IT Modernization

USDA Launches Tool to Match Farmers to the Loans They Need

The latest tool on helps take the mystery out of the loan application process.

CIO Briefing

President Trump Signs Taxpayer First Act

The law will force the IRS to improve its customer experience while providing tools to move faster in hiring.


Congress Passes Bill That Forces IRS to Revamp Taxpayer Experience

The bill passed the House and Senate earlier this month and would usher in major changes to the way IRS engages with millions of customers.

CIO Briefing

What's Next for Federal Customer Experience

Some agencies are putting themselves in the shoes of their customers and it's paying off.

IT Modernization

What the U.S. Medical System Can Learn From Estonia

Americans waste time and money filling out paperwork and repeating tests in the doctor’s office. A small Baltic nation has found a better way.


Critical Update: Peering Into the Agriculture Department’s Digital Transformation

One of the Agriculture Department’s top officials talks about how the agency is using technology to serve its customers better.

CIO Briefing

GSA Is Putting Up $20K For Its First Multicity Hackathon

Over six hours, teams from across the country will work on improving the design, functionality and processes of four critical applications.

CIO Briefing

Digital Trends That Could Send Your Project Back to the Drawing Board

Are you ready to deliver services to customers who want to unplug from their digital lives?

IT Modernization

Inside USDA's Farmer-First Approach to Digital Transformation

The department is mixing technology with human-centered design to produce a better experience for its customers.

IT Modernization

There Is Too Much Stuff

The human brain can’t contend with the vastness of online shopping.

Emerging Tech

Uber Riders Can’t Stand All the Air Fresheners

Customers are reporting migraines. Drivers say they’re just trying to provide a pleasant ride.

IT Modernization

HUD Is Hunting for Vendors for the Next Phase of the Centers of Excellence

The department plans to pursue six projects to improve its cloud adoption, customer experience, data analytics and customer contact centers.

IT Modernization

VA To Codify Customer Experience As Part of Core Values

The need to consider ease, effectiveness and emotion in all decisions will become part of the department’s Code of Federal Regulations.


Senate Considers Bill to Modernize Constituent Services

The CASES Act is one of several customer experience-related bills Congress is considering.


It’s Time for a National Digital Strategy

And its focus should be to drive simplified citizen interactions across government.


6 Citizen-Focused Steps Census is Taking to Improve the 2020 Count

Officials hope improving the customer experience for citizens will boost the participation rate for the Census Bureau’s biggest undertaking.


The Citizen is Always Right

How to regain trust through a focus on customer experience.