Digital Government

Digital Trends That Could Send Your Project Back to the Drawing Board

Are you ready to deliver services to customers who want to unplug from their digital lives?

Emerging Tech

You May Be Ready for Vacation, But Is Your Phone?

It takes more than making sure you have the right charger and cords to make your devices ready to travel.

Emerging Tech

FAA Greenlights Drone Company to Deliver Food in One Virginia Town

The Federal Aviation Administration gave its first OK to drone company to deliver commercial goods.


How to Build a Better Password Than ‘123456’

The U.K.’s National Cyber Security Centre offers simple advice for people and organizations for more secure options.

Digital Government

IRS Is Catching More Phony Tax Refunds Before They Go Out

The agency is finding fewer fraudulent tax returns but is getting better at stopping payments on the ones it does.


GSA Adds Crown-Jewel Protection to Cybersecurity Services

The General Services Administration revamped Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Service offerings with high-value assets in mind.

Digital Government

Rep. Kelly: Shutdown Hurts Government’s IT Workforce

The shutdown will have long-term consequences on federal agencies’ recruiting and retention efforts, Rep. Robin Kelly said.

Artificial Intelligence

The Boldest Predictions for Federal Technology in 2019

More cyber brinkmanship and super smart artificial intelligence are just a couple forecasts industry leaders divined for the coming year.

Digital Government

The Pentagon Doesn’t Know All the Software on Its Networks—And That’s a Problem

The Defense Department faces “unnecessary” risk without a complete software inventory, according to the agency’s inspector general.


Poor Security Could Leave U.S. Defenseless Against Missile Attacks

The details of the nation’s ballistic missile defense system are vulnerable to inside and outside threats, the Defense Department inspector general found.

Digital Government

Congress Demands Answers on NRCC, Marriott Data Breaches

Strengthening the nation’s cyber stance was top of mind, with a new House Energy and Commerce Committee cyber report, and bills to improve connected devices and cyber education.

Emerging Tech

DHS Invests in 2 Companies for Data Privacy Tools

The awards are part of the department’s Data Privacy portfolio that focuses on sensors, autonomous systems and other emerging tech.

Emerging Tech

Lawmakers Want Better Answers from Amazon About Facial Matching Program

As law enforcement agencies experiment with the tech, lawmakers push for details about accuracy and privacy.

Digital Government

IG Shines Light On GSA’s Major Management Challenges

Recovering funds, retiring employees and making procurement efficient are just some of the hurdles the agency must clear.


SEC Smacks Down Floyd Mayweather Jr. and DJ Khaled for Promoting Cryptocurrencies

The commission fined the celebrities for failing to disclose their social media posts were paid for.

Digital Government

Vendors Challenged More Federal Contracts in 2018

And they got something out of the protest process less than half the time.