Customer Experience

DHS Celebrates Digitization, Streamlining Efforts to Improve Customer Experience

The Homeland Security Department’s list of CX improvements comes in response to the one-year anniversary of President Biden’s December 2021 executive order focused on streamlining public-facing services.

For Federal Customer Service to Work, Congress, the White House and Agencies Need 'Fundamental' Change, Report Says

A new report from the Partnership for Public Service and Accenture Federal Services outlines the systemic barriers to customer experience, and the collaboration between Congress and the executive branch needed to address them.

Report: Governments Behind Private Sector in Customer, Employee Experience

Governments have improved their digital transformation efforts, but much work remains.

White House, Agencies Still Sorting Out Who Will Pay for Cross-agency Service Delivery Work

OMB’s customer experience lead said Tuesday that more specifics for life experience projects will be made public in coming weeks.

Critical Update: Leveraging Data to Achieve Mission

Data usability—including training and knowledge management—has proven “essential” to help the NSF achieve its mission goals.

A Vision for Digital Transformation at VA

Solution-focused engineering and collaboration can address many of the key challenges VA is facing and facilitate practical solutions.

Two Democrats Have Spelled Out Exactly How They Want Agencies to Improve Services

A pair of House lawmakers wants agencies to allow Americans to spend less time on the phone and filling out paperwork when dealing with government.

4 Steps to Create a Citizen-Centric Government with Trusted Data

Public expectations have put pressure on agencies to deliver experiences that are equal to or better than those offered by the private sector.

Most Government Orgs Fail to Meet Digital Transformation Objectives, Report Finds

The report argued that governments should center digital efforts on workforce skills and enhancing citizens’ experiences. 

More Than Half of People are Frustrated by Digital Government Services, Survey Finds

The report found that 46% of respondents would be more likely to use digital technology to access government services if the technology was easier to use.

National Archives Plans CX Research

The National Archives and Records Administration says that a new research agenda will help it understand what people who use the archives need, want and expect – and how the agency can meet those demands.

DHS Launches 'Largest Customer Experience Hiring Initiative’ with Hundreds of Technologist Positions

The agency’s recruitment initiative comes in response to President Joe Biden’s 2021 executive order seeking to streamline the “government-to-customer delivery process.”

Channel of Choice: The End Goal for CX in Government

The federal government has to offer options that serve everyone while also improving customer experience.

Report: Federal Call Center Modernization Requires Strategy Sea Change

Call center and customer experience investments aren’t being made in the most efficient manner, according to research from Accenture Federal Services.

Six Strategies for Transforming Citizen Service Delivery

President Biden wants to make it easier and more efficient to access critical government services. Here’s some ways to make that happen.