Customer Experience

The ‘Mayor of SAMgov’ Leaves Government After 15 Years of Public Service

Judith Zawatsky talks to Nextgov about her time at the General Services Administration and how building government services has changed over the years.

3 Ways for Government to Sustain Momentum in Digital Transformation

The past two years spurred incomparable change for federal workforces and citizen services.

Biden Administration Made Major Customer Experience Moves in 2021

Major policy changes regarding how federal agencies serve citizens took pace over the past year.

Tech Advocacy Groups Request More IDEA Act Guidance From OMB

This is the second letter the Office of Management and Budget received in 2021 asking for improved guidelines for government organizations to update web services.

Can Biden Deliver Better ‘Customer Experience’ for Americans Than His Predecessors?

He is now the fifth president since Bill Clinton to announce a new customer focus for federal services.

Federal Agencies Achieve Highest Customer Experience Scores Yet

Customer experience scores varied significantly across demographic groups.

Biden Orders Agencies to Take Steps to Improve Government Customer Service

The people-first approach tackles everything from federal benefits to passport services to disaster recovery. 

Social Security Enjoys Broad Customer Satisfaction As It Overhauls Telephone System

The Social Security Administration has been angling to streamline and automate its call center for quicker customer service.

Critical Update: Federal CIO Explains the Tech Side of President’s Management Agenda

Clare Martorana joined the podcast to talk about improving customer experience and the underlying technology that makes good services better.

Technology Modernization Fund Board Offers Insights on Latest Wave of Proposals

TMF is key to modernizing government operations in line with citizen expectations, according to Deputy Federal Chief Information Officer Maria Roat.

Biden’s Management Agenda Highlights Need for High-Tech Federal Workforce

To deliver better citizen services, the government will need a skilled workforce and the technology to support it, management officials said.

GSA Names 14 Projects Supported by $150M from COVID Stimulus

The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan enacted at the start of the Biden administration included $150 million to support digital services improvements.

Emerging Trends in Customer Experience

Nextgov highlights the latest in digital service delivery in the federal government.

IRS Should Prioritize Auditing and Customer Service Modernization, Former Officials Say

Machine learning could be used to better serve taxpayers and help close the tax gap, they said.

Intentionally Creating a Culture that Prioritizes Customer Experience

Culture begins to shift when new behaviors are established that generate meaningful results, and wins are loudly, publicly celebrated.

IRS’ New Digital Case Management System Failed to Meet Early Expectations

The first releases did not include functionality end-users were expecting and failed to meet Section 508 accessibility standards.