Biden looks to preserve tech, cyber legacy with veto threat

Experts see continuity in tech policy from the Biden administration to a possible Kamala Harris presidency, with possible divergence on some national security and antitrust issues.

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OMB touts 'time tax' reductions for government services

Sam Berger, associate administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, spoke with Nextgov/FCW about progress made and what’s next.

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Jobless aid programs get a facelift under a bipartisan Senate proposal

The bill responds to asks from the oversight community, in addition to instituting requirements for states administering the funds.

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Exit interview: OMB’s CX guru Amira Boland

Amira Boland was the first to take on the role of customer experience lead at the White House, and she sees great potential even beyond her departure.

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Education secretary pledges troubled online student aid tool will be ready for next fall

The online Free Application for Federal Student Aid tool had a rocky release, with bad data and uptime problems, but the Department of Education is looking for improvements next year.

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IRS considers future of Direct File pilot

The agency hasn’t decided if it’ll field the program long term but does say that user feedback of the tool has largely been positive.

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30,000 died in fiscal 2023 waiting for disability decisions from Social Security

SSA Commissioner Martin O’Malley sat down with Nextgov/FCW recently to talk through the agency’s biggest challenges, including how it delivers disability assistance.

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Feds move to make gov websites more accessible to people with disabilities

It’s the first time the federal government has ever issued rules clarifying how the more than 30-year-old Americans with Disabilities Act applies online. But the new rules come with a hefty price tag for state and local governments.

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100,000 have used IRS Direct File to submit their tax returns

The agency has not yet determined whether the pilot program for the tool will be extended into a permanent offering.


The long tail of modernization

Why CX is an ongoing journey and not a destination.

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Biden seeks more than $500M for CX in 2025 budget

New digital service teams and a focus on the "voice of the customer" are among the customer experience funding requests in the FY2025 budget request.

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IRS touts launch of Direct File pilot

The pilot, which allows eligible taxpayers to file directly with the IRS for free, marks a new free option from the IRS, which has for decades relied on private companies to field free options for Americans.


Checking in on digital government in China

COMMENTARY | Steve Kelman writes that an online system for registering complaints and comments about government services has its roots in China's imperial past.

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IRS opens up Direct File to the public

Interested taxpayers will have to watch the IRS website to see when the tool is open for new users.

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Labor Department experiments with AI in unemployment systems

The agency plans to use the current “calm” in unemployment claims to better prepare for the next storm.

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TSA survey reveals 93% of travelers satisfied with passenger experience

Even more travelers were confident in the Transportation Security Administration’s ability to keep air travel safe.


A New Year's resolution to improve government forms

COMMENTARY | A good digital form uses human-centered design to ensure a positive and frictionless experience, one so easy you barely even think about it