IT Modernization

Senate Passes Bill for Phone-Friendly Federal Websites

The bipartisan Connected Government Act is waiting for the president’s signature.

CIO Briefing

Congress Takes Up Another Spending Deal, Spying Presents and AI Bias

Besides budget deals, lawmakers want to get ahead on internet of things devices and keep tabs on artificial intelligence development.


Trump Signed NDAA. Here’s What It Means.

The Modernizing Government Technology Act—and several other tech amendments—could have an immediate impact on the government’s tech landscape.

CIO Briefing

Defense Department Appoints Acting CIO

The department taps its chief cybersecurity officer to lead the CIO shop.


Poll: More than 60% of Voters Want to Avoid a Government Shutdown

Less than one in five think lawmakers should use a shutdown as political leverage.


Congress Wrestles with Shutdown Deadline and Data Breach Drama

Lawmakers also introduced a bill to curb revenge porn.


Continuing Resolution on Congress' Post-Holiday To-Do List

Congress moved along IT modernization and defense authorization bills but still faces funding the government.


IT Modernization Bill Heads to President

Congress passes the Modernizing Government Technology Act as part of the defense authorization bill.

CIO Briefing

Acting CIOs Still in Place at One-Third of CFO Agencies

Many of the top tech positions in government remain unfilled.


Congress Passes FITARA 2, Hits Brakes on DHS Nominee

Lawmakers also want to keep a close eye on the multibillion-dollar health records contract Veterans Affairs Department is working on.

CIO Briefing

What CIOs Need to Know Before Launching Major Reforms

The Partnership for Public Service pulled five strategies from former federal officials who have been there.

CIO Briefing

Congress to Grill DHS Nominee, Former Yahoo and Equifax CEOs

And that evidence-based policy bill is moving through the House at a quick clip.

CIO Briefing

Twitter, Facebook and Google Head to the Hill

Congressional investigations into Russian political meddling expect answers from tech companies' lawyers.

Emerging Tech

GSA Launches Guide for Tech-Curious Agencies

The online resource focuses on practical applications of emerging technologies.

CIO Briefing

Congress Makes Budget Progress, Gets Snubbed by Cyber Czar and Preps for Fake News Fights

Senators also want to know why it's taking the agencies so long to remove Kaspersky anti-virus.

CIO Briefing

House Boosts Federal Bonuses, Aims to Protect Social Security Numbers And Oh Russia

The House also passed a bill to tweak and extend FITARA's rule on data centers.


Lawmaker Says Justice Department is Wrong About Encryption

Rep. Will Hurd, R-Texas, thinks weakening encryption would be bad for national security.