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Max de Haldevang

Artificial Intelligence

The U.S. Could Regulate AI in the Name of National Security

These regulations would be target a big name in AI: China


Trump Reportedly Asked the U.S. Postal Service to Charge Amazon Double

Following through on the demands could ultimately prove disastrous for USPS.

Digital Government

Russian Twitterbots Are Blaming the US Shutdown on Democrats

In the last 48 hours, Russia-linked Twitter accounts tweeted #schumershutdown more than any other hashtag.


Putin Claims Russia Proposed Cyber War Treaty in 2015 But Obama Administration Ignored Them

The Russian president also ridiculed Obama and Vice President Joe Biden’s promises in late 2016 that they would take action against Russia’s attacks.


Hillary Clinton Says Putin Authorized DNC Hacking Because of 5-Year Grudge

It’s no secret Russian President Vladimir Putin and Hillary Clinton share a strained history.

Digital Government

Russia Has Started Bringing the World’s Tech Giants to Heel, and LinkedIn is First

A 2014 law was the warning shot: The Kremlin threatened to block any company that stored Russian citizens’ personal data on non-Russian servers.