-house filing tool.

The money's out the door in nationwide unemployment insurance modernization push

A Labor Department official said efforts to help states modernize their UI systems are trending in the right direction, but funding may be insufficient.

IRS watchdog questions taxpayer demand for direct file services

A recent oversight report questions whether taxpayers are actually as interested in a direct, government-run tax filing tool as the IRS claims.

Solving government employee experience crisis

COMMENTARY | When equipped with leading-edge technology and supported by private sector partners who understand and value the government's mission, federal employees can better serve the citizens that depend on government service.